PM Narendra Modi to Come in Udaipur today

Respective Prime Minister Narendra Modi will come to Udaipur today and stay here for just 10 minutes. PM Modi will arrive at Udaipur airport from Mandsaur after which he will go to Delhi in a different aircraft.

The entire administration has to make all the protocol related preparations for the PM’s arrival. Authorities including the district administration, Medical Department, Police, and all security services have been put on alert.

Source: Telangana Today

For the same, Members of SPG held a meeting at Udaipur airport where SP Kunwar Rashtradeep, ADM (Administration) Chandmal Verma, CMHO Dr. Dinesh Kharadi and RNT Medical College Principal Dr. DP Singh were present. Everyone has been put on alert regarding the protocol requirements.

Apart from that, a medical board has been set up too at RNT Medical College. The board has to station up at the airport along with an ambulance loaded with a ventilator, cardiac monitor, oxygen cylinder, suction machine, the blood of A+ blood group, medicines and a variety of other lifesaving equipment.

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