Herbal Garden to be built in Gulab Bagh, and other important updates

The cultural committee of Municipal Corporation, Udaipur decided on Thursday that a herbal garden will be built in Gulab Bagh. Medicinal plants from around the world will be planted in this garden which will be developed after consulting the experts. The committee meeting was led by Mayor Govind Singh Tank, Deputy Mayor Paras Singhvi, and Chairman Mahesh Trivedi.

The committee decided that on all the national festivals viz. Republic Day (celebrated on 26th January) and Independence Day (celebrated on 15th August), tricolor flag will be hoisted in parks of Udaipur, including Gulab Bagh, as these parks are an indigenous part of the city.

Another important decision given by the cultural committee was that all the dividers of the city will be decorated by planting beautiful and colorful flowers. This was decided because it was regularly seen that dividers are used by people to dry their clothes on the roadside

By Harshna Lalwani

17 Year-old madness interning at UdaipurBlog as Creative Content Writer. From finding solace in words to pursing it, 'themadsoul' has come a long way. Relishes Momos, Writing, Travelling and Clicking Self-Portraits.

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