Forum Celebration Mall reopens after Lockdown

Forum celebration Mall

The malls in Udaipur are prepared to offer visitors a whole new shopping experience with meticulous changes, specially crafted to cater to new norms in view of the coronavirus pandemic.

The new avatar of malls, however, has to be in complete alignment with the prescribed government guidelines to ensure their smooth functioning.

While complying with the government guidelines, Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur is also coming up with unique ideas to ensure the absolute safety of the visitors.

Forum Celebration, one of the biggest shopping malls in Udaipur, has prepared itself as per the latest government directives. While ensuring all guidelines such as maintaining adequate distance, provision of disinfection tunnel, the mall has also made arrangements for hand sanitiser dispensers and thermal screening at the entrance to help the people stay safe.

Forum mall

Besides, complying to the social distancing norm, Forum Celebration has displayed health and safety directives at various places inside the mall. Special care will be taken to sanitize the washrooms, lifts and escalators hand grills at regular intervals.

Forum mall

Forum celebration mall

For better safety and care, the mall has arranged for touchless sanitizer and soap dispensers, QR code-based ordering facility at the food court, entry management system to ensure social distancing etc.

Celebrtion mall

While wearing a face mask will be mandatory for the visitors and the employees, besides having the Arogya Setu app installed on their mobile phone.

Photo source: Forum Celebration Mall & UdaipurTimes


Forum Celebration Mall introduces Weekend Workshops for Kids

Forum Celebration Mall is always teeming with tons of activities every other day. Udaipurites get to hop, skip and jump from one activity to the other to satisfy our inner hankerings for newness.

The mall always gives the adults, the best excuses to curb their boredom and when it comes to entertaining the kiddies, Forum Celebration Mall has that covered as well.

So to give your kids or the ones around you, a much-needed fun break, get them to the Forum Kiddy Verse Weekend Workshops here at Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur and you’ll get to watch them at their joyful best.

Celebration Mall Udaipur

Started from 22 February, Forum Kiddy Verse will continue for the entire year long. With an array of activities to keep them happily busy, Forum Kiddy Verse is ‘the’ place to be at on all the weekends.

Forum Celebration Mall

What’s Happening?

From February 22nd onwards take your kids to the most happening mall of Udaipur and get them to explore, learn and enjoy the different types of workshop activities like:

  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Vedic Maths
  • Abacus
  • Fireless Cooking
  • Dancing
  • Calligraphy
  • Storytelling
  • Phonics
  • And much more

The recently organised, Rubik’s Cube Workshop saw an amazing response with more than 200 registrations.

Forum Celebration Mall


According to the spokesperson from Forum Celebration Mall, the group intends to organize such workshops free for the kids to give them a chance to improve their skills and to learn new things.


Udaipur Bands put up electrifying performances at Forum Rock ON

Electrifying guitars, enchanting rhythms, raging drums and sensational singing – Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur witnessed the biggest musical event in the city, Forum Rock On! “The epic Battle of Bands”.

FORUM Celebration Mall organized a musical fest Forum Rock On! a platform that provided an opportunity for the budding artists from the city to showcase their talent and get a chance to win fabulous prizes.

The competition titled ‘Battle of Bands’ witnessed guitarist, drummers and singers performing live in front of a huge audience at Forum Celebration Mall, Udaipur. These bands were seen performing their best tracks and competing to win amazing prizes. The competition saw various genres of music like rock, fusion, classical music, etc.

Forum Rock On! the rock band competition was classified into two categories ‘Under 18 years’ and ‘Above 18 years’.

Registrations were carried out online & offline. The shortlisted participants were called for auditions on 8th Feb 2020. The grand finale took place on 15 Feb 2020 at Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur.


Forum Rock On

The winners and runner ups from both the categories received gift vouchers worth Rs. 1 lakh. The winners of Forum Rock On! also received an opportunity of video production support for an official music video by Talentsofworld productions.

