Birthday Greetings to Mr. Gulab Chand Kataria

Mr. Gulab Chand Kataria needs no introduction to anyone in Udaipur, as well as outside Udaipur. A former Home minister in Government of Rajasthan, he is a senior leader of BJP and is also a member of central working committee of the party. He resides in our own Udaipur, and has represented it in 9th Lok Sabha.

Gulab Chand Kataria_UdaipurBlog
Mr. Gulab Chand Kataria

He was born on 13th Oct 1944 at Delwara Village near Udaipur City. Today, on 13th of October 2011, he celebrates his 67th Birthday.

As we all know, Mr. Mohan Lal Sukhadia (ex- Chief Minister, Rajasthan) saw a dream that the lakes of Udaipur shall always remain full throughout the year, it was Mr. Kataria who struggled for the project and got it completed. Yet this down-to-earth visionary gives all the credit to Mr. Sukhadia for the entire Devas project, even sometimes going against the party guidelines. He has done many social and development works for our beautiful city of lakes.

His program for today will begin with Rudra Abhishek at the Triyambakeshwar Mahadev Mandir, Machla Magra, Sector 11 at about 7:30 AM.Then, he will be participating at a function in the party office, which will be followed by tree plantation programme, where he will be planting trees on occasion of his birthday, and later he will also take part in a blood donation camp at Seva Mandir.

Mr. Bhagwan Lal Sharma
Mr. Bhagwan Lal 

In a small discussion with Mr. Bhagwan Lal Sharma, Secretary, Triyambakeshwar Mahadev Mandir, we were informed that Mr. Kataria is a great follower of Lord Shiva, and has been worshipping at the temple from more than 25 years, whose foundation too was laid by Mr. Gulab Chand Kataria. Every year, on occasion of his birthday, he performs the Rudrabhishek ceremony of Lord Shiva, worships Lord Shiva before going anywhere on the day of elections, as well as attends all the functions of the temple, such as Shivratri, Janmashtmi, etc alongwith his colony mates.


The entire Team of UdaipurBlog wishes him a very happy birthday. May his great ideas be a guiding path for those who want to contribute their life for the development as well as also be a role model for upliftment of Udaipur in every possible case, just as he himself did.

Here are a few facts about Mr. Gulab Chand Kataria. (Source: Wikipedia)

Positions Held

  • 1980 – 1981 Member, Estimates Committee, Rajasthan Legislative Assembly
  • 1981 – 1985 Member, Estimates Committee (A), Rajasthan Legislative Assembly
  • 19/01/1990 Member, Committee on Papers Laid on the Table, Lok Sabha
  • 1990 Member, Committee on Agriculture, Lok Sabha
  • 13/12/1993 – 30/11/1998 Minister, Primary & Secondary Education, Bhasha, Govt. of Rajasthan
  • 13/12/1993 – 05/07/1998 Minister, Sanskrit Shiksha, Lingual Minority, Language Dept. (Bhasha Vibhag), Devasthan, Govt. of Rajasthan
  • 1999 – 2000 Chairman, Public Accounts Committee, Rajasthan Legislative Assembly
  • 1999 – 2000 Member, House Committee, Rajasthan Legislative Assembly
  • 24/08/2002 to 04/12/2003 Leader of the Opposition, Rajasthan Legislative Assembly
  • 08/01/2004 to 31/05/2004 Minister, PWD & Home, Govt. of Rajasthan
  • 31/05/2004 to 31/12/08 Minister, Home Deptt., Govt. of Rajasthan

Memberships of Legislature

  • 1977 – 1980 Member, 6th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly
  • 1980 – 1985 Member, 7th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly
  • 1989 – 1991 Member, 9th Lok Sabha
  • 1993 – 1998 Member, 10th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly
  • 1998 – 2003 Member, 11th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly
  • 2003 – 2008 Member, 12th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly
  • 2008 – Cont. Member, 13th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly

Party Posts Held

  • 1977 – 1980 Vice President & General Secretary, Janta Yuva Morcha
  • 1980 – 1985 Secretary, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Rajasthan
  • 1986 – 1993 General Secretary, BJP, Rajasthan
  • 27/05/1999 – 19/06/2000 President, BJP, Rajasthan

Udaipur Celebrated the birthday of Sagas Ji Bavji

Today Udaipur Celebrated the birthday of ‘Sagasji Bavji’ at Sarvaritu Vilas. A huge crowd consisting of approximately 2000 devotees were in present in the queue, just waiting for their chance for getting just a small glimpse of Bawji hukam. Everyone was eager to wish Happy Birthday to Baawji Hukam. The ‘Jhaanki’ was perfectly decorated, alongwith a Bhajan Evening, and ‘Prashad’ distribution for the devotees. There was also a huge idol of Lord Ganesha Attracting everyone. There is a great crowd and enthusiasm in devotees for Bhajan Evening as well as ‘Ratri Jaagran’.

