Udaipur Nagar Nigam Starts Encroachment Removal Campaign

Udaipur Nagar Nigam has started a drive to remove all the temporary encroachments that are narrowing the roads of the city. The municipal corporation of Udaipur has started this campaign to widen the streets of the city which are causing trouble to the commuters.

The special thing about this campaign is that it is not pre-scheduled. The Municipal Corporation team is reaching the market every day without giving any prior notice. This will not allow the businessmen and shopkeepers to remove the encroachment at the time of action and put it back once the Municipal Corporation team is gone.

According to the Mayor of Udaipur, G S Tank, the corporation will take this action in all the major markets of the city and it will continue doing it till the businessmen and shopkeepers get into the habit of keeping the roads encroachment free.

So far, action has been taken from Surajpol to Mukherjee Chowk.