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World Heritage Day: Udaipur Heritage, the strings attached to past       

In the year 1982, the International Council on Monuments and Sites decided to celebrate 18 April as World Heritage Day. It was a step taken towards spreading awareness about monuments and other sites which are a part of our history. Udaipur is one of the most prominent cultural heritage signatures of Mewar.

Future generations have the right to live history through these heritage sites and hence they should be preserved. Udaipur – The Venice of East, a beautiful city guarded by the Aravalli range, was founded in the 16th century by Maharana Udai Singh. Since it was a circular piece of fertile land in between Girwa valley, it was declared as the capital of Mewar. The prosperous cultural heritage legacy was received by the different generations of rulers. City Palace, Jagdish temple, Saheliyon ki Bari, Ahar Cenotaphs, Monsoon Palace, Bagore Ki Haveli and many such locations in Udaipur act like a bridge between the generations.

City palace
City palace

A sense of royalty can be felt through the architecture of such sites. With each passing day, each monument of the city repeats the story to every visitor and this story needs to be conserved. Safeguarding of heritage sites is very important because they give a sense of identity and continuity in a fast-changing world to the coming generations. Heritage sites basically reflect the culture of the city.

Let’s go on a roller coaster ride through the heritage sites of the city or wait, rather, let’s walk together across the city. While walking towards the old city you see Gulab Bagh on your left and vintage car museum on your right. The transition from new to the old city is worth noticing and can be seen through the gates and architecture of houses. When the lanes start to narrow down, it means you are close to witnessing something magical.

City Palace:

City Palace, 1910
City Palace, 1910

The palace complex situated on the east bank of Lake Pichola was constructed over a period of 400 years when the capital was shifted from Chittor district. The palace constantly got several modifications by other rulers of the dynasty. It was mostly constructed in Rajasthani style with a touch of Mughal architecture. It is designed so beautifully that it overlooks several other historical sites such as Lake Pichola, Jagdish Temple, Monsoon Palace and a perfect view of the entire city. Crystal gallery is the major attraction in this complex.

Jagdish Temple:

Jagdish Temple
Jagdish Temple

Moving ahead, when the streets will shrink further, a treat to eyes is guaranteed. On a junction of three roads, Jagdish Temple is situated. Jagdish temple was made by Maharana Jagat Singh in 1651. Maharana Jagat Singh ruled Udaipur for 25 years from 1628 to 1653. The temple is dedicated to the preserver of the universe Lord Vishnu. It is the largest temple in the city. After 28 years of the construction of the temple, Mughal ruler Aurangzeb wanted the temple to get destroyed and sent his army to do so. But the army of Maharana Raj Singh (ruler of Udaipur back then) didn’t let them succeed. Thank god a unique specimen of architecture was saved for us.

Saheliyon ki Bari:

Saheliyon ki badi
Saheliyon Ki Badi

Tired already? Let’s take an auto to Saheliyon ki Bari which is approximately 4 Kms away from the core of the city. Saheliyon ki Bari’s heritage talks about a group of forty-eight young women attendants who came with the princess as a part of her dowry. It is a major garden of the city and was built in the year 1710 by Maharana Sangram Singh for the royal ladies. Imagine a historic garden built for a queen. Royalness of this place is refreshing.

Ahar Cenotaphs:

Ahar cenotaph complex
Ahar cenotaph complex

Now moving toward the destination where these great creators of this dynasty are buried. It has a total of 372 cenotaphs of around 19 Maharanas who once ruled the city. This spectacular field of domes was built approx. 400 years back. Most attractive cenotaph that you will be able to spot will be of Maharana Sangram Singh, go look for it and the newest was built in the year 2004 of Udaipur’s last Maharana, Bhagwat Singh. After a walk of 150 m from Ahar Cenotaphs, you can find Ahar government museum which contains copper and pottery objects that are around 3300-years-old.

Tip: Observe the silence here.