Here are a few glimpses of the religious event:


Contributed by: Gaurav Bhattacharya


January 2011: Quick Flashback

Yeah it is indeed the 1st of Feb, lots of new plans for the upcoming month, for the near approaching exams, the season of marriages, Basant Panchmi, of course not to forget the Valentine’s Day, and lots more. After all, “khush hai zamaana aaj pehli taareekh hai

But not to forget the previous month, the beginner of the New Year, which filled the welcome of 2011 with many reasons of happiness and pride, as well as many mixed feelings for the entire Udaipur, and the Udaipies as well.l Lets have a quick flashback of the month we left behind yesterday.

Parties and celebrations were at their extreme. With many mixed feelings and memories of 2010, Udaipur welcomed 2011 with a great vigour. Also, the Year 2011 began with great news to rejoice. Rajasthan won the national level kick- boxing tournament held in Udaipur. Almost all of the Udaipur was excited to host a series of events to be held in the next few weeks of global repute.

  • It began with the hosting of the International Kites Festival 2011, in the first week of January.It was a three day festival which was held at the Maharana Bhupal Stadium (Gandhi Ground) from 5th to 7th Jan 2011. Every eye was on the sky, which was full with vivid colours and cultures from as many as 10 countries across the world, in Udaipur.

  • In the next few days after its completion, the entire Udaipur was engaged into the preparation for the 16th National Youth Festival 2011. Every roads, every nook and corner of the city was shining like a newly built palace.

  • Finally the day came. 12th of January and the entire India came into life at the opening ceremony of the 16th National Youth Festival in the Gandhi ground.There were many cultural events, competitions, evening shows, heart throbbing stunts by the Army, and lots more.There was a spectacular performance by the Indian Air Force and the Indian Army on the closing ceremony.

  • A remarkable news that can never be forgotten here is the struggle between life and death by Narayan Tomar, a worker at the Devas Tunnel Project who was struck at his workplace for many days. Every Udaipie prayed for him, and finally every prayer was heard. Narayan was successfully taken out of the tunnel by several hours of continuous rescue operation.
  • The Mohan Kumar Mangalam football tournament 2011 was held at Zawar Mines this year from 23rd to 31st January. This is a National Level football championship, held every year. Team Dehradun won over the Mumbai team in the finals after a very interesting match, and was the champion for the MKM 2011

  • Udaipur also hosted the Inter-University boxing championship, in both men’s and women’s categories.
  • We all remembered Ganhiji, his principles and all the sacrifices by freedom fighters, and despite of the cable TVs’ or the DTH installed in our homes, all switched on to the DoorDarshan on the 26th Jan, our 62nd Republic day, with a patriotic feeling in our minds, and to salute the Great Indian Flag. A huge crowd too gathered at the Gandhi ground, where the Flag was hoisted by renowned dignitaries.

This was beginning of 2011 only. For more Photographs on the above news, do visit our Facebook  fanpage. And there are lot more stuffs yet to enter Udaipur and our lives as well. That was all for the moment. Team UdaipurBlog will be back with more news and surprises in the upcoming times. Keep liking, sharing and supporting. 🙂


Birthday Regards to Sanjit Chohan : UdaipurBlog Founder


On 25, January 1993 the little internet maestro of Udaipur – Sanjit Chohan was born. With the modest knowledge and interest he started the internet search and brought a huge internet revolution in the City of Lakes-Udaipur.

He’s none other than then the founder of UdaipurBlog – Sanjit Chohan. Sanjit founded UdaipurBlog a year later at 17 which today is the number 1 blog site of Udaipur. Sanjit is also a designer (watch his design collections at Gfxlovers ), developer (as a co-developer of  WebUdaipur etc). Actually in my view he’s  a perfect example of an internet geek. Yeah, he’s a true internet nerd of Udaipur who at the age less than 18 developed more than 5 successful websites.

Sanjit presently is a student of class 12th at St. Anthony Senior Secondary School and  he wants to be an Engineer. He’s a bright student with 80+ % in 10th. I hope he’ll score his target 85+ % marks this year in 12th boards. My wishes are with you bro (Good Luck 😉 )

Sanjit Chohan

His interests here’s to the crazy one – Planning future development of websites in the peak exam times, social networking, drawing/designing, music, cricket, and hangouts with friends.

Sanjit  by nature also is a very kind, open, helping, funny and communicative person. He also knows the tips and tricks to manage a (going to be) company (as planning to make UdaipurBlog a company very soon). He also likes to connect and share with people. He strongly believes and follow revolutions, information flow, and minimalism.

Lastly I can just say, He invents. He sometimes has a bad temper. He heals. He creates. And he keeps inspiring. Or at least, he inspires me.

So on this 18th (adult/legal) birthday of your’s. I wish you a very Happy birthday on behalf of me , UB team and the whole of Udaipur. May God Bless you and fulfills all your dreams and desires. May you live long !!

All the best for the near approaching Exams and Life 🙂 Love u , take care and Enjoy 😉

Sorry  Sanjit and everyone as I became very late in sharing this post  due to some personal burden/ reason.

Once again a very Happy 18th birthday, <3 Sanjit <3

Note: You can wish him at 9929067498 and his Facebook and Twitter account.