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Udaipur- Then, Now and Further

On this day, 18 April, The Foundation Day of Udaipur- let us know about our beautiful city of lakes. Udaipur- Then, Now and Further!


We all know that Maharana Udai Singh II founded Udaipur in 1553 but do you know how? In the 16th century, Maharana Udai Singh II wanted to move his capital from Chittaurgarh due to ongoing attacks of Mughal. One day while hunting in the foothills of the Aravali Range, Udai Singh Ji came upon a monk who blessed him to build a palace at a spot which is now Pichola. He rejected the idea of building it at Ayad as it was the flood-prone area at that time. Further, to protect Udaipur from the enemies he built a six-kilometer-long wall with main gates known as Surajpole, Chandpole, Udiapole, Hathipole, Ambapole, Brahmpole and so on. The area within the wall is still known as the old city. Udaipur remained safe afterward as it was a mountainous region and it was difficult for the Mughals to carry their heavy weapons and horses up there.

Udaipur- Then, Now and Further
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Our ancestors put in great mind in the making of Udaipur. The majestic beauty and safety of the city were all in their brains back then. There’s a reason why there are so many man-made lakes in Udaipur. In ancient times, people of Udaipur had no source of water apart from rainwater. To solve this problem man-made lakes were formed which made a lake system with seven lakes. All these lakes were interconnected to each other so that in case of heavy rainfall, the water can travel further and doesn’t drown the city. The lake system comprises of Lakes Pichola, Rang Sagar, Swaroop Sagar, Fateh Sagar, Badi, Madar and Udai Sagar. All the lakes of Udaipur form a chain in the saucer-shaped Udaipur valley.

Timeline of Udaipur

1553 – Founded by Udai Singh II and Ruled by Sisodia clan of Rajput for next 265 years.

1678 – Fateh Sagar Lake built by Maharana Jai Singh which was improvised later by Maharana Fateh Singh.

1818 – Became the British princely states under British rule.

1884 – Ruled by 73rd Rana when Udaipur saw major development with railway, college, schools, hospitals, and dispensaries all established.

1947 – After independence, the Maharaja of Udaipur granted the place to the government of India. Mewar was merged into the state of Rajasthan.

Udaipur- Then, Now and Further
Photographer: Lala Deen Dayal
Udaipur- Then, Now and Further

Now –

After Independence, Udaipur is constantly developing and now has become the dream destination of every tourist in the world. Udaipur, also known as ‘The City of Lakes’ or ‘Kashmir of Rajasthan’ is the romance fantasy for all the couples out there. The city has also been excelling in its massive historic forts and palaces, museums, galleries, natural locations and gardens, architectural temples, as well as traditional fairs, festivals, and structures.

Udaipur- Then, Now and Further
Photographer: Lala Deen Dayal
Udaipur- Then, Now and Further


And further 

After the smart city mission launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 June 2015, there has been latest changes and developments that all the Udaipurites can see:

  • New public parking constructed at various places like townhall, Nagar Nigam parking near Gulab Bagh, etc.
  • Many tourist spots have been renovated lately. If you have noticed Fatehsagar has been renovated completely in last few years.
  • Place similar to Fatehsagar is been constructed around Daiji footbridge near gangaur ghat where you can enjoy your evenings by simply walking and pleasuring your eyes with the amazing view.
  • Udaipur is also developing itself with the comforting hospitality that it provides. The city is filled with all kind of hotels and places where a tourist can find peace and enjoy his journey.

Now that you know all about Udaipur, go and please your body and soul in the charm of the city.

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