Udaipur Airport Increases its Airplane Parking Capacity with the New Apron

  • The new apron is all set to start at Maharana Pratap Airport, Dabok.
  • Will become operational from November 5.
  • 11 big and 22 small aircraft can be parked now at Udaipur Airport.

The new apron at Maharana Pratap Airport, Dabok is ready and will be operational from November 5. With the commencement of this new apron, the airport’s flight handling capacity will increase significantly.

Presently, 7 big and 11 small aircraft can be parked at the airport apron. The old apron at Udaipur Airport has only 5 parking stands for Boeing-737 and Airbus 320 aircraft. However, this number will increase to 11 once the new apron is operational. The new apron will allow 11 big and 22 small aircraft to be parked at Udaipur Airport.

Additionally, if a new terminal building is built in front of the new apron, then the airport can have 6 aerobridges on the apron where there are just 2 aerobridges at the old apron.

Besides, once the new apron becomes operational, the passengers will also not have to wait long during flight landing and takeoff.

The new apron will have ground handling equipment for airlines. The cleaning of the airport, cargo, baggage handling, stock of goods, etc. will be done by the ground staff of the airport.


Domestic flight operation resumed at Udaipur Airport

Domestic flight operation recommenced at Udaipur Airport from Monday with all precautionary measures for the safety of passengers.

Air service has begun for Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Jaipur from Maharana Pratap Airport at Dabok. Flights from Delhi & Ahmedabad arrived on Monday evening, while the Jaipur and Mumbai flights got cancelled at the last moment.

The first day of the resumption of domestic flights in the country had its fair share of challenges, as nearly 630 flights were cancelled due to states’ restrictions and airline operational issues. Besides, a variety of quarantine protocols by state governments added to the challenging situation.

The air services which had come to a halt for nearly two months in the wake of the COVID19-induced nationwide lockdown, the government on May 21 announced the resumption of domestic flights from May 25.

All major airlines including IndiGo, Air India, SpiceJet and others operated 30% of their regular schedules between destinations, strictly adhering to the safety protocols set by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Dabok Airport also witnessed some hustle-bustle as the flights from Delhi and Ahmedabad arrived on Monday. According to the sources, more flights are expected to start from the Udaipur from June 1.


Medical teams set up for screening passengers at the airport

After the government gave approval for domestic air travel to resume, airport authorities across the country made all the necessary arrangements to check the spread of coronavirus. In the same line, Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur has set up medical teams for screening passengers during arrival and departure.

The airport resumed its operations on Monday, May 25. Initially, the city will have flights to Mumbai, New Delhi, Jaipur and Ahmedabad.

The medical teams at the airport will screen the passengers at the arrival and departure and if they find any sign of coronavirus, the team in-charge will ensure that the suspect is sent to the Super Speciality Block at MB Hospital immediately by an ambulance.

The Chief Medical and Health Officer, Dr Dinesh Kharadi has issued an order and formed the medical teams to work in two shifts – 5 am to 12 noon and 12 noon to 8 pm.

Dr Anil Parmar, Medical Officer (RBSK), Mavli along with his team of doctors will work in the first shift (5 am to 12 noon).

Dr Vinod Sharma, Medical Officer (RBSK), Mavli division along with his team, will work for passenger screening in the second shift i.e. from 12 noon to 8 pm.

The medical team consists of one nursing staff along, one doctor along with the concerned airline staff.

Dr D S Rao, the Senior Medical Officer of the Community Health Center, Dabok, will be the in-charge of the team.

As per the order, the airline staff will prepare the passenger information in a prescribed format and work under the directions of the medical team.


Udaipur Airport ranked no. 1 as the cleanest in India

The Maharana Pratap Airport of Udaipur has been ranked no. 1 as the cleanest and safest airport in the country in the category of airports having passenger handling capacity of up to 1.5 million. A total of 52 airports in India fall under category III.

The inspection was done by a survey team of the Airport Authority of India (AAI). The team inspected the airports on 32 parameters which majorly covered all the operational aspects of the airports falling in the said category. The parameters included air traffic control, runway and terminal building.

Udaipur Airport has been adjudged the best cleanest airport in the category followed by Vadodara’s Civil Airport Harni which comes second and Vijaywada Airport which ranked the third cleanest airport in the country.

Recently, the airport of Udaipur was also declared  “single-use plastic-free airport terminals” in January 2019.

The airport authority took various steps to eliminate single-use plastic items at passenger terminals, making Udaipur Airport a plastic-free zone.

Plastic items straws, plastic cutlery and plastic plates are banned on the airport. The airport has also switched over to other packaging alternatives and replacements.

AAI has also enhanced its waste management systems and is promoting the use of eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives progressively like the use of bio-degradable garbage bags in bins and installation of the plastic bottle-crushing machine at Udaipur Airport.


Udaipur Airport on high alert till January 30: Visitor’s pass will not be issued on the terminals

Airports around the country including the city’s Maharana Pratap Airport increase their security ahead of Republic Day on 26 January. Airport administration has advised the passengers to co-operate with the security systems. No visitor passes will be issued during this period. 

