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Know the Reasons behind the Strange names of Places in Udaipur

There are many places in the city with weird and unusual names which will make you think about the reasons and the incidents that lead to these names. If you are also one of those who has the same questions about these places, then this article will reveal everything to you.

Below is the story behind some places in Udaipur with such unusual names


Rani Road

The locals say that during the earlier time, this was the place where the royal queens or Rani used to go out to stroll. Right on the opposite side which is the Fatehsagar road right now was used to be called by the name Raja road as it was the place where the Kings or the Rajas used to go out for a walk.


During the ancient period in Udaipur, walls were built to protect the kingdom. To enter the city, 7 major and huge gates were built which were given different names ending with ‘pol’ which translates to gates. It is possible that these names were given to them randomly whereas the locals come up with other different logics for the names too such as Hathipol was the place where the elephants of the kingdom used to be placed, the reason behind Surajpole might be because of the fact that it is facing the east direction which is also the direction from where the sun rises, whereas Chandpol is right opposite to the Surajpole and the full moon rises just above it, so the name.


Thokar Chouraha

‘Thokar’ which means to stumble has its name because in earlier times there was a railway line which ended right at the place. To stop the bogies from going any further, the railway used to place a stumbling block which used to stop the rail bogies. This made the place famous by the name ‘Thokar Chouraha’.


Hiran Magri

Before the urbanization took over in the city, the entire area of the Hiranmagri sector was simply forest. The place was basically made up of ridges or ‘Mangre’ in Hindi. These ridges used to home various deers which are called ‘Hiran’ in Hindi. Together, the place got the identity with the name ‘Hiranmagri’.

Malla Talai

Malla Talai is an area which is nearby Lake Pichola which used to be a boat manufacturing area. These boat operators in the place were called ‘mallahs’ and so the name derived was Mallatalai.


Maldas Street

Maldas was named after a famous businessman in Udaipur names Maldas. It is basically a street for apparel and cosmetic shopping for women. There are many places in the city which are named after some people who used to start residing there in the first place.

Bhadbhuja Ghati

The name Bhadbhuja Ghati was named after the local community ‘Bhadbhujas’ who used to reside there. These people used to roast cereals in Bhaad in the earlier days. Bhaad was the high-temperature oven.


Sindhi Bazaar

After the partition of India and Pakistan, many Sindhis migrated to different cities. Many of them came to Udaipur as well. During those times, they were in need of occupation. It was then that they were allotted a market in the city for their businesses. The market then got popular with the name Sindhi Bazaar. It is said that Sindhis are very good at business.


Saifan Chouraha

Saifan Chouraha is a circle ahead of Fatehpura circle. The term Saifan actually originated from the term Siphon which is actually a tube used to convey liquid upwards and downwards from a reservoir. The similar process was witnessed at the place also. Here used to be 2 gigantic reservoirs which received water from streams so that water from tank 1 was transferred to tank 2 and then circulated to houses and fields.



The name Ayad originated from the ancient civilization there named as Ahar. Various remains of the civilization have been excavated by the Archeological department and are showcased in a museum located in Ayad.

Bhaang Gali

This narrow lane is located inside Surajpole. As the name clearly suggests, the lane used to have Bhang shops. Bhang is the edible preparation of cannabis originating from the Indian subcontinent. Bhang Gali still owns some shops even now.


Foota Darwaza

The term ‘Foota Darwaza’ translates to the ‘broken gate’ in English. For now, you won’t find any broken gate but in earlier days, the place used to have a huge gate whose doors were broken. Today, the place has reduced to just door frames and that is the reason why it’s called Foota Darwaza.

The above information was gathered through the locals residing there. Although no authentic source can be provided, most of them make sense, don’t they?

Do you also know about any such story behind the names of places in Udaipur? Share with us in the comment section below or write to me at

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Enjoy This Festive Season at These 5 Places in Celebration Mall

The festive season is just around the corner and during this time of vacation, all we want to do is spend some good time with our friends and family at some cozy and plush restaurant. Celebration Mall has always been the first place whenever someone thinks of a good time.
The mall has a wide range of places that can be your ideal choice for your next leisure time.

