Prithvi’s Verbolabs Languages is all set to conquer the Localisation Industry

With the advent of startup and entrepreneurial culture, the doors for opportunities are now wide open. The startup culture has led to the accessibility of many new things in our very own home towns too.

Started in the year 2017 by the visionary entrepreneur Prithvi Jain, the VerboLabs Languages is an Udaipur based translation and dubbing services provider company. The enterprise has expanded and developed gracefully in these years and now Prithvi’s VerboLabs Languages is all set to conquer the Localisation Industry.

Here’s More About VerboLabs

Started in 2017, VerboLabs Languages is a translation and dubbing services provider based in Bangalore and Udaipur. Well, the startup started as a small entity with a single person but now is successfully running with more than 35 full-time employees, 20+ contractors, over 1200+ translators and 500+ dubbing artists. This proud bunch is working vigorously in the direction of success and to achieve that, it specializes in assisting with the customized business model that ensures language service providers and clients receive prompt responses. 

Exploring new realms of entrepreneurial grounds, Prithvi has made a company from very bottom that possesses expertise in translation, localization, editing, proofreading, transcription, DTP, language technology, and quality assurance. In their genre, VerboLabs has served over 200 brands from various major industries such as technology, marketing, legal, finance, etc. and is working with the global leaders of the localization industry and has recognized itself among the top 10 Language service providers in India with an established portfolio of clients like The Viral Fever (TVF), Shemaroo, Yulu Bikes, Network 18 (Reliance), Muthoot Fincorp, Little Angel (Kids Youtube channel), OML (manages all the stand-up shows/artists), Docubay, Epic TV and many more.

With the growing number of achievements each day, VerboLabs has translated over 50 million words and 3000+ hours of video and audio content. VerboLabs provides localization services in 60+ languages which includes all the Indian languages, major Asian languages, European and African languages.

About Prithvi Jain

Prithvi Jain was a student at MNIT when she started her entrepreneurial journey in 2012. At the start of her career, she worked as an interpreter in the language industry. During this time, she saw a big blank canvas of opportunities in the localization industry and further, she decided to capitalize on it. She created VerboLabs Languages, a translation and dubbing services provider to facilitate the spread of industry in her hometown with the aim to embark upon the localization industry. It’s tough to play all these roles of an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother and most importantly a strong woman, but Prithvi is efficiently carrying all these roles along.

Prithvi jain is soon going to represent India at the Dubai expo as a part of the Indian delegation under start-up India initiative of the Government of India’s Department for promotion of Industry and Internal trade. It was a moment of pride when a founder from a small town got selected to represent our country worldwide.

Recently VerboLabs was awarded the Best Company in the services category among the small enterprises during the Udaipur Chamber of Commerce (UCCI) Excellence Award held on 4th December 2021 & pinned another success in their marvelous journey. VerboLabs has grown 15 times in the last 4 years & is expanding its pool of services.

VerboLabs Languages always believes in promoting the startup culture and providing opportunities in multiple domains. With a kick start beginning and with an aim to reduce language barriers, the organization looks forward to explore & grow as a team & as an enterprise.


Udaipur’s Girl Prithvi Is Making Us Proud

This girl from Udaipur is making it big as an entrepreneur! Curious? Read further to know what she does and how she is making it a success.

Prithvi Jain, a Chemical Engineer from MNIT is the young and promising entrepreneur from Udaipur. She was a part of the Entrepreneurship Cell during her college and worked as a Student Exchange Manager at AIESEC. After working with AIESEC, she realized that by having her own company, even a small success can make her very happy. This was the turning point of her life!

Doing something for the people had always been the prime motive for Prithvi and that is how she focused on her goal. Let us know about her startup- VerboLabs – what all it does and how it works.

 “VerboLabs Languages

The basic idea behind developing VerboLabs is to connect people from different parts of the world by breaking the language barrier. For instance, you want to watch a cookery show, but it is in French and so you cannot understand it. This is a problem for the viewer as well as the show creator that they are unable to reach a wider audience. VerboLabs breaks these boundaries by helping the content creators through subtitles and dubbing in different languages. This eight months old startup has already partnered with a lot of big media houses and e-learning companies from all over the world and is providing services to them.

Prithvi Jain

Upon asking about the hurdles she faced, Prithvi told us, “The biggest hindrance to my business is the time difference. We work with clients and employees based in different countries and so, the time zone is something that we need to manage. We have to be available 24*7 to cater to the needs of different clients. Sometimes I feel sleep deprived as I have calls with the clients at 4am also. But, it is okay. You have to leave something to achieve something!”

Her motivation has always been her motto; which is working with determination, having a high learning spirit and delivering quality work at the designated time.

The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you are your own boss. You get to work in your own environment. Entrepreneurship is booming all over the globe and people in India are starting to have their own ideas turn into a business.

Prithvi’s advice for the budding entrepreneurs

Giving an advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, she says, “The most important thing that I have learned is not to be dependent on one resource. You should always have a back-up. In a business, you have to be very careful about the image you build. Your work and attitude should reflect that your client is really important for you.”

Women have always been great leaders; our girl Prithvi also aspires to become one among the leading ladies.

In the words of a great Greek Writer Nikos Kazantzakis – ‘In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can’. This certainly holds true for every aspiring entrepreneur.

Prithvi is living up to her dream, and with this note, we wish her the best of luck for the future!