The winners of the Rock Band Competition were are below:

Under 18
Winner- Vagabonds The Band
Runner Up – MMVM Rocks

Above 18
Winner- Khanabadosh
Runner Up- Swar Unplugged


Best Christmas Offers with Amazing Decoration at Forum Celebration

Come winter and people around the city are heading to one of the best and the biggest malls of Udaipur, Forum Celebration Mall. The most happening mall of the city is all set to kick-off the holiday season with the exciting Christmas sale and over-the-top decorations making your shopping and holidaying all the more fun.

Mall Decoration

The most cherished Christmas Festival has given the mall, an all-new Avatar. Forum Celebration Mall has changed into a fascinating Christmas Wonderland.

Forum Christmas Wonderland


Santa at Forum Celebration

The patron of Christmas, Santa Claus has come to this Christmas Wonderland at Forum Celebration Mall to shower us with some exciting and mind-blowing offers for our winter shopping. Santa’s Magical Journey has taken a stop at Forum Christmas Wonderland and he has got with him a Wheel of Wishes and a magical Rotating Christmas Tree.

What’s this???

Wheels of Wishes


Santa Claus

Santa has got this magical Wheel of Wishes to make your wishes come true as you shop at the Forum Celebration Mall. Shop for Rs. 7500/- or above and you get to spin the magical Wheel of Wishes that makes you win an exciting gift and amazing gift vouchers. The more you will shop the more gifts Santa will shower you with.

Rotating Christmas Tree


Christmas Tree

The mesmerizing decor at Forum Celebration Mall is upscale and interactive. As mentioned, the entire mall has been converted into Forum Christmas Wonderland where every corner is decorated to give you a perfect ‘Christmas Selfie‘. Don’t forget to click yourself with the twirling Christmas Tree for a glamorous picture.

And there is something more…

You get an opportunity to become a Santa for someone too!

Forum Celebration Mall has partnered with Seva Mandir to share the joy of the festival with the underprivileged children from Udaipur, through a ‘Wish Tree‘. The beautiful ‘wish tree’ will share the wishes of these underprivileged children and will give you an opportunity to become a Santa for them and fulfil their wishes.

So, this Christmas season, all the fun has come down at Forum Celebration Mall for you to have a fun-filled, glittery and joyful Christmas.

Take your friends, kids and family at Forum Celebration Mall to make and have a Merry Christmas!!


Forum Celebration Mall invites young artists to showcase their ideas on Sustainability

Art helps young learners to express their ideas, creativity and contribute their views to the society. 

When little artists express their ideas through colours, they can create masterpieces. To explore the creative potential of the young minds, Forum Celebration Mall, Udaipur is organising Forum Colorama Drawing Competition for kids to showcase their artistic talent and contribute in creating a greener and sustainable planet.

Colorama is a platform that brings the artistic talent out in young minds while channelling it for the betterment of the society as a whole. It allows the children to express their ideas and concerns for the society they are a part of.

To understand what these young minds think about the future world, Forum Colorama 2019 has come up with the theme, ‘Colorama for Sustainability’. The theme will allow the children to express their ideas for how we can improve our present to create a better future. Despite the harm that has been caused to the environment, it is not too late for us to save the world and make it sustainable for the future generation.

So, Forum Colorama 2019 invites all the kids between 4 to 16 years to express their ideas on sustainability and what does greener planet mean to the future. The event will be held on 24th November 2019 at Forum Celebration Mall, Udaipur. The best ideas will win prizes worth Rs. 40,000.

Forum Celebration Mall, Udaipur has been organising various competitions for kids which allows them to bring out the hidden talents in them. The first mall of Udaipur, Forum Celebration Mall, has also been organising various other events and activities time and again.

Registration in Forum Colorama 2019 is FREE! To register for the event, click on the link below:


The Biggest Shopping Festival of Udaipur is Back

Expect massive savings and cashback offers at your favourite mall.