1)    Barbeque Nation – If you are one of those foodies for whom food is the most important part of your leisure time then this is the most perfect place to be. Barbeque nation has got some lip-smacking dishes both veg and non-veg where you can relish an unlimited meal including a wide range of dishes in starters, main course and dessert as well. It is the most preferred destination for all the non-veg lovers.

Source: tripadvisor

2)    Jaipur Jungle – this restaurant is the perfect combination of soothing ambiance and scrumptious food. It has impeccably incorporated the theme of a jungle which will make you feel like you are in a different world altogether. In addition to that, a plethora of mouthwatering dishes will surely add up to your quality time with friends and family.

3)    Brewz Rock Café – Stunning lights, rock music, booze, and good food, Brewz Rock Café has got everything that you need to have a rocking evening with your friends. The best time to visit the café would be during weekends when you can enjoy live concerts and hum the lyrics of your favorite song along with your friends.

Source: Justdial

4)    Hari Vedas – the most amazing amalgamation of food and a comforting environment. But beware because the wide range of exotic food items will make you cheat your diet and overeat. With all this Hari Vedas guarantees a good time with your friends and family.

Source: Forum Malls

5)    Go Foodie – Is it a cheat day for you? Then Celebration Mall has got all the brands that can make your cheat day the best day. Mc. Donalds, Dominos, Subway, Belgian waffle, Keventers, Frozen factory, you name it. You can eat at your favorite brand and if you are confused, you can probably go everywhere.

Food and festivities go hand in hand when there are so many options you can choose from then it’s just a cherry on the top, right?

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No Not Just The Battle, Haldighati Is also Known For Something Interesting!!!

Since childhood we have read about Haldighati, majorly in context with the Battle of Haldighati (Fought on 18 June 1576). In all the textbooks and every journal we read, it was all just about the bloodshed. In this article, I am going to focus on the merrier and rosy side of Haldighati.

Now, for all those who are missing out on what and where is Haldighati, here a quick brief. Haldighati is a mountain pass in the Aravali Range which connects Rajsamand, Udaipur and Pali districts. The name ‘Haldighati’ has originated from the turmeric colored soil of the hills of the area. Turmeric is haldi in Hindi, which has an orangey-ochre color.

Haldighati is known for its cultivation of roses!

No Not Just The Battle, Haldighati Is also Known For Something Interesting!!!
Source: Natural Perfume Home Haldighati

The place is one of the biggest exporters of rose products in India. Haldighati has one of the finest varieties of roses; the Chaitri Roses. These roses are a breed of pink rose, bloom in plenty in the month of March-April (a period of approx one month) in a year.

The name of Chaitri Rose is derived from the Hindu month Chaitra, which falls in April, hence the name.

Chaitri Roses cultivated in this region form the world’s finest perfumes as well as Gulkand (Rose Jam), Gulab Jal (rose water), and several other products, including a special medicine for diabetes.

No Not Just The Battle, Haldighati Is also Known For Something Interesting!!!

The major production of rose products is done around Badshahi Bagh. This place is well known for its cultivation of roses, especially the Chaitri Roses. The farming of these roses is done at very large scale in Haldighati. The ‘Gulkand’ (Rose petals Jam) made from the rose at Badshahi Bagh has great medicinal value and tastes good too. It is primarily used in ‘Pan’ and other eatables. It has proven therapeutic benefits and has a cooler efficacy which helps in summers from getting relief from the searing sun of Rajasthan.

No Not Just The Battle, Haldighati Is also Known For Something Interesting!!!

While Rose water is also known for its health and beauty benefits, it is also Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, contains high amounts of vitamin C, natural oils found in roses help lock moisture into the skin, has a pleasant natural fragrance, helps in relaxing and toning the skin. Many medicines are also prepared from roses which are exported worldwide.

Aren’t you amazed? Such a small pretty looking flower can do so much!

How to Reach Haldighati?

Haldighati is about 40 km from Udaipur and lies on the route between Udaipur-Eklingji.

Let us know in the comments below if you have ever been to these farms of roses at Haldighati or bought any rose product!!!


Reason to celebrate! Udaipur has been featured in list of top 15 cities of the world, ahead of Mumbai & Delhi

You can push the boat out as Udaipur is again making us proud!

