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Why Udaipur, why?

ranbir smoking in udaipur

In the recent days I read in newspaper that the Bollywood’s hot celebrity Ranbir Kapoor had been found guilty for smoking at a public place. Also he had been captured by the young photographer of the UB team and the same photograph spread all around and was used by the other print media too. In continuation to the issue, a petition had been filed in the session court for executing the offence of smoking at a public place. The court had issued summon to Ranbir Kapoor which were acknowledged by the officials later from his residence at Mumbai.

Friends, my concern is not this particular case nor I am interested to dig deep into the matter or wish to know the further developments. Similarly I am not interested to enhance your knowledge about what Ranbir did when he visited Udaipur for the shooting of a film. My concern is why such small thing catches the eye of public when the act is taken by a celebrity.

It is not only with Ranbir, it has happened several times in the past. Whenever a celebrity commits such small offence they face an un-necessary court case, which has no use at all except creating hype for the celebrity and putting a light on the person who actually filed the petition.

Now, taking a round corner, the celebrity must avoid doing such things at public place. There is a reason behind this. A celebrity becomes a role model for many of his fans and when his fans see him in front of them doing such activities; they adopt it quickly. They must understand and accept this fact that they are wrong at such points. I am not at all supporting a celebrity or encouraging anyone to do something wrong and which is actually an offence. A celebrity is also human and he might also go wrong.

Coming back to the point and let me put some more light on the topic. Have you ever wondered how many court cases are lying pending in the court as of date? How many new cases are filed in Session Court, High Court or the Supreme Court every day?  How long does it take for a court case to come to an end except those which falls under Fast Track Court? Yes, at this point many of us are speechless. By filing an un-necessary petition in the court we are just increasing the burden on our law system. Think there would be many such cases which would be filed every day. Thus a precious span of time is been invested to take decisions on such issues.  Think again, if I am not wrong. Why the case is filed against a celebrity only? If law & order are equal according to the constitution of India then I definitely would like to ask you, why petition is not filed against everyone who

  • Do not obey the traffic rules.
  • Drive ruthlessly and put other’s life in danger.
  • Are involved in eve-teasing at public places.
  • Even don’t dare to smoke at public places like Court and Hospital.
  • Spend their evening at Fateh Sagar to make their day and after enjoying their food they dump the garbage in the lake. Even when the dustbin is a few steps away from them.
  • Irritate the foreign tourists by misguiding them for their personal profits.

Why so? Tell me. Why there isn’t someone who could file petition against all such group of people who are polluting the system everyday in front of our eyes; and of course they are in thousands. Yes, it is true that when the problem comes on our head we simply tend to ignore rather than accepting it. When the same is committed by a celebrity, it surely reaches to the court. Let’s be ourselves, be genuine, be careful, be helping to the society, be honest and after all be human. So that no one could dare to raise a finger on the citizens of Udaipur and ask us: Why Udaipur, why?

Happy Weekend!!


Sunny Leone in Udaipur

The rumours has it that Bigg Boss fame Sunny Leone will be in Udaipur on 4 May, 2012. She will be staying in Udaipur for around 5 days. According to the sources she will be here for shooting of a Television Commercial. While some sources say that she will be in Udaipur for shooting of her upcoming movie Jism 2 which will be directed by Pooja Bhatt. Adding to her news, she also confirmed her Indian Citizenship yesterday. Anyways the sources also adds that might celebrate her birthday in Udaipur on 13 May, 2012.

Moreover recently we confirmed that Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone will also be coming to Udaipur in this last week of April or the First week of May for shooting their upcoming movie – ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’.

Remember Musician Kailash Kher had also announced that he will be shooting his next album – ‘Rangeele’ in Udaipur. He is supposed to be here in Udaipur in month of July or August. We have also heard that Salman Khan and Aamir Khan to shoot for some Ad Commercials soon. 🙂

If feels so great that our beautiful City of Lakes is attracting tourists around the World as well as the Bollywood and Film Industry. Udaipur is now becoming the center of Attraction. All we can contribute is to keep promoting our City and by keeping our City Beautiful. 🙂


sunny leone in Udaipur