Diwali is just around the corner. This is that time of the year when shoppers go berserk across the city. The local bazaars and malls will be packed with people buying clothes, shoes, electronics, sweets, jewellery and many such festival items.

Shops and malls will be lit brightly and put their best products forward. Millions of wallets will be pulled out happily to pay for these purchases.

How about adding a dash of fun in this festive shopping experience! We give you a place where you cannot just shop but also save and win and have loads of fun.

Do you know a place where you have everything just under one roof – Blockbuster sale, epic entertainment and exciting prizes!

It can only be The Forum Shopping Festival!

Celebration Mall

The Forum Shopping Festival is one of the top places to visit in Udaipur this month to shop for the upcoming festivities with all the exciting cash-saving experience the festival has to offer.

If you are somebody who does not enjoy shopping, The Forum Shopping Festival can be an altogether different experience for you. This shopping festival is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show – like any other fun activity in Udaipur.

This means shopping isn’t the only experience to please your soul. There exist a plethora of activities that go on here which you could participate in, apart from shopping.

This year’s fun-packed festival is filled with everything you hope for – Cultural Performances, Folk Music, Flea Market, Luck Draw and much more…


Celebration Mall Offers

The Forum Shopping Festival makes you embrace and celebrate the shopping lifestyle with gusto.

It offers everyone a bouquet of a diverse range of activities, offers, and happiness.


Forum Group thanks Udaipurites for making Purple Run such a grand event

Forum Purple Run is India’s first-ever run organized by Forum group with a motive of creating awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. This run is held to create a sense of consciousness, sympathy, and poise towards this disease. The main aim behind the run is to raise create awareness about Alzheimer’s disease so that people can identify the disease at the correct time and procure the necessary treatment.

This year, Forum Purple Run was organized on 15 September’19 across 8 Malls situated in 6 Major Cities. Below mentioned is the list of the malls, which organized Forum Purple Run:

  • Forum Mall Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Forum Neighbourhood Mall, Bangalore
  • Forum Shantiniketan, Bengaluru
  • Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai
  • Forum Fiza Mall, Mangalore
  • Forum Sujana Mall, Hyderabad
  • Forum Centre City, Mysore
  • Forum Celebration Mall, Udaipur

Unprecedented enthusiasm was seen among the Udaipurites towards this run. Around 1300 people participated including people aged 6 to 70. Each one of them participated with great enthusiasm. The run commenced at 6:00 am from flag off, which started from the Celebration Mall and finished again at the Celebration Mall via RK Circle, Shobhagpura Circle, 100 Feet Road.


  • In 10 km:

Under Men’s category – First position was bagged by Rajendra Vyas, second by Pannalal Kharadi, and third by Rambharosh.

Under Women’s category – First positioned was bagged by Sunita Jat, second by Ritu Kumari Sharma, and third by Bishnu Kumari.

  • In 5 km:

Under Men’s category – First position was bagged by Praveen Kumar, second by Gopal Lal Kumawat, and third by Gulshan Meena.

Under Women’s category – First position was bagged by Kiran Janwa, second by Lalita Vyas, and third by Dimple Lohar. The winners were awarded medals.

Special Guest of Honour for the event DP Dadhich, Circle Inspector, Sukher and Chief Guest Ankit Singh Ji, Commissioner Municipal Corporation congratulated the winners. The winners were awarded medals and trophies. In addition, the winners and runner-ups received gift vouchers worth Rs.1.20 lakh.

It is noteworthy that the Forum Purple Run event has simultaneously held such a great initiative across 8 malls situated in 6 different cities of the country.


What Is Alzheimer’s | How is Forum Group spreading awareness for this disease

When we think of the most deadly diseases prevailing in the world, our minds directly think about fast-spreading, and the incurable ones that grab the headlines from time to time. But according to researches, many of such diseases don’t even rank in the top 10 reasons for worldwide deaths. The majority of people all around the world passed away due to diseases that progress slowly.