Our city is making us as well as our country proud at the global level this time. The City of Lakes has been named amongst 2017’s top urban destinations getting itself featured in the list of ‘The World’s Top 15 Cities’ in a survey done by the famous magazine Travel and Leisure.

Source: @wartnderlust

The city has secured its position at the number fourteen. The magazine, Travel and Leisure- known for its Awards, conducts a survey every year for the World’s Best Awards asking readers to evaluate cities on travel experiences around the globe, to share their opinions on the top cities, their sights and landmarks, culture, cuisine, friendliness, shopping etc.

Here is the list of all the 15 cities:

15. Barcelona, Spain

14. Udaipur, India

13. Siem Reap, Cambodia

12. Rome, Italy

11. Santa Fe, New Mexico

10. Luang Prabang, Laos

9. Ubud, Indonesia

8. Cape Town, South Africa

7. Hoi An, Vietnam

6. Oaxaca, Mexico

5. Florence, Italy

4. Kyoto, Japan

3.Chiang Mai, Thailand

2. Charleston, South Carolina

1. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Udaipur has always been the apple of the eye of travelers across the globe. A lot of tourists flock to the city every year. While this is a great thing for us to celebrate, we must thrive to get ourselves listed down as the Best City to travel. This has to be a collective effort of the administration and people belonging to the City of Lakes.

About Travel and Leisure Magazine:

Travel and Leisure magazine is known for its World’s Best Awards survey. People follow Travel + Leisure for travel inspiration and information on the best destinations and properties to visit around the world.

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Your Camera Is A Waste If You Haven’t Clicked These Places!!!

These Places are the Perfect Escape for Shutterbugs This Monsoon in Udaipur

Love nature-Got a camera- Thinking where to go for clicking? Well, we are at your rescue.

Udaipur is indeed picturesque, and with the onset of Monsoon, the city is drenched with colors of the Mother Nature. The lush green hills surround the city; the small brooks flowing making the peaceful sound of the water. Udaipur is at its best in Monsoons and there no doubt about it.

While you want to capture every little detail about this beautiful season in Udaipur, you ought to be aware of the places where you can get the perfect shot. Here is a list of locations in and around Udaipur where you can practice taking matchless snaps! Check out the list!

Purohito Ka Talab

places in udaipur
Source: Kuldeep Singh

Among the picturesque mountains of Aravali, ‘Purohito ka Talab’ is being developed as a new destination for tourists. It is located at a distance of about 12 kilometers from Udaipur, in Amberi Panchayat which is also known as Mini Jaisalmer.

The work to develop it as a new destination for Udaipur is being carried out by UIT and Forest Department here. The Reddish-Orange Chattris are a major clicking muse!

Peepliya Ji

places in udaipur
Source: Siddharth Nagar

This one place is all over the internet for Udaipur. Peepliya village gets flooded with nature lovers and photographers all round the year. But when it comes to the Monsoon season, the place becomes not anything less than Heaven. The clouds come down to touch you and height at which you are, gives a superb view of the hillocks surrounding you.

Peepliya ji is a must for any shutterbug loving nature photography.

Karni Mata

places in udaipur
Source: Madat Brahma

To view Udaipur from a different angle, one can travel to Karni Mata which is the sunset point of Udaipur as well. Your camera will surely love what it’s capturing! Motor boats running on one side, and a view of the whole city with misty sun setting is like a dream landscape. Karni Mata should be on your list this Monsoon.

Ambrai Ghat

places in udaipur
Source: Abhimanyu

Famous for its panoramic view of the Lake Pichola, Ambrai Ghat is seriously a place to be considered when going for a clicking session in Monsoons. Go there, chill, capture some vibrant colors and bring home a card full of excellent environs.

Badi Lake

places in udaipur
Source: Gajendra Kumawat

This is somewhat a new place discovered in Udaipur near Badi. Although not many people know about it, many people have taken breathtaking photos of the Badi Lake from this location. The heightened point gives you a full view of the Lake making it irresistible, admirable to capture in your camera.


places in udaipur
Source: Abrar Ahmed

Yet another place on a hillock is the Monsoon Palace. The name of the place itself is enough to make you aware why going up to Sajjangarh is a must in Monsoons. Cold breeze on a rainy day, clearing and washing away every bit of dust giving you a canvas full of the color green! The view of the city from Sajjangarh is not less than a painting.

