Maharana Pratap Airport Creates Record of 333 flights in Last Three Days

The pre-wedding ceremony of Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal has become the talk of the town and it has created its impact on Udaipur airport as well when it creates the record of 333 flights in last three days. Not just that, there were many international chartered planes that landed directly to Udaipur airport.

The guest list of Ambani-Piramal pre-wedding ceremony involved many Bollywood celebrities, businessmen, and national and international politicians. Moreover, it included Hillary Clinton, former first lady of America, as well. Since all the guests will return today, similar air traffic can be expected today as well.

Here’s the statistics of air traffic on last three days –

7th December 2018

Arrival – 54

Departure – 52

8th December 2018

Arrival – 71

Departure – 70

9th December 2018
Arrival – 44

Departure – 42


Whereas on the other hand, Mumbai airport has made a record of 1007 flights on Saturday.

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Source: Rajasthan Patrika