Monsoon Palace or Sajjan Garh:


We can’t walk to next destination but I bet the way to that place is an adventure in itself. The monsoon palace, also called Sajjangarh palace is a hilltop palace at a distance of around 7 km from the city. It was built by Maharana Sajjan Singh in the year 1884. It is said that from there monsoon clouds could be seen coming towards the city. It was originally constructed by the royal family of Mewar and is now owned by the forest department of the government of Rajasthan but you don’t need to worry about that. The beautiful palace gives you a mind-blowing view of the sunset and is supposedly called monsoon palace because it seems like the palace is floating in heaven during Monsoon.

A view of the old city

There are many such locations around which will take you back in time. On every location, one can stand and feel that the place has been standing there for a long time and knows the secrets that you might be interested in.

On this World Heritage Day, let’s take a pledge of preserving these locations on our part. Engraving names of your loved ones won’t make you a hero but preserving cultural heritage can make you one. Also, good knowledge to have, there are dustbins around these locations, please use them and don’t litter. Not just one day, make every day as Heritage Day. Come and celebrate this auspicious day like a festival because these monuments are none less than time travel machines.


Heritage Walks & Tours in Udaipur

A city is made up of mysteries, histories, and stories. Behind the buildings and beauty that keeps changing and developing with time, there are some things which stay intact and if you actually want to understand some city, it is important that you understand the base of it, you look and know the city the way its citizens look at it.

And when it comes to Udaipur, the beauty is just the aftereffect of the marvelous past it had. But it would be a mere waste if you are willing to explore Udaipur and leave without knowing the story, history, and people of it. Watching and visiting monuments and forts is something which everyone does but true wanderers are those who look for its essence. So here we bring to you the list of Heritage walks in Udaipur that lets you be the part of the city for a day or two.


Walk and pedal travel and tours

As the name clearly indicates, it conducts two kinds of exploration via a walk and via cycling. It has some very interesting names of these tours which include ‘As the dawn breaks over the horizon, Walk Down, Memory Lane, Spirit of Art, Pedal Tours, Ode to Matrimony, A Potpourri of Culture, To the Manor born – Peepliya Heritage Fort Stay and Farm Tour’. Doesn’t these compel you to go for them as soon as you hear their names? The prices vary according to the tour you choose.

Contact: +91-7339866520


Fish Eyes Artisan Walking Tours

This is one of the walking tours which connects you to the local artistry of the city. It makes you meet and explore the potters, miniature painting artists and many people like them. It creates a warm and friendly environment between the locals and the tourists which makes them feel a part of the city.

Contact: 88904 19048


Vintage Walking Tours

Some of us are morning people, some of us are not. Hence, there are three different kinds of tours according to the time of the day which is Dawn tours, day tours, and dusk tours and the prices of these tours vary accordingly. In the day tours, there are three more categories which are Udaipur comprehensive, Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh tour and countryside jaunt.

Contact: +91 9828276535


Virasat Experiences

Source: JustDial

Virasat experiences conduct ‘Udaipur Heritage walk’ where they tend to show the real Udaipur, its people, its traditions through a guided walking tour. This walk covers beautiful streets, sites, hidden alleyways, meeting various artisans, jewelry makers, potters and bamboo crafts. The prices of this walking tours are 1700, and 1000 for Adult and Children respectively.

Contact: 94140-66260


The Udaipur Story

This guided walk down the streets of Udaipur will allow you to get indulge in an experience where you will witness the beauty of the palace along with the local cuisine and people. This way, you will be able to understand the city by being a part of it for this walking tour. The tour covers entire old city which is the oldest part of the city hence it contains gems which are too good to miss. Duration of this walking tour is 8 hours and the price is 1700 per adult.

For booking visit –


Udaipur Heritage Walk by Rajasthan tours


According to them, it’s not a guided tour, rather it’s a Cultural Immersion. It is a full day heritage walk which includes meeting with craftsmen, silversmiths, exploring spice markets, temples, markets, and some unique artists. It also includes visiting homes of merchants, Warrior Communities, Priest Communities etc. The tour starts at from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm.

For booking visit –


Heritage walk in Udaipur through the Old city by wandertrails

The professional guides here will make you experience the old city streets, bazaars and monuments of Udaipur. The tour is suitable for all age group, minimum being 6 years. It is suitable for a group and a family as well. It is a 2-hour walk which includes historic temples, Havelis, Baoris, and places like Ganghaur Ghat, Bagore ki Haveli, Ganesh Ghati, Clock Tower, etc. You could opt for 4-hour tour if you are interested in going to City Palace. Prices for two hours is 700 and four hours is 1400 respectively.