Nimach Mata

places in udaipur
Source: Ruhaan Khan

Nimach Mata Temple is situated near Lake Fatehsagar, on a small Hill. It gives an ultimate view of the Lake and is a great option in Monsoon for clicking. One must visit this place, situated in the heart of the city.

Chirwa Ka Ghata

places in udaipur
Source: MyCityMyAngle

Want to go a little out, away from the hustle-bustle of the city? Then Chirwa ka Ghata is your destination. It shall offer a fantastic view of the city from a distance, and the lush green hills will take your breath away!


places in udaipur
Source: Shubham Chouhan

A series or range of hills will surround you as you enter the road that leads to Raita. The famous Snake road is where you wanna take your pictures. The Place has immense beauty and must be on your checklist this monsoon.

Loved our list? Tell us about your experiences at these places and also let us know if we have missed any location that is ideal for photography in Monsoons in Udaipur. Your suggestions are valuable to us!

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Nagda – Succumbs To Pristine History

Saas Bahu Temple Nagda (1)

Saas Bahu Temple Nagda (3)

Nagda is a sonorous place bestowed with its isolated parameter and synergies. This place imparts its own temptation and unfolds the nature’s senses. It is a petty village sprinkled with the beautifully carved temples. 20 km away from the Lakecity – Udaipur and located next to the Bagela Lake rests a small segment of the ancient Mewar -Nagda found by Nagaditya in the 6th century was once the capital of eternal mewar. Nagda was plundered by Altamash between 1222 and 1229 A.D., it is dotted with scenic spots and is in the lap of the Aravallis, are a group of 108 temples.The most important temples that have survived the test of time are the Saas-Bahu temples of the 10th century.

Saas Bahu Temple Nagda (2) Saas Bahu Temple Nagda (11) Saas Bahu Temple Nagda (10)

Sas-Bahu Temple – An Architectural Marvel

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Saas Bahu Temples are intricately carved, ornamented and decorated with attractive figures and sculptures. This complex is situated near agriculture field and a small water body making the whole place very atmospheric. Built in the late 10th century, the larger temple, Sas, is surrounded by ten subsidiary shrines and has a torana (archway) in the front and it is more profusely decorated than the smaller Bahu temple which has four shrines and has an octagonal ceiling. They have been raised on a common terrace to face east, towards the tank. The entrance to the temples is through a pancharatha sanctum, hall with lateral transepts and porch, enclosed by a decorated balustrade. The exterior is plain have a resplendent seated icons on the cardinal offsets of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha surmounted respectively by Rama, Balarama and Parasurama which appears to be a real stumble upon with God. These sculptures are intelligently molded in two steps, one encircling the other. The relief figures include male and female deities, damsels, regents, ardent panels and scenes from the holy Ramayana. Among the remaining ruins, one on the north-east is intact with its beautiful stone spire. The niches on its walls harbor images of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva on the east, north and west faces respectively. Statistically, these are assignable to the last quarter of the tenth century A.D.

Consequently, in the fifteenth century, the Guhila king Mokala, constructed a large lake after the name of his brother Bagh Singh, at this place.

Saas Bahu Temple Nagda (4) Saas Bahu Temple Nagda (7) Saas Bahu Temple Nagda (8) Saas Bahu Temple Nagda (9) Saas Bahu Temple Nagda (6)

Adbhutji – Strange temple

The Jain temple of Adbhutji was built during Rana Kumbha’s rule houses a nine-foot high black marble image of the Jain saint Tirthankar Shanti Nath, which enshrines inside, built by Oswal Jain ‘Sarang’ in 1437. The idol is in sitting posture and has created a great deal of awe amongst the locals. It is a strange idol and was destroyed by the foreign invaders.

Both these temples were built on the edge of the lake, fringed with hills. Submerged within the lake are several later structures, like Baghela tank, the ruins of Nagda town, the Indersarower, the Cave of Bhara Hari, the temple of Harit and the Samadhi of Bappa Rawal. This place is ASI protected and reconstruction work is painstakingly carried out.

