Rakhi – The Thread of love

Rakhi Wishes

Finally, the festive season has begun and after the monsoon greenery, its time to see the festive colors all around. The market is lad in colors and is ready to welcome you with every possible thing which makes your festival a complete one.

India is considered rich in culture not only because we have so many festivals marked in our calendar, but because here every relation is a festival in itself. It s not about celebrating these festivals but it is about thanking God for each and every relationship He’s bestowed us with.

The forthcoming and the most awaited festival RAKHI is on its way to start with the spat of Indian festivals. It is considered as one of the most beautiful relationship in this world- a relationship of a brother and a sister. The endless small fights and the never ending love between a brother and a sister makes it pure as an elixir. You find a care of a father, a scolding of a mother and an advice of a friend in this relationship.

Thanks to UB that I got a chance to write something on this heavenly festival which means more then a world to me.

This RAKHI is very special to me as after this my bro will not be with me for the next four years. Bro no matter how much the distance between us, but I know you’ll be there with me as always whenever I’ll need you. I’ll miss you a lot and this was the best possible way I could express my love for you. It is an unconditional bond of love. The essence it carries and the aroma it creates is like a meditation to the soul. No matter what happens, no matter how badly you get into trouble, you know that your bro or sis will be always there to stand by you. You can share all your secrets with them , of course, with a little tension that they might come out of their mouth if you happen to fight with them but still with a trust that they won’t let it out.

Cheers to such a crazy, funny and a lovely relationship of a bro and a sis. I feel blessed to be a part of it. Thank you God and thanks mum and dad for this precious and ever-lasting gift. I still remember how badly I used to crave for it above all my dolls n toys.
A very Happy Rakshabandhan to all the Udaipies.

Enjoy and have fun and a special note for every sis- Don’t leave your brother without the gifts. 🙂

A Post By – Ipra Jain