For booking visit –


Walking tour by Udaipur magic tour

Source: Pinterest

Two kinds of tours are available here. One is Udaipur walking tour and the other one is sightseeing walking tour. Sightseeing walking tour includes exploration of forts, palaces, Heritage buildings, lakes, Museums, and temple. These sites are quite popular among the tourists. Udaipur walking tour is for those people who are too bored of exploring the overrated places and are willing to see the actual city by exploring and meeting artists, Handicrafts and meeting the local people.

For booking visit –


Walking tours by Heritage Royal Rajasthan

Two categories of Heritage walk is conducted here which are Heritage walking tour in Old City and Living Heritage walking. Walking tour in Old City covers the entire Old City including Temples, Palaces, Ghats, step walls, etc. and Living Heritage walking is to explore the main attractions of the entire city that includes Saheliyon ki Badi, Lake Fateh Sagar, etc.

For booking visit –

Places to Visit

A list of the Best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

Fortunately enough, Udaipur has been gifted with some of the most beautiful and scenic places on Earth and it wouldn’t be fair if we do not get a chance to experience this beauty at least once in our lifetime. Well, thanks to the jaw-dropping set of hotels and resorts, we not only rank among the top in the list of the most beautiful cities of the world but in the list of some of the best hotels as well.

Time and again, the hotels and resorts in Udaipur have won many national and international awards for breathtaking architecture and spectacular hospitality, the main reason behind so many vacation and destination wedding plans for some of the major celebrities, politicians, business tycoons, and head honchos of the world.

No wonder Udaipur leaves a lasting impression on everybody with its unparalleled beauty and the calmness that resides within the heart of the city. Here’s a peek into some of the most stunning hotels and resorts of the town and how they’ve left every guest in awe!

1. Taj Lake Palace

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

Elegantly built as the pleasure palace for Maharana Jagat Singh II in 1746, Jag Niwas is now known as the Taj Lake Palace and has been voted as the Best Hotel in Asia and the Indian Sub-Continent by readers of UK’s Conde Nast Traveller magazine 2016. Equipped with 83 luxurious rooms, this hotel has been the shooting spot for Octopussy and many other films and TV serials. It is built in the middle of Lake Pichola offering a wondrous view of the palace and the mountain ranges. You’ve got to visit it once to experience the glory!

For Reservations:  The Taj Lake Palace

2. The Oberoi Udaivilas

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

Another sublime beauty located on the bank of Lake Pichola is the majestic Udaivilas. It is infamous for winning a horde of awards and hospitality that leaves you speechless. It has been ranked #1 hotel in the world by popular magazines like TripAdvisor (2014), The Outlook Traveller (2015), Travel + Leisure (2015 and 2016), etc. time and again. It became much popular after KJo’s Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani was shot here. It spreads across a 50-acre sprawling campus with lush green gardens and interconnected domes. You have to be there to witness the beauty.

For Reservations: The Oberoi Udaivilas

3. The Leela Palace

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

Again on the bank of Lake Pichola is the astonishing modern palace hotel, The Leela Palace. Known for its intricate designing and serene views, the hotel is equipped with 80 luxurious rooms that cater to every aspect of ‘beauty’. It is a popular destination wedding spot for people all over. Experience the beauty overlooking this beautiful lake.

For Reservations: The Leela Palace

4. Trident

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

Spread over an area of 43-acre with huge lawns and unmatched peace and tranquility, Trident offers beautiful 137 rooms and 4 suites with amazing hospitality and a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers a wide variety of food. You’d love to be in the lap of nature here.

For Reservations: Trident

5. Radisson Blu Udaipur Palace Resort and Spa

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

Overlooking Lake Fatehsagar is the beautifully constructed and elegantly standing Radisson Blu. With 245 spacious rooms and restaurants serving pan-Asian food, Radisson is a popular choice for tourists from around the world. It looks spectacularly lit in the evenings and it is as beautiful as it gets.

