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Loads of Learning: The word LOL just got another meaning


Greetings to All! India is a country with highest young population. They say India has got what no other country has; the Youth Power! But, how you think does the power come? Through being more in number? If that were the case, Pandavas would never have been able to conquer in the epic of Mahabharata. What we understand is that power comes from being united and the Indian youth, sorry to say, is not at all united. We are very much bothered about ourselves, and not the country. Yes, we are highest in numbers but we all are scattered, divided and unorganized and the reality is that this unorganized youth is taking India nowhere and someday or the other we will lose this advantage of being highest in numbers.

The energy that we have needs to be channelized in right direction and the leaders that we are witnessing are not organized themselves to guide us in the interest of nation. What can we do then? Should we sit and keep blaming our leaders for not doing enough to help us grow?  But we can’t afford to do this our whole life. So what can be done? Either accept the system which is very easy or try and bring about a change in the system, a change that is though small and slow but will allow us to breathe free. For once, let us all think that when people at the time of independence, without any resources, can create an excellent working system, then why can’t we overhaul it with so many resources and the tag of being ‘e- generation’ ?

When you go for a job interview, qualification will help you to get in the interviewer’s room. Then what? Then you struggle badly and fail to get a job just because you were educated, not learned. We have seen people thinking deeply when asked “What is the capital of Asia?” some of them even tried guessing that!! Sounds funny, isn’t it? But the truth is that there is lot more outside the social networking and course books. And the need of the hour is to keep ourselves aware of what is happening around in the world. You may find a lot more magazines on stands containing loads of information. But ask yourself the last time when you read a whole magazine? Most of you never did! And the reason behind was that there are very few or almost no magazines that are specifically designed for our generation, and we are too lazy to try to understand some of the excellent magazines and reading stuff available.

Keeping all this in mind, we are trying to create a 16 page reading material that is not only interesting but also very informative and suits all classes especially the badly informed youth. This magazine is our contribution to the small change that we are trying to bring in the present system. It is a non – profit venture started under a trust. This is our first interaction with you and we hope to bind ourselves with you all through a common cause of making this world, especially our own Mother India, a better place to live in.

 Here is the link of the Page of the Magazine LOADS.OF.LEARNING

by Siddharth Singhvi