Underpass to be Constructed at Shakti Nagar Corner

A lot of news has been in the air regarding new projects in the city of Udaipur. And this time, it’s going to be the Underpass which will be constructed at the Shakti Nagar end which opens at Townhall road. The road witnesses a lot of traffic during the daytime. It creates inconvenience to the people moving from there ultimately resulting in road accidents. Such episodes led Municipal Corporation of Udaipur to take action in order to prevent them.

Source: YouTube

And that is why an underpass will be constructed whose tentative budget has been requested by the concerned officers. As soon as this is done, the tender process shall begin.

The elevated road, which was being constructed at Surajpole, postponed the work of the underpass but now that the project is dropped, the underpass construction can smoothly begin.

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