Udaipur Based ‘Rajasthani Stuff’ Will Make You Fall For Handmade Traditional Footwear

Whenever there’s a talk about the cultural richness and highly cultivated traditions, the first name that pops in is Rajasthan. Rajasthan, a state of distinctive, colorful and rich ambiance. With that, Rajasthan is famous for its nearly 5000 years old ancient culture as well as for textiles, semi-precious stones, handicrafts, and for its traditional and colorful art. But, have you ever tried the handmade traditional footwear of Rajasthan?

This Udaipur-based Rajasthani Stuff will make you fall for handmade traditional footwear. Engraved with Rajasthan’s warmth & crafts, Rajasthani Stuff provides a wide range of handcrafted footwear.

About Rajasthani Stuff

  • Rajasthani stuff is an initiative of global acquaintanceship to the colorful and warm culture of Rajasthan.
  • It was founded in the year 2017.
  • Their pure aim is to provide the best Rajasthani crafts to the world with their Handcrafted footwear which exhales an ambiance of traditional culture.
  • All the products are made by Rajasthani stuff without any mechanization at any step.
  • With the assurance of quality, Rajasthani Stuff also believes in providing authenticity of handmade products made with traditional techniques and processes.
  • Rajasthani Stuff has its own dedicated team of ingenious handicraft manufacturers and e-commerce experts bringing the traditional culture and the art lovers across the globe.
  • They are also a leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler & Retailer of a wide range of Mules, Block Heels, Flats, Juttis, Kolhapuri, Wedges, Ethnic Footwear, Rajasthani Footwear, etc.
  • Rajasthani Stuff also offers this ethnic footwear at reasonable rates and delivers these within the assured time frame.
  • The Udaipur-based company also owns a store in the city of lakes, where they provide endless choices and a huge range of footwear designs. (Store address & contact number mentioned in the end)
  • They also customize according to the customer’s demand like different sizes, color, shapes, designs etc.

With a wide variety of ethnic shoes, Rajasthani Stuff has dwelled its loyal customers across the globe. And with a rapidly increasing social media presence in a very short period of time, the culture acquainting company is believed to touch the limitless sky.

You name the occasion and they’ve got it; a promising range will sweep you off your feet!

Address: Swasti Plaza, 2nd Floor, Near Historia Royal Hotel, 100 Ft. Road, Shobhagpura, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Contact Number: +91-7014663787

Food Places to Visit

Apni Dhani: Relive Rajasthani Culture

Apni Dhani: Swad Rajasthan Ro

Sprouted about 20 years back, Apni Dhani- Swad Rajasthan Ro (a unit of Lalbagh Hotels) is a Rajasthani Retreat for the people of Udaipur. The royal grandeur of the Dhani extends its majesty on a peaceful hillock. The place offers the generic taste of the core Rajasthani dishes as the menu is unique to Rajasthan. One can easily experience the feel of a ‘Dhani’ here, which is a small accumulation of huts.

Apni Dhani: Relive Rajasthani Culture

Apni Dhani: Relive Rajasthani Culture

Rajasthan village culture is revived at Apni Dhani. Apni Dhani houses a lot of fun and entertainment for its guests. The recreational activities for the visitors include games, shopping, magic show and camel ride. A fully fledged Rajasthani diet is served to the guests; the meal consists of the famous ‘Dal Baati’ with an eclectic vegetarian cuisine and desserts. Accompanying the traditional Rajasthani Kalbeliya and Ghoomar dance is quite a captivating sight for the guests.

The guests are welcomed by garlanding them and putting a ‘Tilak’ on their foreheads. The food and beverages are distinctive of the Mewari touch and are served in silver lined ‘Thaalis’ which are peculiar to the state. The place is also available for private parties and weddings. The beautiful Aravali ranges are an add-on to the exquisiteness of Apni Dhani.

Apni Dhani: Relive Rajasthani Culture

Apni Dhani: Relive Rajasthani Culture

The entire menu consists of:

  • Sangri
  • Sag-gatta ro
  • Sag-dal pachhmelri
  • Sag-kadi besanri
  • Roti-gahuyari
  • Roti-makkari
  • Roti-bajarari
  • Dal-Bati
  • Chawal
  • Achar kair sangri ro
  • Chatni lasna ri
  • Chatni Dhana RI
  • Bura
  • Chat-Choulari
  • Malpuaa
  • Jalebi
  • Salad-Mix
  • Dal-Chawal
  • Makkhan-Dhani ro
  • Ghee-Dhaniro
  • Chhachh
  • Lassi
  • Papad
  • Rajasthani Meethai
  • Rajasthani Namkeen
  • Khichada Chhadiya motth

The ‘Apni Dhani’ carries the essence of the Rajasthani culture and heritage and is a pleasant place to hang out with your family and friends amidst the beautiful Hills.

Apni Dhani: Relive Rajasthani Culture

Visit the Dhani with your loved ones:

  • Address: Sukher Bypass Main Road, Near Rock Wood Restaurant, Pratap Nagar 313001 Udaipur
  • Facebook:
  • For Bookings and Queries Call: +91- 9352506351





Places to Visit Udaipur Speaks

Mharo Rajasthan: The Rajasthani Fest of Celebration Mall

Rajasthan is a beautiful blend of eclectic cultures. Several fests are organized to celebrate the love for the State in the City of Lakes. This Valentine’s season Udaipur showed its love and pride towards Rajasthani Culture at The Celebration Mall Udaipur in Mharo Rajasthan. The Mall celebrated the love for the art forms of Rajasthan and also let the people of Udaipur enjoy the fiesta with them.

Mharo Rajasthan - Celebration Mall

The Mall was decorated in Rajasthani theme with a lot of activities like puppet shows, Pottery, Clay Art, Camel ride, Photo Zone and Rajasthani Handicraft stalls. The puppet show was an attraction for the children; they also enjoyed the pottery and clay art. People were not even apprehensive in getting their hands dirty!! Many children, as well as adults, took active participation in making pots and learning pottery! The clay art also gathered much acclamation.

The photo-zone took all the zealous selfie-takers to its side. With several props, people of Udaipur loved clicking and making their day memorable. Camel rides were outside the mall, the periphery was marked by enthusiasm as it was the first time there was a camel ride outside of the mall which attracted a lot of people even foreign tourists. The camel ride was a fun part of the entire event.

Udaipur is a tourist hub and people from all over the globe come to explore the Venice of the East! For all those beautiful people a stall dedicated to the Rajasthani Handicraft was put up. It did get all the appreciation and footfall. The people loved the handicrafts and were fascinated by the handmade stuff.

The jewelry section took over the ladies! Beautiful Rajasthani tribal jewelry was put forth and the ladies loved it. The festival Mharo Rajasthan started on 4th of February and would go on until 19th of February. Apart from the above, Mehndi art too lured the public.

As we all know how eminent and fun filled are Rajasthani Folk music and dances are. Celebration Mall took care of that too. Various artists performed the Folk Dances of Rajasthan like the very famous ‘Matki Dance’. The folk music also enthralled the people with an aesthetically appealing musical performance by vernacular artists.

As the previous weekend was fun filled, we believe the following week will be all the more exciting. Foreign visitors also got engrossed in the event by the breath-taking performances of the artists. More charming and alluring performances are lined up for you to enjoy the essence of Rajasthan with Celebration Mall Udaipur.

This frolicsome event will continue until 19th February and this weekend will also see some amazing Rajasthani performances by various artists. Visit the Celebration Mall for more captivating and enticing performances and we are sure that you will love the ambiance it has to offer!!