And one of the major causes that account for deaths which also made the top 10 list is: ‘Alzheimer’s’.

Forum Group is always concerned about the well-being and health of the people associated with the group. For this, the group always comes up with various marathons and events in order to keep citizens fit and healthy. One such initiative is,

Forum Purple Run’19:

We Udaipurites shop and always have a tremendous time at the Forum Celebration Mall. Now, it’s our turn to make our mark present in Udaipur’s history as well, history to create awareness about this common yet unknown disease: Alzheimer’s. It’s time to make it real BIG by participating in Forum Purple Run’19. Everyone can be part of such a noble cause.

It is India’s first-ever run organized by renowned Forum Group, for creating awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. The main aim is to create awareness, sensitivity, and dignity towards this disease.

Now let us understand what Alzheimer’s is:

It is a syndrome which is associated with the decline of brain functioning specifically amongst the people aged 50 or above. It majorly affects the memory storing capacity, thinking, logical skills and other mental abilities.

The exact cause of this disease is not yet known, still, several factors are thought to increase your risk of developing this disease.

These include:

  • Growing old,
  • Hereditary conditions,
  • Depressions, and many more.

Various Stages of Alzheimer’s disease:

•Stage 1: Normal Outward Behavior

When your loved one is in this early phase, he won’t have any symptoms that’ll show that they have got Alzheimer’s. But as they move into the further stages, you will see major changes in their thinking and reasoning.

•Stage 2: Very Mild Changes

You still might not notice major changes, but they might be picking up on small differences. This could include forgetting a word or misplacing objects.

•Stage 3: Mild Decline

At this point that you may start to notice changes in the patient’s thinking.

•Stage 4: Moderate Decline

During this time, the problems in their thinking and reasoning that you noticed in the stage get more obvious. They might forget important details about themselves.

Though Alzheimer’s has no cure as such, treatments for symptoms are still available and research to find a cure continues. Current Alzheimer’s treatments cannot stop this disease from progressing, but they can temporarily slow the worsening of the symptoms and improve quality of life. Today, there is a worldwide effort under experiment to find better ways to treat the disease, delay the disease’s onset, and prevent it from developing further.

How to Register:

You can register online at

Offline registration: Information desk, Ground floor, Forum Celebration Mall

Come join us in our mission to create a world without Alzheimer’s.

Run to Remember, Run to END Alzheimer’s






Join FORUM PURPLE RUN 2019: India’s first-ever run for Alzheimer’s awareness

Alzheimer’s, a progressive and irreversible neurological disorder which impairs basic neurological functioning is one of the leading cause of death for people aged 55 and over. Alone in India, more than 4 million people suffer from this disease.

Credits: Shutterstock

It degenerates and sometimes even leads to the death of the brain cells. In this disease, there is a continuous decline in thinking capacity, behavioral and social skills.

  • Memory loss is a key symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. The person suffering from this disease suffers from occasional memory lapses.
  • There’s a steep decline in a person’s thinking and reasoning capacity.
  • The ability to make judgments and decisions declines.
  • Planning and performing familiar and daily routine tasks become a struggle.
  • There are major changes in personality and behavior of the person suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Cure and ways of treatment for Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Creating a safe and supportive environment can make life much easier for a person suffering from Alzheimer’s.
  • Special care given by the caretakers can also turn out beneficial while the treatment is going on.
  • Medicines prescribed by expert doctors
  • Physical and cardiovascular exercises act as an important part of a treatment plan. Activities such as a daily walk, jogging and running might turn out helpful.

Forum Purple Run:

It is India’s first-ever run for creating awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. This run is organized by Forum Group to create awareness, sensitivity, and dignity towards this disease. The main motto behind this run is to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s so that people can recognize the disease at the right time and procure the necessary treatment.


