Udaipur-Bengaluru Flight to be Stopped by Spice Jet

Spice Jet’s flight from Udaipur to Bengaluru is going to stop from 1st March 2019. Currently, the flight SG-726 departs from Bengaluru at 12:10 pm and lands in Udaipur at 3:05 pm and further departs from Udaipur at 3:40 pm and lands in Bengaluru at 5:35 pm.

End of the flight would hinder the connectivity of Udaipur from South India and at the same time, numerous people will suffer who travel to Bengaluru for trade, education, and employment. It is expected that the flight will resume in the summer schedule as the response on the route was very reassuring.

However, Indigo airlines will run regularly on the given route. Indigo’s 6E-968 will depart from Bangalore at 3.10 pm and reach Udaipur at 5.30 pm and will depart from Udaipur at 6.00 pm and reach Bangalore at 8.10 pm.

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