Udaipur celebrates Independence Day by Feeding 18000 Underprivileged

Robinhood Army - Udaipur

Although we achieved freedom 70 years back but still the nation is captured by some of the most depressing elements like Communalism, Extremism, Reservation, Unemployment and Poverty.

Still there is a hope from the Young Generation of India like the volunteers of Robin Hood Army’s Udaipur Chapter who contributed in the Cross Border #Mission1Million to feed the underprivileged mass.

With the help and support of local citizens, restaurant owners and other organizations, the team of 50 people known as “Robins” served more than 18000 underprivileged people of Udaipur from 14th to 15th August.

According to Chahat Arora, team leader of Robin Hood Army Udaipur Chapter, we served 18,559 people during two days.

Without getting communally, politically, religiously or personally motivated the selfless mission of feeding the underprivileged where people from every caste, colour, creed and differences came forward, joined hands and worked together. This is True Patriotism, True Humanity.

Robinhood Army - Udaipur

Robin Hood Army’s #MISSION1MILLION concluded after two days (14th – 15th Aug) of hard work, contribution, distribution, coordination and enthusiasm.

With the help of tens of individuals, organizations, corporate, NGOs all over Udaipur, the Robin Hood served food to 18,559 underprivileged people.

Restaurants like The Yellow Chilli, Shree Vilas Orchid, Shakes and Bites , Biryanified , Ranaji , Hotel Chawla’s 2 , Mathara, Hotel Lakend , Café Mansi , Yoshu Café , Hotel Virju Villa, The Lalit Laxmi Vilas, Field Club, Mic n Munch etc provided with food to Robin Hood Army .

50 volunteers were divided in 6 different teams and reached to every nook and corner of Udaipur city from Sectors to Bedla. To children and elder, we fed to every underprivileged people we came across, says Chahat.

Robinhood Army - Udaipur

By Zaheer Abbas

He is the Founder of HyperLocal News Site of Udaipur - UdaipurTimes

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