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Why Udaipur, why?

ranbir smoking in udaipur

In the recent days I read in newspaper that the Bollywood’s hot celebrity Ranbir Kapoor had been found guilty for smoking at a public place. Also he had been captured by the young photographer of the UB team and the same photograph spread all around and was used by the other print media too. In continuation to the issue, a petition had been filed in the session court for executing the offence of smoking at a public place. The court had issued summon to Ranbir Kapoor which were acknowledged by the officials later from his residence at Mumbai.

Friends, my concern is not this particular case nor I am interested to dig deep into the matter or wish to know the further developments. Similarly I am not interested to enhance your knowledge about what Ranbir did when he visited Udaipur for the shooting of a film. My concern is why such small thing catches the eye of public when the act is taken by a celebrity.

It is not only with Ranbir, it has happened several times in the past. Whenever a celebrity commits such small offence they face an un-necessary court case, which has no use at all except creating hype for the celebrity and putting a light on the person who actually filed the petition.

Now, taking a round corner, the celebrity must avoid doing such things at public place. There is a reason behind this. A celebrity becomes a role model for many of his fans and when his fans see him in front of them doing such activities; they adopt it quickly. They must understand and accept this fact that they are wrong at such points. I am not at all supporting a celebrity or encouraging anyone to do something wrong and which is actually an offence. A celebrity is also human and he might also go wrong.

Coming back to the point and let me put some more light on the topic. Have you ever wondered how many court cases are lying pending in the court as of date? How many new cases are filed in Session Court, High Court or the Supreme Court every day?  How long does it take for a court case to come to an end except those which falls under Fast Track Court? Yes, at this point many of us are speechless. By filing an un-necessary petition in the court we are just increasing the burden on our law system. Think there would be many such cases which would be filed every day. Thus a precious span of time is been invested to take decisions on such issues.  Think again, if I am not wrong. Why the case is filed against a celebrity only? If law & order are equal according to the constitution of India then I definitely would like to ask you, why petition is not filed against everyone who

  • Do not obey the traffic rules.
  • Drive ruthlessly and put other’s life in danger.
  • Are involved in eve-teasing at public places.
  • Even don’t dare to smoke at public places like Court and Hospital.
  • Spend their evening at Fateh Sagar to make their day and after enjoying their food they dump the garbage in the lake. Even when the dustbin is a few steps away from them.
  • Irritate the foreign tourists by misguiding them for their personal profits.

Why so? Tell me. Why there isn’t someone who could file petition against all such group of people who are polluting the system everyday in front of our eyes; and of course they are in thousands. Yes, it is true that when the problem comes on our head we simply tend to ignore rather than accepting it. When the same is committed by a celebrity, it surely reaches to the court. Let’s be ourselves, be genuine, be careful, be helping to the society, be honest and after all be human. So that no one could dare to raise a finger on the citizens of Udaipur and ask us: Why Udaipur, why?

Happy Weekend!!


‘Chor’ In The City

shoplifting -

The retail industry is one of the biggest and fastest moving industries of the Indian economy. It is been evident from the developments that have been made in past decade. A series of chain retail stores have been established across the country. Big brands like Reliance Fresh, More, Big Baazar and Easy Day etc. are the few examples, which prove the growth of the retail sector in India.

Apart from this fact of fast growing movement; there also exist a challenging threat for the retail outlets which is weakening its strength from the roots like a termite. The threat is well endorsed as Shoplifting and few related terms are Pilferage or Shrinkage. The threat is not affecting only India rather it is an addressable issue across the globe.  According to the recent studies the rate of shrinkage has been noticed highest in India.

Not only customers but there are other factors which contribute to shrinkage and pilferage. There are internal causes such as theft by employees, internal losses, breakage and shortage etc. But the loss incurred by the external factors such as shoplifting contributes to a higher extent.

If we try to find out that who executes or actively involved in the act of shoplifting; there comes out to be interesting results. Yes, both amateurs and expert professional & skilled people are executing the act. Some just do it to satisfy their urge to do it. For a segment money might not be the major cause to do. May be they have developed a habit of doing so. Well, at the end for rest of them ‘money matters’.

The products which attract shoplifters the most are (a) having a higher price tag (b) small enough to hide in their pocket. These are the few items which are always on the verge to be picked very quickly like deos, sprays, cosmetics, perfumes, chocolates, electronic gadgets and liquor etc.

Shoplifting has emerged as a major threat for the retail industry which has led to shrink the size of the retail business. Even big brands are suffering huge loss and of course the level has risen to the neck.

