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[Udaipur Speaks] Anger arouses in Sector 5 Gayatri Nagar

This week in Udaipur Speaks column, the residents of Gayatri Nagar, Sector 5 share their problem and pain. Problem prevails on the issue of drainage and water pipeline service disturbance. The drainage system of Sec .5 Gayatri nagar has been constructed in the year 2007. And it was in a good condition. In views of the residents, the people of Gayatri Nagar did not have any trouble with the drainage system.

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In a conversation with the residents, they informed that last Sunday, i-e 19th of May 2013 the drainage system had been demolished by a contractor including the House Ramps and drinking water supply pipes for re-construction of the drainage system , which was not needed at all. The construction isn’t in even its minimal pace yet, and now they are not getting any drinking water from more than a week, and also are not able to take their vehicles on the road as the Ramps & water pipes are broken. Not only an issue for vehicles, this is causing too much inconvenience for the elderly people, as well as posing threat to kids of the colony.

Gayatri nagar speaks

It was also promised to us that a new water pipe line will be replaced by the old one as the latter is covered by the new drainage system under construction, which is also not fulfilled. Its very risky especially for kids and Aged persons to move over from the broken drainage system as the contractor has put weak temporary ramps over it.“, added another resident of the colony.

 Gayatri nagar speaks

The situation is really bad, and we just hope for an immediate action on it. People from other parts of the city can also share their problems, views and more they would like to share with the city under this column.

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