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has increased the number of security personnel deployed at all the domestic and international airports around the country. The agency has tightened security measures including scanning of luggage and frisking of passengers. Any private or public vehicle will not be allowed beyond the parking area. The Airport Authority has appointed CISF teams and dog squads at the main entrance to check all vehicles, luggage and passengers for security purposes.

Airlines are also advising passengers to reach the airport two hours before the scheduled departure of their flights to avoid any inconvenience. 

Every Independence and Republic Day, the security at the airport is increased than the usual in all the states and cities. This is just to take adequate precautions.


25 flights to fly to 11 cities from 27th October from Udaipur Airport.

Udaipur Airport will implement its winter schedule from 27th Oct. 2019. Under this schedule, 25 flights will connect Udaipur with 11 major cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Bhopal, Surat, Ahmadabad, and Aurangabad.

As compared to last year’s winter schedule, there are three additional flights connecting to three new airports this year.  Air Vistara, for the first time, will start a daily flight from Udaipur to Delhi.

So, there will be a total 10 flights flying daily to Delhi Airport, 5 to Mumbai, 2 to Jaipur, and one to each Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Bhopal, Surat, Ahmadabad, and Aurangabad. This is the first time that there will be direct connectivity from Udaipur to Aurangabad.

This schedule will be valid from 27th October 2019 to 28th March 2020. The first flight of Air Vistara will fly to Mumbai from on 4th October 2019.


Direct Flight from Aurangabad to Udaipur and then to Jodhpur

Direct Flight will be started by Jet Airways from Aurangabad to Udaipur which will take a short stop and then will go to Jodhpur. The flight will begin from March, connecting both of these places to the city through the air.

Source: YouTube

This air connectivity of Udaipur with Jodhpur will be continued after a long time span wherein the connectivity was broken when the Supreme Airlines stopped operating here. These Flight connections come under the third phase of RCS or Regional Connectivity Scheme which is also known as UDAN.

These new flights have come with a potential of great tourism within the range of Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Aurangabad. All the three places attract a large chunk of tourists every year for their own reasons. Udaipur well-known for being the City of Lakes has been a priority in the bucket list of all the tourists. On the other hand, Aurangabad houses the Ajanta Ellora caves which also attract tourists from all over the world. Also, Shirdi being at a distance of 2-3 hrs from Aurangabad, homes several Shirdi devotees.

The RCS or the Regional Connectivity Scheme provides flight for affordable flight charges. Most of the ATR flight are operated under this very scheme where the flight are scaled at Rs. 2500/-

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Maharana Pratap Airport Creates Record of 333 flights in Last Three Days

The pre-wedding ceremony of Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal has become the talk of the town and it has created its impact on Udaipur airport as well when it creates the record of 333 flights in last three days. Not just that, there were many international chartered planes that landed directly to Udaipur airport.

The guest list of Ambani-Piramal pre-wedding ceremony involved many Bollywood celebrities, businessmen, and national and international politicians. Moreover, it included Hillary Clinton, former first lady of America, as well. Since all the guests will return today, similar air traffic can be expected today as well.

Here’s the statistics of air traffic on last three days –

7th December 2018

Arrival – 54

Departure – 52

8th December 2018

Arrival – 71

Departure – 70

9th December 2018
Arrival – 44

Departure – 42


Whereas on the other hand, Mumbai airport has made a record of 1007 flights on Saturday.

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Source: Rajasthan Patrika


4 New Daily Flights to soon start from Udaipur Airport

With the Advent of Tourist Season, India’s largest airline IndiGo recently announced for the commencement of 4 new daily non-stop flights from Udaipur — two each from New Delhi and Mumbai by the last Saturday of October.

Indigo Flight Udaipur
Photo via:


Four flights between Delhi-Udaipur and four between Mumbai-Udaipur have been predetermined.

The announcement was made on 5th of October where the airlines’ President Aditya Ghosh said that Maharana Pratap International Airport will soon see start of both work and leisure passengers travelling to and from Lakecity. With this, IndiGo will now be conducting services in India’s 39 important airports.

This will, now vanguard to open more options for the travelers travelling to and fro Udaipur with best of services and on-time performance, as the airline said.

Udaipur will be the airline’s 34th domestic destination, which also flies to five international destinations.

Time Schedule for Flights:-

Flight No. Source Destination Departure Arrival Fare
6E- 746 Delhi Udaipur 08.25 09.45 2699/-
6E- 747 Udaipur Delhi 14.20 15.35 2699/-
6E- 748 Udaipur Mumbai 10.15 11.40 2699/-
6E- 749 Mumbai Udaipur 12.25 13.50 2699/-
6E- 751 Delhi Udaipur 13.40 14.45 2699/-
6E- 752 Udaipur Delhi 19.40 20.40 2699/-
6E- 753 Udaipur Mumbai 03.15 04.45 2699/-
6E- 764 Mumbai Udaipur 17.20 18.50 2699/-

(There may be updates in timing, to be updated soon) 

IndiGo is dutiful to provide maximum air connectivity from across the country on its network to gratify domestic air travel demand which will further add to 23.85 lakh passengers it flew in August 2015.


Article by : Divyani Nagar