It is a place of exceptionally well laid carvings and cuttings, one above the other, they are so mesmerizing that one can just loose himself into the flamboyant bequest of our land. It is reached down a rough country road, about 1 km. from the hill on which stands the famous Ekling ji temple.

Today, Nagda remains famous for the ruins of Vishnu, Shiva and Jain temples all that are left of this ancient city. But one can still marvel at their original splendor, the artisan and the perfect geometry that must have been the hallmark of that bygone period. Made of Granite, the carvings and deep inlaid work are remarkable and even today have withstood the passage of time and the vagaries of weather.

Photos By : Priyansh Paliwal , Yash Sharma

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5 Must Visit Places in Udaipur

5 Places to Visit in Udaipur


Whenever we plan to visit any city as a tourist; the very first thing that strikes is, what to see there? And if your dream destination is Udaipur then of course there are places that you must visit, or else you can also plan according to your interest. Let’s explore the top five destinations of Udaipur.


Fateh Sagar:

fatehsagar udaipur

Udaipur city is famous as Lake City or City of Lakes and it is also known as Venice of the East. Your visit to Udaipur is incomplete till you have not enjoyed the heart throbbing views of its lakes. Fateh Sagar is one such kind of a place in Udaipur. Not only tourists, even the local residents of Udaipur always enjoy most of their time at Fateh Sagar. For a few their day doesn’t complete if they do not visit and spend some time at the lake side. This is the magic of the place. You can pass several hours sitting beside it and watching hilarious beauty of the lake. Mumbaiya Bazar would certainly catch your attraction at Fateh Sagar.


Gulab Bagh:

gulab bagh udaipur

Gulab Bagh is the perfect place for nature lovers. If you really want to enjoy the greenery of Udaipur then visit this place. It is situated at the center of the city. Gulab Bagh is the life line of Udaipur; it is the Green Heart of the city which provides clean and fresh air to the residents of Udaipur. The two major attractions of Gulab Bagh which would certainly grab the sight of kids are the Gulab Bagh Zoological Garden and the Mini Train. Since Gulab Bagh is quite spread in very large area, it would be a better idea to enjoy the Mini Train Ride which would cover the entire circumference of Gulab Bagh. The train ride would make your Gulab Bagh visit memorable.


Dudh Talai:

dudh talai

Like Fateh Sagar, Dudh Talai is another place in Udaipur which would offer of enjoying the lake side view. This place is situated near the famous Pichhola Lake. Unlike Fateh Sagar you won’t find enough space to roam around the confines of the lake Pichhola. Still you can enjoy boating and camel ride over here. This is not the end, yet there is one more adventure to go. Just near Dudh Talai there is a rope way to visit Karni Mata Temple on a small hillock. The rope way offers an amazing view of the entire Pichhola Lake, City Palace and Jagmandir. The view from the top is amazing at day and as well as at night. At the top of hillock at temple you could see the entire Udaipur city spreading its wings. The sunset point won’t allow you getting back to your home.


Sajjan Garh:

sajjan garh udaipur

The Sajjan Garh is a hilltop extravagant place in the Udaipur overlooking the Pichhola Lake. It was named after Maharana Sajjan of the Mewar Dynasty and was built 1884. For nature and wild life lovers it is the perfect place look upon. The Sajjan Garh offers a panoramic view of the city’s surrounding and its lakes. The place has been taken under control of the Forest Department and has been open for public over past few years. The place provides a magnificent view of Sun Set and it is very famous for it. The area of the Sajjan Garh has been developed as a wild life sanctuary. Wild animals like panther have been watched many times in the area by the local villagers of the nearby area.  Sajjan Garh is also known as Monsoon Palace.


City Palace:

city palace udaipur

City Palace is located at the heart of Udaipur and it was built by Maharana Udai Singh Ji. The palace is situated at the bank of Pichhola Lake. It is certainly would be a place to visit who has a keen interest in history of Rajasthan. The famous Jagdish Temple is close to it and from the Palace one can have the beautiful view of Lake Palace and Jag Mandir which are both located in midst of the Pichhola Lake. The major part of the City Palace has been converted into museum which displays a diverse range of preserved monuments and armor. The museum exhibits a wide collection of weapons, gears, clothes furniture etc.