Temple established without permission ordered to remove

The Controversial Sai Baba Temple
The Controversial Sai Baba Temple

The Devasthan Department has objected the establishment of the Sai Baba Temple and the business activities at the Barahthji ka chabootra behind Jagdish Chowk. The deptt. declared that Barahthji ka chabootra opposite to the girls school on Jagdish Chowk to Chandpole way is a sole property of the deptt. Three years before, a committee established a shrine of Sai Baba at the place. Since then, there have been many religious meetings at the place, as well has many business activities have also risen up from past few months. The deptt. has issued a notice recently and appealed to stop all such activities with immediate effect, failing which, there will be strict action taken by the deptt.

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