This Bank in Udaipur Serves Sanitary Pad instead of Money

Till now, you might have heard of many banks which serve money, blood or books. But here in a small village of Udaipur district named Dodavali, a unique bank is going to have opened. This bank is a ‘Pad bank’ which will be entirely dedicated to women.

This bank is meant to serve sanitary pads used by women during menstruation, absolutely free of cost. Usually the person who runs a bank and is the head of the same is highly educated and even the employees should be educated but in this case, it is quite opposite. The head of the ‘pad bank’ is an illiterate who belongs to the tribal family.

But her education is not going to stop her from proceeding. The tribal woman will spread awareness in the entire village amongst the women residing there.

The bank was started with the worship of goddess Saraswati in a school of ‘Nichli Gavaadi’. The director of the bank, Walki, said that the Bank will work for raising awareness of using sanitary pads amongst the tribal women. Women in the bank will also work and sell sanitary pads so that they can earn some money as well.

‘The bank was initiated jointly by Taleem welfare social development organization and Nightingale care from Nathdwara’ said Hemant Joshi from Krishna Adivasi Seva Sansthan. The initiation was held to spread awareness for health and hygiene amongst the tribal women. These women were explained with the benefits of using sanitary pads

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