The Grandeur of the Forum Purple Run:

8 Malls, 6 Cities, 1 Run

The event will be held across 8 Malls in 6 Major Cities of India:

  • Forum Mall Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Forum Neighbourhood Mall, Bangalore
  • Forum Shantiniketan, Bengaluru
  • Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai
  • Forum Fiza Mall, Mangalore
  • Forum Sujana Mall, Hyderabad
  • Forum Centre City, Mysore
  • Forum Celebration Mall, Udaipur

This event will witness over 20,000 people running across all the 8 Forum Malls in 6 major cities at the same time for one single cause: To raise awareness for Alzheimer’s.

How to Register:

You can register online at

Offline registration: Information desk, Ground floor, Forum Celebration Mall

 Details for the event:

  • Run Categories: 5 Km and 10 Km
  • Registration fee:
5 Km Registration Fee 10 Km Registration Fee
Without Timing Chip With Timing Chip With Timing Chip
₹ 150 ₹ 300 ₹ 450
  • Prizes:
S. no. Prizes 5 km (Male / Female) 10km (Male / Female)
1 1st Prize Rs.15,000 worth Gift Vouchers Rs.15,000 worth Gift Vouchers
2 2nd Prize Rs.10,000 worth Gift Vouchers Rs.10,000 worth Gift Vouchers
3 3rd Prize Rs.5,000 worth Gift Vouchers Rs.5,000worth Gift Vouchers

Have a look at some of the glimpses of Forum Purple Run’18 :

 Come join us in our mission to create a world without Alzheimer’s.

Run to Remember, Run to END Alzheimer’s



5 reason why you should not miss these 3 days of Big Forum Sale

Forum Celebration Mall, which is also Udaipur’s first fully equipped mall has become the ultimate shopping Destination for people from all over Rajasthan. It is a perfect one-stop destination for all your Shopping, Dining and Entertainment cravings.

With a countless number of International and National brands spread all across Forum’s Celebration Mall, it is one of the ideal places that provides unmatched shopping experience. Forum Celebration Mall is an absolute treat for the shoppers and the youngsters.

Here we are giving you the top 5 Reasons why you should visit the mall in the next 3 days i.e. from 12th July to 14th July:


  • It’s Raining Discounts: Well Hello shoppers, it’s the perfect time for you to go on your shopping spree now. Over 50 brands in the Forum Celebration Mall are having flat 50% sale and this is ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ event. You can’t afford to lose such an irresistible offer. So Udaipurites, buckle up your shoes and rush to the mall immediately to avail the crazy offers.
Forum Sale at Forum Celebration Mall
Forum Sale at Forum Celebration Mall
  • Forum Celebration Mall’s adds the cherry to your cake:

    When you are done with your shopping spree, just visit the customer service desk on the ground floor of the Forum Celebration Mall. We bet you will be left surprised and amazed, as the mall is also providing special cashback and additional gift vouchers.


  • Stuff up Your wardrobes while it’s still time:

    As we are well aware that it’s Monsoon time in Udaipur, stuff up your wardrobe while you still can. It’s the ideal time when you can fill up your wardrobes with some of the best products from various renowned brands just at half rates.

People shoping at Forum Celebration Mall
  • Spend some Quality time with your loved ones:

    Once you are done with all your things, do something unplanned. You can watch the recently released Bollywood movie Super 30 at PVR. Movie followed by some good food is always blissful. You can enjoy finger-licking food at McD, Dominos, Subway, HariVedas and many more to choose from. If you are a couple, Way2Coffee is your way to go.


  • Don’t forget to Register yourselves for the most exciting event:

    All the party lovers, get ready to tap your feet on “Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai” fame ‘Aastha Gill as she will be performing live on 20th July 2019.⁣ ⁣Entry is through free registration.

Aastha Gill event at Forum Celebration Mall

Click Here to Register:⁣


Give a delightful break to your monotonous routine and be a part of the most enthralling Shopping and Fun experience!