IIM Udaipur conducts tree plantation drive on Gandhi Jayanti

The earth, the air, the land and the water are not an inheritance from our forefathers but on loan from our children. So we have to handover to them at least as it was handed over to us.

-Mahatma Gandhi

With these thoughts in mind, the IIMU family set out on a tree-plantation drive in their upcoming campus in Balicha, to commemorate Gandhi Jayanti. Continuing the trend started last year, by the pioneer batch, a troupe of about hundred PGP students led by Prof. Janat Shah, Director, IIMU, planted more than 130 trees on the 250 acre site where the IIMU campus will be built. The huge site was mostly barren till last year, having only seven trees. Thanks to the green drive, the mountainous terrain is now dotted with numerous plants of Neem, Amaltas, Mango, Banyan, Peepal, Amla and other varieties.

iimu campus balicha

IIMU aims to create socially responsible leaders, and being eco-friendly is a part of the IIMU DNA. Prof. Janat Shah leads by example and cycles his way to the institute and back every day. The students too use only cycles within the campus which is temporary and is currently operating out of Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur (MLSU). Taking inspiration from this, MLSU authorities have declared every second Saturday of the month as no-vehicle day in the entire campus. The new campus of IIMU located outside the city is proposed to be water-neutral. IIMU plans to involve the student body as well as the citizens of Udaipur in making its new campus an icon of excellence.

Through today’s event, the students felt intimately connected with nature in their efforts of building a greener campus. Special arrangements were made to ensure that no poly-bags or litter was strewn around. Prayatna, the social club of IIMU, organized a photography competition wherein the students captured the picturesque landscape where the youngest IIM of the country will take shape. The stretch of land is approximately 9kms in perimeter and is situated right next to NH8. Although the classes are expected to run in the permanent campus after 2015, the students were excited at the prospect of returning to a beautiful campus a few years after they graduate. The seeds of social and environmental responsibility sown at Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur shall certainly bear fruit in the near future.

iimu tree plantation