For Reservations: Radisson Blu Udaipur Palace Resort and Spa

6. Shiv Niwas Palace

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

A stay without royal treatment in Udaipur is a stay in vain. Shiv Niwas Palace, a part of HRH group, housed in the city place premises offers an unprecedented Rajputana experience with 17 decorated suites with original portraits and furniture belonging to the Royal family. Stayed here?

For Reservations: Shiv Niwas Palace

7. Fateh Prakash Palace

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

Another feather in the cap of HRH is Fateh Prakash Palace with 21 rooms and 44 elegant suites. It puts you in the shoes of the kings, with royal experiences when you sit on furniture from toshkhanas and replica paintings of the kingdom of Mewar. You become a part of the legacy and the royal lineage when you stay here.

For Reservations: Fateh Prakash Palace

8. Jag Mandir Island Palace

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

A historic 17th-century palace built in the middle of Lake Pichola adjacent to Jag Niwas. This beautiful palace is the most popular choice for weddings and is known for some of the most lavish, royal, and extravagant weddings ever organized. The place houses 7 suites and guests are ferried here enjoying the picturesque Lake Pichola.

For Reservations: Jag Mandir Island Palace

9. The LaLiT

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

Another beautiful property overlooking Lake Fatehsagar is The LaLiT Laxmi Vilas Palace that stands proudly in the heart of the city offering a delightful view of the historic city of Mewar. It offers a good 55 rooms redesigned after this royal palace was built in 1911 for His Highness Maharana Fateh Singh Ji. It is a popular choice for royal weddings and parties.

For Reservations: The LaLiT

10. Hotel Fateh Garh 

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

Built on a hilltop, Fateh Garh offers a breathtaking view of the city overlooking city palace and the lakes. It has been on the list of top hotels since 2009 by Conde Nast Traveller magazine and is often viewed as a luxurious heritage hotel. It is a sought-after choice for tourists and destination weddings. The swimming pool here has been ranked among the six sexiest swimming pools in the world in a survey.

For Reservations: Fateh Garh

11. The Willows Club – Jagat at Vivanta by Taj

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

Another recently opened lavish property by Taj is The Willows Club – Jagat at Vivanta. They strive to offer a rare club-like experience with acres of bliss in pristine nature. The club has several recreational spots, cabanas, restaurants, pool, and numerous other activities to keep you enthralled. It is located in Kodiyat, Udaipur.

For Reservations: Willows Club – Jagat

12. Chunda Palace

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

This hotel belongs to a noble family of the Mewar kingdom and reportedly took 16 years of time to be fully constructed. No wonder the architecture amazes every guest and the incomparable hospitality leaves you spellbound. It conserves the rich Rajasthani culture and is a great choice for boutique hotels across town. It has 46 rooms including 16 suites that offer a delightful view of the Aravalli ranges.

For Reservations: Chunda Palace

13. Ramada Udaipur Resort and Spa

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

Built with traditional stonework and height varying from the highest to lowest point by 40 meters in a sprawling 6.6-acre campus is Ramada Udaipur. It provides scintillating views of the city along with 72 multi-tiered rooms and suites. It surely puts your search for romantic hotels to an end.

For Reservations: Ramada Udaipur

14. Shouryagarh Resort and Spa

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

This recently established resort is a sought-after destination for weddings and events these days. It offers impeccable hospitality and 40 acres of peaceful and lush green orchards and landscaped gardens. It even boasts of a revolving restaurant which is a head-turner!

For Reservations: Shourya Garh

15. Ananta Udaipur

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

This resort caters to your every need with 75-acres of gigantic premises housed with 206 contemporary villas and lots of other facilities. It is set amidst the backdrop of Aravalli ranges and offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. This truly is the place to be!

For Reservations: Ananta Udaipur

16. Labhgarh Palace Resort and Spa

A list of the Best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur


Located in the foothills of Cheerwa Ghat, amidst the Aravalli ranges is this scenic resort offering all the modern facilities and convenience. Enjoy your stay with sumptuous food and swimming in the garden pools and enjoying in the sports lounge.

