Udaipur Railway Station to have Video Surveillance System

In an effort to improve the overall security of the passengers travelling in the trains, the Railway Department has decided to install smart cameras on its premises.

40 HD cameras to be installed on all the 5 platforms along with other major locations at the city railway station by the end of March this year. The department has planned to install a total number of 60 cameras.

As of now, there are just 2 cameras installed at the station which are almost 10 years old.

In phase-I that is targeted for this year, North Western Railway has recently commissioned Video Surveillance system (CCTV) at 1 thousand stations including Udaipur City Railway Station coming under Ajmer Division. The total budget approved for the project is Rs. 250 crores.

Being a major tourist destination, Udaipur City Railway Station requires a robust security system at all the public transport locations.

These cameras will be monitored by the security personnel can monitor from the control room located at the station and also from Central Security Control Rooms located at Divisional HQ in Ajmer.

This new Video Surveillance System is will ensure better security of passengers at all the railway stations and railway properties.

By Neha Tare

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