26 June is International Day against drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking- Know how its related to our city!

Today is International Day against drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking, the whole of the nation is talking about it. Let us have a close look at its adverse effects on our people.

The celebration of International Day against drug abuse has a special significance in Udaipur.  Opium is grown in parts of Mewar and neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh. It is reported that its products are easily available in Lake city and are bought at an extremely high price. By foreign tourists, especially in the areas close to Lake Pichola. Those engaged in this business fall victims to addiction and in turn when they do not have adequate money to buy drugs, they are involved in undesirable activities.

With its determination to strengthen action and co-operation to achieve the goal of a world society free of drug abuse, the UNO General Assembly decided to observe June 26 as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking by a resolution of 7 December 1989. The resolution recommended further action with regard to the report and conclusions of the 1987 International Conference on Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. The end of the first century of drug control coincided with the closing of the General Assembly Special Session on Drugs. These anniversaries stimulated reflecting on the effectiveness and limitations of the drug policy. The review resulted in the reaffirmation that illicit drugs continue to pose a health danger to humanity. That is why drugs are and should remain controlled. With this sanction in mind, member states confirmed unequivocal support for the UN Conventions that have established the world drug control system.

Mewar and Opium

Former Professor and Dean, MLSU Dr. P.S. Ranawat says that Mewar was an important grower and exporter of opium, mainly to China. It was consumed mainly for its medicinal effects. Maharana Fateh Singh banned its uncontrolled cultivation and consumption in Mewar through his order of 1913 so as to curb the reappearance of the addiction of opium amongst the public. It is still grown under Union Govt. supervision and collected and distributed by the Narcotics Commissioner for medicinal use.


According to Dr. Ashish Ameta, drinking may cause cancer of the mouth, throat, and food pipe and mental disorders. It may adversely affect heartbeat, blood pressure and muscles of the heart. Ulcers in the stomach may result in death, these are some other ill effects of consumption of wine. Lungs and the respiratory system are likely to suffer as a result of drinking and smoking. The indirect effect on kidney may cause excessive urination. Other ill effects of drinking include insomnia, increase in weight and weakening of muscles. In males, the sperm count goes down whereas in females there is a danger of breast cancer.

So, in the opinion of Ameta, one has to keep away from drinking to be free from all these problems. He adds that as per the report of Alcohol and Drug Information Centre, out of 1,38,000 deaths due to road accidents, 40% are caused by drivers who are drunk. Drinking might make a man violent that might result in serious crimes.

According to eminent psychiatrist Dr. D.M. Mathur, the family of the addict can play an important role in preventing and curing addiction. The common symptoms to be observed include a sudden change in behavior such as frequent changes in mood, irritation etc. Keeping away from one’s family and friends, carelessness about one’s appearance, losing interest in activities such as hobbies, games and other things, change in sleeping habits- waking at night and sleeping during the day, redness in eyes, and frequent bouts of cold and cough. Mathur feels that early detection of the malady, prevention, and proactive measures can save a lot of suffering of the addicted person as well as his family.

Dr. P.C. Jain who has been running a free Nasha Nivaran Kendra for over two decades feels that addiction can be easily cured if the person is determined to give up his habit and takes regular treatment. He should tell his family, friends, and neighbors that he has decided to get rid of the habit. He should give up the company of those who are addicts and encourage others to do so. It is advisable not to keep drinks or drug at home. Physical exercise, yoga, mental rest and meditation help a lot. Keeping a diary and noting in it whenever one deviates from one’s promise not to take drugs helps a lot. Rewarding oneself for not taking drugs for quite some time is also useful. It is better to keep oneself busy so that there is no time to think about the addiction. To keep reminding oneself about the fate of the family in case one passes away due to the addiction is yet another effective measure to keep away from this deadly habit.

The concerted efforts of the govt. and several other agencies in Lake City to root out various forms of addiction, it seems, would go a long way in creating a healthy atmosphere.