IIM Udaipur – A Quick Look at one of the Biggest Campus in India

The brand new campus of IIM Udaipur in Balicha is going to thrill everyone with its accomplishment as well fresh start in the upcoming year. The campus is exclaimed to be the largest and one of the best campuses in the Indian Education Institutions. Located outside the city, spread across 253 acres of land, the campus will be symbolic remark with the grandeur greenery, splendid construction design, and innovative architecture.


Land View

iim udaipur new campus balicha

After laying the foundation stone by education minister Smriti Irani in the year 2015, it began with the working of 1800 labours to complete the building at an allotted time. And, with its formal start, now the construction has raised on a quick note. By the results of hard work first contour is completed in which furnishings and interiors are about to finish. Divided into the three phases, as per given estimation, all the phases will be constructed at the outlay of 500 crores.


Academic Block


As per the previous location, the new campus of IIM Udaipur will also have the same facilities as of old college but with additional touch in interiors and increased amenities. The new campus has a capacity of 330 classrooms – A mini auditorium with 8 fully-equipped main classrooms that provides seating of 77 each with the large noise-proof arena. Along with that, there will be a sufficient number of faculty chambers, Placement and Administrative Offices, Library, Canteen, Gymnasium, Bloomberg laboratory, and a one of a kind Gazebo. Washrooms of the academic block will be of universal style for the comfort of those who have difficulty with the regular ones. Also, there are spaces allotted for the clubs that fill up the requirement for the same. For better convenience, Academic area and Hostel zone are joined with the highway i.e. a world class connector. And, the interesting part is that everywhere there will be the parking for cycles and the whole campus will be cycle driven for maintaining the eco-friendly environment.


Hostel Zone

iim-udaipur-new-campus-hostelBy moving to the den of students, three hostels house are framed in the campus of IIMU that will be equipped with all the required amenities like washing machines, refrigerators, water coolers, microwaves and induction ovens. Air-conditioned rooms for the single occupancy are perfect in place with large windows. And, to make the stay comfortable for differently able students, there are individual rooms in every hostel.
Hostel Complex will also have the necessary sports facilities like – Pool Table in the mess hall, Table Tennis, Small basketball and badminton courts, Volleyball ground, Mini Gym, etc. And, once you step outside the hostels, you can enjoy the breathtaking view cradled in the mountains of Aravali. Also, there are large quadrangles attached to every hostel where social events will take place. A large playground is enclosed to the hostel for cricket and football matches. The campus and hostels are meant to be fully Wi-Fi enabled, and LAN ports will also be available for the students in every hostel room.


Food Takeover

Hostels are found to be most offended regarding food. But, in IIMU facility of food is involved to be the most important for gourmets. Mess food and night canteen will be available for students to fight the hunger. As per details from the inside authorities, the food court will also come up in time along with a cafeteria. Additionally, there will be a lakeside coffee lounge and a health food café in the sports lounge.


Water, Cleanliness, and Electricity Aspect


According to the authorities, there will be five lakes inside the new campus out of which one has a capacity of 57 million litres and will always be filled with water. Rest of the four lakes will have the harvesting system. As per resources, the water harvest zone is not present in other campuses of Indian Institute of Management which is definitely a unique factor of IIM Udaipur. And, for the clean surrounding, the zero-waste facility will be concerned in coming years for utilizing Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems, vermin-composting, and biogas production. For electricity generation, later on, solar power farm will be implemented on campus.


Udaipurites!! A clean, green campus with all the desirable facilities, we guess by visualizing it on the imagination counterpart, IIM Udaipur is going to be the boom for not only Udaipur but in all over India. So, just don’t miss to see it complete in 2017 and as per information part of the campus will be operational this November.


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IIM Udaipur conducts tree plantation drive on Gandhi Jayanti

The earth, the air, the land and the water are not an inheritance from our forefathers but on loan from our children. So we have to handover to them at least as it was handed over to us.

-Mahatma Gandhi

With these thoughts in mind, the IIMU family set out on a tree-plantation drive in their upcoming campus in Balicha, to commemorate Gandhi Jayanti. Continuing the trend started last year, by the pioneer batch, a troupe of about hundred PGP students led by Prof. Janat Shah, Director, IIMU, planted more than 130 trees on the 250 acre site where the IIMU campus will be built. The huge site was mostly barren till last year, having only seven trees. Thanks to the green drive, the mountainous terrain is now dotted with numerous plants of Neem, Amaltas, Mango, Banyan, Peepal, Amla and other varieties.

iimu campus balicha

IIMU aims to create socially responsible leaders, and being eco-friendly is a part of the IIMU DNA. Prof. Janat Shah leads by example and cycles his way to the institute and back every day. The students too use only cycles within the campus which is temporary and is currently operating out of Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur (MLSU). Taking inspiration from this, MLSU authorities have declared every second Saturday of the month as no-vehicle day in the entire campus. The new campus of IIMU located outside the city is proposed to be water-neutral. IIMU plans to involve the student body as well as the citizens of Udaipur in making its new campus an icon of excellence.

Through today’s event, the students felt intimately connected with nature in their efforts of building a greener campus. Special arrangements were made to ensure that no poly-bags or litter was strewn around. Prayatna, the social club of IIMU, organized a photography competition wherein the students captured the picturesque landscape where the youngest IIM of the country will take shape. The stretch of land is approximately 9kms in perimeter and is situated right next to NH8. Although the classes are expected to run in the permanent campus after 2015, the students were excited at the prospect of returning to a beautiful campus a few years after they graduate. The seeds of social and environmental responsibility sown at Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur shall certainly bear fruit in the near future.

iimu tree plantation