For Reservations: Labhgarh

17. RAAS Devigarh

A look at some of the best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

This exhilarating heritage property which served as a pass into the valley in the 18th century has now been restored to a premier five-star property of Rajasthan. Located in the countryside, housing 39 spacious and exuberant rooms, this campus is a treat to stay in. It was transformed into a hotel in 1999 and has been attracting people from all over the world ever since.

For Reservations: RAAS Devigarh 

18. The Royal Retreat Resort and Spa

A List of The Best Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur

Yet another place to soothe your soul and rejuvenate yourselves is The Royal Retreat Resort and Spa located in Hawala Village near Badi. The resort boasts of 100 well-equipped rooms which are connected through walkways around the swimming pools. This place is a hotspot for destination weddings.

For Reservations: Royal Retreat Udaipur

We hope your stay in Udaipur is as royal as its history. 

Tell us about your stay in our city and how was your experience! We’d love to hear your story of Udaipur.

Happy Staying!


The Royal Extravaganza 2012, Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar

Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar Udaipur

By now, you people must be totally aware of the name, the Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar.

As the main promoter, the UdaipurBlog invites you to attend the inaugural-cum-New Year party of the palace hotel with the regal touch of a 434 years old culture – The Royal Extravaganza 2012!

Along with a variety of snacks, drinks, hookah & a multi-variety cuisine;  the other attractions of the party are a rock concert by the youth band Aks & DJ handling by the very talented DJ Dev (the 4th DJ of DJ Aqeel).

Entry based on passes:

  • Stag: 1100 INR
  • Couple: 2100 INR

Passes are available at:
94.3 My FM
opposite U.I.T. Saheli Marg

Or you may contact:

Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar: 9783539255
Kalpit Rajak: 9950862996
Yash Sharma: 9462623445, 9772900819

Choose the best for the start of your new year. And at this place; we guarantee you a quality service.

Bhindar is just an hour’s drive on a smooth & safe road. You may also avail night-stay facility in case you need.
Contact Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar for more details or queries.

Relive the grandeur of the extravagant cultural heritage.  We’re sure it’ll be a relishing memory in the upcoming years.

: Directions to Hotel Rajamahal Bhindar :

Directions to hotel rajamahal bhindar

Places to Visit

Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar – A Closer View

A chance to visit the 434 years old Imperial Palace, The Rajmahal Bhindar– awaiting its grand opening as a hotel this 31st; made it possible for us to bring to our readers some exclusive interior pics of the hotel. Though due to some final renovations, we could not bring you the whole photographic panorama (which we personally promise to bring you soon)  we’re still sure to delight you with the clicks we got.

A perfect drive on a smooth, green surrounded way… And the  candle light settings  amidst the royal backdrop make it one of the finest upcoming hotels of Udaipur- A perfect romantic destination!
Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this splendid celebration, surely going to be a historical remembrance in a few years.

Make your New Year start with a regal pulse-  The Royal Extravaganza 2012!

Photos by:-  Yash Sharma


Shilpgram Utsav 2011 Schedule

Shilpgram Udaipur
Photo By : John Fernandes via Flickr

Udaipur is all set for its annual Shilpgram Festival which will be celebrating its Silver Jubilee this year along with many theme based events. So UdaipurBlog brings you up with the complete list of events and Schedule that will be taking place at the Craftsmen Village aka Shilpgram, Udaipur. Be tuned to your we will keep you updated with pictures, details and a lot more interesting things from this Shilpgram Festival 2011. 🙂

 Following is the overview and schedule for SHILPGRAM UTSAV – 2011

SHILPGRAM UTSAV – 2011 Overview:






26 DECEMBER. 2011- MONDAY  – Lok Tarang

27 DECEMBER. 2011- TUESDAY  – Udaan

28 DECEMBER. 2011- WEDNESDAY  – Spectrum

29 DECEMBER. 2011- THURSDAY  – Heritage

30 DECEMBER. 2011- FRIDAY  – Symphony

The day-per-day details are as belows:

  • Day I : WELCOME


  • Day III : GOA DAY




  • Day VII : UDAAN



  •  Day X : SYMPHONY