First Mewari Dictionary Launched by Nirmaan Society

Nirmaan Society from Chittorgarh with the support of MMCF took a great initiative to preserve and promote the mother tongue of Mewar. A brand new Mewari word dictionary has been launched by Nirmaan Society. This is the first Mewari dictionary ever. This dictionary will help tourists as well as locals to understand the roots of the language and understand the culture of Mewar.

Nowadays, people of Mewar has forgotten about Mewari completely. Instead of that, they prefer Hindi or English. It’s not that using a certain language is wrong but one should know the regional language of the place they belong to.

Source: Eternal Mewar

This dictionary consists of Mewari songs, Mewari alphabets, a map of Mewar, process of using Mewari dictionary, abbreviations and word meanings. Most of the words gathered in the dictionary are taken from a village near Khapan tehsil. The words used in it has got checked by people from various areas in Mewar.

The Mewari dictionary is equipped with approx. 6406 words of Mewari language. Not just this but every Mewari word is combined with its English and Hindi meaning, its pronunciation, grammar related to it and the sentence constructed from the particular word in Mewari.

This Mewari dictionary has two editions one of which was published in April 2017 and the second edition was published in January 2018. The launching of the second edition of the Mewari dictionary was attended by respected Arvind Singh Mewar.

This is a beautiful initiative taken to preserve the beautiful diminishing Mewari language.  It will help all the people who are interested in the culture of Mewar and its language and through this, the culture and language of Mewar would be eternal forever. Find the soft copy of the dictionary here –

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