Udaipur’s new SP – Kunwar Rashtradeep

Rajendra Prasad Goyal, current SP of Udaipur, has been replaced by the new Superintendent of Police, Kunwar Rashtradeep. The orders were released late last night by the State Government.

Before the forthcoming assembly elections, transfer orders of 75 officers across the state were released by the Rajasthan Government. After which, Kunwar Rashtradeep has been appointed as the new Superintendent of Police, Udaipur. Rajendra Prasad Goyal, the current SP of Udaipur, is transferred as the SP, Crime Branch in Jaipur.

Before this, Kunwar Rashtradeep was serving as the DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) in Jaipur. In the advisory of the election commission, it has been mentioned that people who have spent a long time at one location should be transferred. IPS officers’ posting of batch 201 was also awaiting, hence the move was mandatory. In the same concern, Rajendra Prasad Goyal has been serving as the SP of Udaipur for 3 years now.