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Diesel and LPG Price Hike: India Smashed!

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Again a new propaganda!!!! A country piled upto the brim with corrupt and felon ministers, conjures another economic problem aka social problem, affecting common people the most. Absolute power corrupts absolutely; this is yet again displayed by none other than our own Government & Politicians.

To device a new controversy, in order to cover the older ugly scams of “The Ministers” of India, has become a new way by the government to save themselves from the rage of the people “The Common 1’s”. (Coalgate scam)

The latest addition to the collection of bottlenecks, comes with a bash: PRICE HIKE IN DIESEL & LPG

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A pure and smart strategy plotted by the Indian government on how to convert a prioritized issue (Coalgate scam) into a secondary one or even to a vanishing one, diverting it towards oblivion and forgetfulness.

Well, for sure it wouldn’t have had struck anyone that a big bang like the above would shock the whole country with its flash, diluting the other important attention seeking topics at hand. An exponential increase in the diesel price by 12% (or 5 rupees) along with a topping of 6 subsidized LPG cylinders per annum is of course a big deal. The biggest part is that these increments in the mentioned fuels will affect only and only the hoi polloi.

Diesel basically is used in industrial and agriculture purposes whereas LPG is used for household purpose. Increase in price of kerosene and cooking gas directly raise the price of meal and light to the citizens resulting in more problems for the society already grappling with price rise and poverty. Hence any increase in diesel price has a very big impact on the poorest section.

Due to the hike in diesel rates, first of all the transportation charges will take a hike, subsequently resulting in cost rise of almost all the commodities including the packaged and the non-packaged products. Secondly it increases the cost of production for farmers as this fuel is used in almost all the agricultural activities. Additionally, public transportation would also grow costlier. The entire process will add to the ever rising inflation within the country, further decreasing the value of Rupee in the International Currency Market, which would in turn boggle the economy of India for sure, resulting into an endless cycle of miseries.

Coming to the next section; 6 subsidized LPG cylinders a year!!!! How is each and every family supposed to spend a whole year with only 6 subsidized cylinders, except for dieting plans? Food is a basic necessity, which would go for a toss by this decision. Only 6 cylinders mean invitation for more nuclear families. A country with true morals and a prosperous culture is being forced to quit its morals merely for a cylinder! Is it justifying? Cooking gas price rise also hampers Government’s plan to promote the use of clean fuels for cooking in rural areas since people would not prefer costly cooking gas to other cheaper domestic alternatives (i.e. woods and uplas).

After all these changes in the diesel and LPG prices how can an Indian citizen sit quietly?

In this era of ever-growing population and technology, demand for every commodity has enhanced simultaneously. From these commodities also some day to day ones place a very important role in the society. These daily based items are of so much importance that any change in them affects human needs adversely.

Government quotes it was a risky act to raise the prices so as to cut down the problem of fiscal deficit. They also mentioned 6 no. per annum will save subsidy on one-third of the total LPG cylinders consumed, while the other two-third will still be supplied at subsidized rate. Also it will prevent misuse of the cylinders to a large extent. It will reduce the under-recovery on LPG by about Rs 5,300 crore for the remaining part of the financial year. Yet, the total under-recovery on LPG during 2012-13 is estimated to be above Rs 32,000 crore.

Well, a falling tree always tries to save its branches. Our government is trying to do the same.

The matter of fact is that every citizen should be well prepared for such adversities, to overcome them. As from this point forth, nothing will reduce but instead grow in the form of a devil.  As it is said “Karma karte jao par fal ki iccha na karo”.

For now, the sigh of relief is the news of change in the number of subsidized cylinders from a six to a ten. And the ravishing news is reduction in the prices of cars in compensation to the diesel hike (if it is 😛 ).


Article By: Shuchi Mehta


OMG..!! Again a petrol price hike of Rs. 7.50

It’s the largest price hike ever seen – Rs 7.50…!! This makes the petrol prices to raise from around 69 per Rs/Ltr to 76 per Rs/Ltr. Oil companies announced a price hike of Rs 6.28, excluding the taxes, adding to the burning heat of May; new price will be executed from midnight. Adding to the misery is the possibility of a hike in the prices of even Diesel and LPG.

This led out an air of protest and disapproval among common people and the parties in opposition. BJP criticized this price hike by stating it as unreasonable ferocity on the pockets of common man which will further add to the inflationary pressure. Mamta Bannerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, also expressed her grief against it but at the same time supported it.

Government blames the falling Rupee against Dollar as the culprit behind this rise. On Wednesday, Rupee crashes to Rs.56 per dollar compared to Rs.55.39 on Tuesday. Oil Companies called this hike as inevitable as they have to cope up with the losses that have come with this Rupee fall.

I really wonder why government can’t raise all taxes from petroleum products like the Goa Government, where petrol prices (before this hike) were approx Rs 59, lowest in the whole country. This would serve as splashes of water on the burning pockets of people. But by the time God bestows this solution upon the Government, we ourselves have to cope with this agony. Start using public transport for long distances. Start walking short distances which will be good for both your health and your pockets. 🙂

Here are some pictures of the petrol pumps of Udaipur where people are rushing after price hike announcement.


Photos by : Mujtaba R.G.


