Whatsapp Helpline Number Launched by Udaipur Police for Public and Tourist Safety

District Police of Udaipur launched three new innovations for the safety of people in the city of Udaipur. These innovations involve a WhatsApp helpline number, a software named as ‘Intezaam’ and a police help card for the tourists.


What is Intezaam software and what will it do?

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During unpredictable situations and while deployment of heavy police force, till date, the allotment of police was done by manual systems such as roll calls after which they were briefed about their duties separately. This entire process was a time consuming one and even after all this sometimes, some policemen were not updated about their role and duties.

In order to diminish the problem, a software named as ‘Intezaam’ was envisioned by the SP of Udaipur, Kunwar Rasthradeep. The software will process the allotment of duties and dispense the information across the force. Once the duties would be allotted, each member of the force will receive an SMS where their duties, locations and reporting authority would be mentioned. This will turn out to be an extremely time-saving process and also maintain a mutual coordination amongst the police force.


All about the WhatsApp Udaipur Police helpline number

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This Whatsapp helpline number i.e. 9413012299 will be displayed at all the entry points of the cities along with tourist locations and public places, restaurants, hotels, etc. Moreover, all the telecommunication companies are contacted too so that anyone arriving in the city gets the helpline number on their phones through an SMS. During the time of distress and need, any local or tourist can contact the police department directly. This service will be managed and monitored by the office of ASP Paras Jain.


Help card by the police department

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SP Kunwar Rashtradeep has designed a help card for the locals and the tourists which will be available at the public places and the tourist attractions of the city. It will also be available at the entry points of the city such as railway station, airport, bus stands, etc. Authorities that of hotels and restaurants will also be provided by this card so that they can distribute the cards to those who can be benefitted by them.

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