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Definitely – Venice of the East

Udaipur – the city of  lakes and the Venice of the East is definitely a feast to the eyes,especially after the monsoons . That is the time when it looks lush green and the glossy greenery adds up to the beauty . It is one of the most sought after destinations both for the domestic and the foreign tourists. This year we had a good share of rains and the lakes got filled to the brim . The onlookers were filled with pleasure .  After sunset, the rippling water with the moving reflections of the lights was a scene worth watching and one could go on gazing and inhaling the beauty for hours on end. The drive around Fatehsagar lake is awesome and Pichola lake is equally mesmirising.
A chunk of the Aravalli hills is in Udaipur and this is an add on to the charm of this small homely city. The sudden rise and fall of hills takes one by surprise at times.But ofcourse the surprise is a pleasant one.In no time one gets used to the place and one can move around without any hassles.
It has numerous gorgeous hotels which were originally palaces. The echo of the gallant and chivalrous tales of the Maharajas who once trod on this soil  greet our ears even today. The charisma of these palaces is breath-taking . The visitors are stunned and what they see with their own eyes becomes incredible. Its a city which one must have on one’s holiday list. If you have not made it to this place so far, then what are you waiting for ? Just book a ticket and be there and have the lovely experience.

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Dear Sir,
Pleased & feel proud to our city as Venice of the East.I am having request you to please highlight the boat riding in Fatehsagr & Picchola lake.

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