Munishree Tarunsagar Ji Maharaj in Udaipur

Udaipur is very proud to have National Saint Munishree Tarunsagar ji Maharaj for his ‘Chaturmas’ (4 months of rainy season when Jain saints stay only at one place). Tarunsagar ji does not need any introduction. He is well known throughout the country for his ‘Kadve Pravachan’ or bitter preaching where he talks of social reforms that need to be introduced in the society. His preachings are like a medicine which is bitter in taste but ultimately relieves the person from every pain.

MuniShree Tarun Sagar Ji
MuniShree Tarun Sagar Ji

Followers of Jainism as well as other religions too have ultimate faith in him. This was seen in the grand welcoming of Tarunsagar ji at Thokar Chouraha yesterday. Many followers were present there just to have a glimpse of him. Some of them even washed his feet. He stayed at Shiv Park Colony, Durga Nursery Road.

Today, at 3:15 pm, he moved to Humad Bhawan at Teliwada in a huge rally with a great pomp and show. In his rally, there were 5 elephants, 11 horses, 11 chariots, 5 bands and many women carrying 1008 ‘kalasha’ on their heads. People showered petals on him all over the way.

He will be staying in Udaipur till Diwali and his ‘Kadve Pravachan’ will be held in B.N. College Ground from 7 August to 21 August. Hope all the Udaipurites get inspired by him and follow his preachings in life so that they can attain ‘Nirvana’ or ‘Salvation’ and get relieved of the sorrows of this world.

Here are a few glimpses from the huge procession.

Tarun sagar Ji

Tarun sagar Ji

Tarun sagar JiTarun sagar Ji


Photos clicked by: Gaurav Bhattacharya