Who cares – How Many slept Hungry a Day before!

fdi in india

Permission of 51% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Retail Sector, already suffering value of Rupee in the international market, Price hike in petrol and necessary goods & post all, a day of no work in the whole nation – big things we understand! But does anyone even see what effects these are having on the literally non-existing poor classes! A government may allow any amount of foreign shares in the market (ever checked how many sectors we still have in public hands- just 3!) they never care! It’s a practical fact; our politics is prone to money power! The giant politicians, white elephants in themselves; are if shaken upside down; I bet- you will found 3-4 crores falling down at the moment, no big amount for them.

Government wants to achieve maximum economic growth, of private enterprises they say in their current 5-year plan! What about achieving the 4% agricultural growth rate (targeted since 20 years in every plan, yet not achieved!)– Complicacies of the system, we may still say (to keep our hearts, for sure). Public knows, what growth entrepreneurs have seen. 100 Cr firms are now 150 or 200 Cr but what about firms of minute capital. Money increases money- it’s no big deal when a cabinet of economists is helping that, that’ll happen automatically too. There capability is justified only when they help out the middlemen- the mango people!

We aren’t even that intelligent yet to discuss the fluctuations in rupee-dollar denominations, no need to mention that! So I won’t be discussing that (technically this ‘I’ also lies in the ‘We’).

Directly coming to the Bharat Band – 1 December 2011! Sensex down, a loss of 500 Crores- who cares, damn it! Has one ever thought how many daily-waged labourers must have slept hungry without this one day of work! And many others like them. We have a bigger fraction, crores in number- lying below and almost on the Poverty Line (earning less than even a $ per day). No comments on how much Rupees mean 1$! First a government dealing in (sometimes eating up too- the newspapers say; I’m not against anyone, really) 100s n 1000s of crores; never pays heed to Rs. 50 income earners- why should they, “Intensive Economic Growth” they want! And then our futile ways of opposing them! Lokpal hasn’t been passed yet, despite all measures- we stand helpless; because we are… the Commoners- the mango people!!! The Stupid Common Men!! (Courtesy- Nasiruddin Shah – A Wednesday)

Rather than no work, we could have worked 24*7 continuously, 4 days & the govt. would have surrendered (hopefully). It’s tough to administer without breaks for so long! Who’ll stand for 24 hours to handle the traffic; same goes with banks, colleges & other institutions. And the leaders have to act too that they are with us! How long can obese bodies stand! We are used to working; although nobody cares even if we faint! Force them to work, make it difficult for them, why being in loss ourselves. We as brothers yet understand, whatever we did was the urgent requirement. (May be next time)

The need of our country is a little restricted economy now; else we’ll be market slaves in some time. Nobody ever has a soap wash again when their hairs have smelt a multinational shampoo, a step ahead, conditioner too! And now have come – Hair Perfumes! Wow, what is it needed for! The money MNCs earn goes back to their homes, no company researches for technology in India, we are just a MARKET as I said, just a MARKET; what do we get then – a little employment that causes more disparities, habit of products that’ll make us disregard our own and now finally loss to our integral producers and sellers!

We don’t need such a growth, please!!! If the govt. can’t help us, they should not make our problems worse. We request with folded hands- Take back this decision, rest even the satisfied ones today will be sleeping hungry in a little time.
Sternly, it is of no good in common interests.


Rising prices, Citizens in Crises

petrol prices

Shocked and incensed by the steepest rise in petrol prices in India’s history. Oil Companies jacked up the price of petrol by Rs 5 per litre on Saturday, the sharpest one-time increase ever. The hiked price of petrol was applied from Saturday night.

Oil ministry official, pointing to the rising price of crude internationally (a barrel has touched $110). By allowing the oil companies to hike petrol prices, the government has made the “rich man’s fuel” costlier by Rs 15 a litre over the last 11 months.

The hike needed to make domestic rates at par with international prices was Rs 10.50 per litre but oil companies chose to hike rates by less than half of that, indicating that another price hike in petrol coming soon.

The petrol will now cost Rs. 67.14 per litre in Udaipur up from Rs. 62.14 per litre. This price also includes the taxes like Exercise Duty – Rs.14.35, Custom Duty – Rs.2.65, VAT – Rs.7.05 and Miscellaneous Charges – Rs.4.08 when totaled we get Rs.28.13 which forms the part of the total cost i.e. Rs.67.14.

The government should cut off the taxes imposed on local public and to cooperate with the rise in price and provide them with some relief says Mr. Rajesh Kumar, a businessman.

On the other side the youth discuss about finding the alternate source of energy. In this chain Mr. Karan from shikshantar talks about the old scenario and urge the Udaipurites to use cycle in place of the vehicles for healthy and safe environment.

Mr. Hussain Chachuliya, Student raises the idea of power alcohol. He says the power alcohol can be used as good fuel source and can reduce our foreign dependency on oil.

Anchusa officinalis

India possesses an agriculture economy where over 50% of the people is dependent on agriculture for their basic necessities. One should practice develop ‘Ratanjot’(a special type of commercial crop) which further help to develop ‘Ratanjot’ Diesel in place of diesel extracted from crude oil. This will also increase the employment opportunities and will also reduce the current monopoly scenario of the oil companies who are not letting the alternate sources of energy to be used or either to enter in the market, adds Mr. Rohit Jain from Volunteer Udaipur.

Citizens from all walks of life demanded a reduction in the exorbitant taxes levied on petrol, a move that could bring costs down to Rs 25-30 per litre. Also with the advancement of the technology people emphasized on using the alternate sources of energy.