A Social-Entrepreneur From Udaipur Who Makes New Shoes out of Old Ones!

There are various easy ways for practicing social work, one can visit the orphanage or an old age home but some people refuse to limit themselves to the fundamentals. Like this, following the unconventional methods of social work, a social entrepreneur from Udaipur has created new parameters for the same.

Shriyans Bhandari
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This article revolves around the initiative of Shriyans Bhandari, an author and the co-founder of Greensole. Currently based in Mumbai, he was born and raised in Udaipur. He recycles used shoes and provides them to those in need alongside co-founder Ramesh Dhami.

Inspiration Behind Greensole

Regular athletes Shriyans Bhandari and Ramesh Dhami used to run through three-four pair of shoes a year, they grew more conscious of the waste they were incurring and took the call to do something. They looked for the ways to repurpose and recycle unwanted footwear which would’ve ended up in the landfills and provide those to the less fortunate.

Shriyans in factory
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Thus, Greensole was born in December 2013. In an interview Bhandari recalled, “Every foot should have footwear, thanks to the vision. The goal was to aid in closing the nation’s social, economic, and environmental gaps”.

How did Greensole commence its working?

  • They began to put shoe donation bins in colleges and schools and enlisted the aid of running organizations. 
  • They were able to establish a production facility for their recycled shoes with the aid of financial gifts, first from friends and family and subsequently from business partners.
Shriyans donating shoes
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  • The founders really started with a pair of shoes they already had, transforming worn-out shoes into comfortable, modern slippers for daily wear.
  • Since then, the project has advanced significantly; they have recycled and donated close to 10,000 pairs of shoes.

Badges on Greensole’s Shoulders

  • The team once received a letter from Former President Barack Obama, which they found to be one of their most memorable experiences.
shriyans and ramesh
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  • Shriyans’s Foundation is getting recognition worldwide. He has been called into TEDxYouth@WASO, a TEDx event that was independently organized and held in April 2016 at Wellington Academy in Dubai Silicon Oasis.
  • Greensole was highlighted on the renowned History TV programme, OMG! YEH MERA INDIA, hosted by Krishna, a well-known comedian. This occurred as a result of the initiator’s brilliant idea.
  • Shriyans and Ramesh also held their names the FORBES Under 30 Under Asia.
  • Foundation has been appreciated by Ratan Tata himself.
  • They have been IAN Global Startup Finalists 2018.
  • Shriyans received appraisal from Inspiria Knowledge Campus as Inspirational Young Entrepreneur of Modern India.

How can you contribute?

Donate the shoes which are out of use! You can send your shoes by courier to the respective address. Although Greensole welcomes shoes in any size, they do ask that you not give them any that have heels. As an alternative, you can purchase a pair of shoes from Greensole online.

Despite how trite it may sound, Greensole shows that all it takes is one person, one good idea and a lot of will power to make a difference for others. “Observe” is what Shriyans suggests. And considering small issues and solutions is the best we can do. We must all return to our individual issues, work to resolve them, and then scale the solution such that it works for everyone.

For connecting with and knowing more about Greensole you can check their website –



Udaipur Based ‘Rajasthani Stuff’ Will Make You Fall For Handmade Traditional Footwear

Whenever there’s a talk about the cultural richness and highly cultivated traditions, the first name that pops in is Rajasthan. Rajasthan, a state of distinctive, colorful and rich ambiance. With that, Rajasthan is famous for its nearly 5000 years old ancient culture as well as for textiles, semi-precious stones, handicrafts, and for its traditional and colorful art. But, have you ever tried the handmade traditional footwear of Rajasthan?

This Udaipur-based Rajasthani Stuff will make you fall for handmade traditional footwear. Engraved with Rajasthan’s warmth & crafts, Rajasthani Stuff provides a wide range of handcrafted footwear.

About Rajasthani Stuff

  • Rajasthani stuff is an initiative of global acquaintanceship to the colorful and warm culture of Rajasthan.
  • It was founded in the year 2017.
  • Their pure aim is to provide the best Rajasthani crafts to the world with their Handcrafted footwear which exhales an ambiance of traditional culture.
  • All the products are made by Rajasthani stuff without any mechanization at any step.
  • With the assurance of quality, Rajasthani Stuff also believes in providing authenticity of handmade products made with traditional techniques and processes.
  • Rajasthani Stuff has its own dedicated team of ingenious handicraft manufacturers and e-commerce experts bringing the traditional culture and the art lovers across the globe.
  • They are also a leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler & Retailer of a wide range of Mules, Block Heels, Flats, Juttis, Kolhapuri, Wedges, Ethnic Footwear, Rajasthani Footwear, etc.
  • Rajasthani Stuff also offers this ethnic footwear at reasonable rates and delivers these within the assured time frame.
  • The Udaipur-based company also owns a store in the city of lakes, where they provide endless choices and a huge range of footwear designs. (Store address & contact number mentioned in the end)
  • They also customize according to the customer’s demand like different sizes, color, shapes, designs etc.

