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Maharana Pratap’s last capital – Chavand

Chavand, Rajasthan is a place that holds a significant position in the lives of every citizen of Mewar. It was the last capital of Mewar in the reign of Maharana Pratap but that’s not just it. Along with being the third and last capital of Mewar in the legendary Maharana Pratap’s reign, it was also the place where he took his last breath.

It is the same place where during one of his hunting expedition, Maharana Pratap took out his bow and pulled its cord with a great strength. As a result, one of his intestines got strained. Pratap tried to struggle with the pain during his treatment in Chavand but it was so much that he couldn’t bear it anymore and at the age of 57, he passed away on January 29, 1597. It is said that when Akbar (his then enemy) heard the news of Pratap’s death, he shed tears of sorrow.

Maharana Pratap’s last capital - Chavand
Picture by: Pushkar Sharma

Chavand is a historical place located in Sarada tehsil at a distance of approx. 45 km from Udaipur. The story of Chawand is dated back in the year 1585 CE. Maharana Pratap retired in the hills of Aravali after the battle of Haldighati in order to continue his venture to defeat the ferocious Mughals and strengthen his army. During his time there, he captured the area of Chavand from the Rathores. He then established his new capital in Chavand in 1585 CE.

It is believed that Pratap built somewhere around 16 hideouts to protect and camouflage his army from the enemies in the radius of 10 km in Chavand which included the armory, secret palaces, temples, and buildings for his soldiers and Bhils (who were the part of his army back then).

Maharana Pratap’s last capital - Chavand
Picture by: Tanuj Rawal

Chavand in the present

With time, Chavand has grown beautifully and constructed in such a way that it attracts a lot of people from the cities nearby. One reason for that is even after such a long time, the history and the story of the legends who used to live there once upon a time are alive. People at any point in time coming from different parts of the country can feel the walls and sight of the place. There are different elements that capture the eyes of the tourists and remains the center of attraction of the place.

From the several temples Maharana Pratap built during his time in Chavand, one temple was Chamunda Devi temple. The temple still exists in the village in a perfect condition and Chamunda Devi is worshipped as a local deity by the people residing in the village.

Near Chavand, there is a natural Lake named Lake Khejad in the mid of which a beautiful Cenotaph was made by Maharana Bhupal Singh to commemorate the legend of Mewar, Maharana Pratap. It is now under the control of Rajasthan tourism. The site of the Cenotaph provides basic facts and the history of Mewar and its rulers. The board outside the cenotaph displays names of all the rulers who played a substantial role in the battle of Haldighati and accompanied Maharana Pratap in fighting against powerful Mughal forces.

Maharana Pratap’s last capital - Chavand
Picture by: Gaurav Soni

At a distance of 2 km towards Chavand from Lake Khejad, you will reach an ancient Chavand palace on the top of the hill. Although, the palace is now in ruins when it was at its best it was a three storied building. The ruin of the palace overlooks the entire town of Chavand.

Maharana Pratap’s last capital - Chavand
Picture by: Pushkar Sharma

Apart from that, there is a memorial of Maharana Pratap in Chavand where a statue of him stands at the top and below are the statues of his associates namely Bhilu Rana, Rana Punja, Hakim Khan Sur, Jala Man and Daanveer Bhamashah. The monument and the entire place is the pilgrimage for all the people from Mewar and the people who admire the great Maharana Pratap. There is a lot to learn from the journey of Pratap. That no matter how great or powerful your enemy is, you should bravely face all the struggles and problems of your life.

Maharana Pratap’s last capital - Chavand

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