To overcome the mega loss the companies are investing more capital towards installing security measures and surveillance systems. Different modes of implementing security cover CCTV camera, Security Guards, RFID and bouncers. Indeed after tightening the grip of security at the places the so called ‘chor’ is still wandering in the city. May you find him next to you, executing his magical hands while you are checking this post on your tablet during shopping in a mall. Chow!


Canine of 9

Step into any shopping mall; choose any store; a shoe shop, a readymade garment outlet or any food joint. At most of the places you would find inspiring price tags like 49/-, 99/-, 199/- or 499/- etc. Means price ending with a digit 9.

There are two perspectives of the price tag that is ending with digit 9. Take an example of an item priced at Rs. 99/-. The first benefit, in terms of the consumer, that the selling price appears attractive and defined in only two digits. And it also suits his pocket. The customer is also happy as the item is within reach of a Rs 100/- note.

Second benefit, to the seller, as he actually sells it at Rs 100/- most of the time. Reasons could vary from time to time. A few could be:

  • He may not have a change of Re 1/-
  • Customer ignores taking back the change.
  • In lieu of Re 1/- many outlets including the big brands hand over a candy instead of a Re 1/- coin.

The customer also feels satisfied as he has got the value of his Re 1/-. Now think, if we buy a Re 1/- candy in bulk would it cost @ Re 1/-. No, absolutely not, it would be cheaper rather. Ultimately who is bearing the loss; it is only the end user, the customer.

Hold on for a moment and do a simple calculation. Let’s take an example of an outlet selling 50 such items a day for which balance Re 1/- is not returned:

Extra amount collected by the outlet

Per Day (50 x 1)               :                 Rs 50/-

Per Month (50 x 30)       :                 Rs 1,500/-

Per Year (1500 x 12)        :                 Rs 18,000/-

If this is a story of a single outlet then imagine the amount collected by several thousand outlets being operated in the country. This huge sum straight away turns into black money. This is a mere estimation and not the actual figure. They may be different, may be less or more.

Now let us hear the plea from the perspective of a business owner. Is he doing all this deliberately to earn profit out of the way? Many shopkeepers and outlet owners face problem getting adequate change from the market. They state that there always remains shortage of coins hence they are not able to return proper change to the customer.

Those who are providing change to the customers are buying coins in black from the market. According to a general survey people are selling coins at a margin of 20% to 25%. In other words you need to pay Rs 120/- to buy coins of Rs 100/-. This is absolutely illegal. I think one day our stock market and banks would get bound to enlist the buying and selling rates from INR to INR. 😛

This simple Re 1/- issue is expanding its jaws wider and wider and its canines are getting longer day by day. There is only one way to get rid of this problem if the practice of returning a product instead of currency should be banned and declared illegal. A ban should also be imposed on commission agents who are involved in buying and selling coins. Strict action should be taken against them if found guilty of the same. Governing bodies and RBI should ensure that coins of different denominations are issued to banks regularly so anyone can obtain it as required. Next time when you visit any outlet think for while buying a product having a price tag ending with digit 9.

Have a Happy Shopping.


Ashwini Bagga

(Writer & Guitarist)

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Fret Beats at a glance

Started its journey way back in 2007 from Pink City – Jaipur, the heart of Rajasthan, Fret Beats came up in Udaipur in year 2011 after its founder shifted to this peaceful city. To do something new in the new city they choose this beautiful world and started his guitar institute here at Udaipur.

The institute is situated at 3-C, Mahaveer Colony, Ashok Nagar Main Road, Near The Loot Showroom, Udaipur. At Fret Beats – School of Guitar we take care of your education and performance. Fret Beats is on the pathway to be the leader in the guitar training and artistic practice. It is the first guitar training school in Udaipur that has identity in the e-world.

Why Fret Beats

Getting trained at Fret Beats inspires you to excel in playing guitar and gaining necessary skills to be a guitarist. Our courses are designed to enable you to be an outstanding performer. We have devised courses from 45 days to 6 months of duration.

About The Instructor

Mr. Ashwini Bagga


Mr. Ashwini Bagga, the founder of Fret Beats, has got his guitar training from Shri Ashok Mukherjee who is a renowned personality in the field of music in Jaipur.
Guitar is his other life. He developed an everlasting relationship with this instrument. His interest developed in guitar when he was in college and today he is in front of you.

Apart from a guitartis Mr. Bagga is a poet from heart and he continuously keep writing poems, ghazals, articles etc and many of them have already published in leading newspapers and periodicals.

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Success is a journey, not a destination. Revolving round the philosophy, you as a part of the family can create an ever-lasting success story with us. Come and inhale the spectacular blend of  music into your nerves. Citizenship is open for the Village Music called as Fret Beats. So, get your ticket to ride on to the Rhythm Express and gear up yourself for a musical roller coaster.

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