With a wide variety of ethnic shoes, Rajasthani Stuff has dwelled its loyal customers across the globe. And with a rapidly increasing social media presence in a very short period of time, the culture acquainting company is believed to touch the limitless sky.

You name the occasion and they’ve got it; a promising range will sweep you off your feet!

Address: Swasti Plaza, 2nd Floor, Near Historia Royal Hotel, 100 Ft. Road, Shobhagpura, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Contact Number: +91-7014663787

Lifestyle Places to Visit

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur

The ‘City of Lakes’ is a delight for shopping enthusiasts coming over from around the world. The local markets here have an alluring atmosphere and as soon as you enter a market, there’s absolutely nothing you would not want to buy. Udaipur is full of boutiques, shopping malls, and almost everything is available at a stone’s throw but the real charm lies in its dazzling local markets with beguiling handicraft items, ethnic jewelry, and authentic leather products.

With a little bargaining acumen, and proper knowledge you could tick off each and every item from your shopping list and that too without burning a hole in your pocket. You cannot just deny the fact that shopping in these markets is a lot more fun and lighter on the pocket than actually paying retail for similar items in big shopping malls and designer shops.

Give an end to your shopping woes because we have done the research for you about the famous shopping markets of Udaipur! Pick up your bags and head out to these places. But be careful, you might end up purchasing more than you need. Have a look:

1. Hathipole Market

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur
Source – My Udaipur City

A must visit place for tourists and the hub of shopping for every Udaipurite, this lively market is swarming with customers from all over the world to buy famous handicraft items, silver jewelry, bandhani print outfits, souvenirs made with brass, marble, etc. You can also find a lot of shops to buy Rajasthani traditional footwear like Mojris, Jootis, and other leather products at very cheap rates.

2. Bada Bazaar

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur

The best traditional gold jewelry, silverware, copperware, and clothing materials can be found here. You just name anything and it’s here. There are a number of shops here selling precious stones, antique items, and so on. You might have to go to a few shops before you find your desired item but it is going to be worth it. Don’t worry about the heat though, there are many street-side shops selling fresh fruit juices, buttermilk (lassi), and other fried items as well. Munch on the go!

3. Sindhi Bazaar

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur

Move a bit farther away from Bada Bazaar and you will enter the Sindhi Market having all sorts of clothes for kids, men, and women on offer. Sindhi Bazaar is thriving during the daytime and way too crowded to explore with a car. Use of a two-wheeler is recommended and with proper bargaining, you can take a dozen shopping bags home.

4. Lakhara Chowk

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur
A shop at Lakhara Chowk

This shopping market is hugely famous for bangles, artificial jewelry, cosmetic products, and items of personal decor. Lakhara Chowk has a number of shops in narrow lanes of the walled city area and sometimes even the use of a two-wheeler gets cumbersome. Walking through these jolly markets should be the choice. Also, if you want bangles to go with a sari or any other outfit, bring the outfit with you so that the seller can match and suggest accordingly.

5. Mochiwada 

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur
A typical footwear shop

The name speaks for itself here! This market is chiefly popular for traditional Rajasthani and leather footwear. This place is never short on varieties to offer. Shopkeepers sell locally produced sports shoes, formal shoes, and so on at very cheap rates. These are often quite durable and made with good quality materials. Also, the bargaining is quite rampant and you can get awesome footwear at very cheap prices.

6. Ashwini Market

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur

Another dynamic market bustling with people all through the day is Ashwini Market. Known for a variety of shops selling attractive home decor items, designer sarees, and electronics, this market is located at a walking distance from Hathipole. The market is also popular for electrical equipment, sanitary, and hardware shops.

7. Bhatiyani Chohatta, Gulab Bagh Road

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur

And as you take a walk down the silent and soothing Gulab Bagh road in the evening, don’t forget to visit the beautiful art galleries, boutiques, and jewelry stores here. These shops are perfect for purchasing souvenirs, Rajasthani miniature paintings, leather journals, bags, etc. Bargaining is quite common here.

8. Bapu Bazaar

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur

Bapu Bazaar is Udaipur in a nutshell! You can find everything you want in this vivacious market. From antiques to electronics, and clothes to books, there’s pretty much everything in this lane. Bapu Bazaar even has some famous street food shops where you can soothe your taste buds while you absorb the surreal sight of life in Udaipur.

9. Maldas Street

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur

This is another age-old market in the walled city area. It has a wide range of shops selling women’s clothing, items of personal decor, and cosmetics. Don’t forget to bargain. The best time to visit this market is during the afternoon.

Needless to say, grab your list and get ready to shop till you drop! These places will leave you breathless and in awe, for sure. 

We hope you have a pleasant shopping experience. Do share with us your recommendations and suggestions, if any, in the comments below! I’d love to hear your shopping tales.

Happy Shopping!