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Ideal places in and around Udaipur that can be your next picnic destination

Dark clouds covering the wide blue sky causing heavy winds at daytime and cool breeze during night time are the signs that monsoon is approaching. And monsoon comes along with the vivid memories of a picnic with friends and family. Hot steaming Pakoras prepared fresh along with homemade chai looks like the best combination of the world while you gaze at the tiny droplets coming from up above. This time that you spend with your loved ones becomes the memory of a lifetime and to make it more special, we have jotted down the names of some places that can be your next picnic spot this season.



Haldighati Museum
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The place has topped the list because it has been one of the favorites for people of all ages, and gender. Remember the times when we all went to Haldighati from our school. When we and our friends used to shriek at the top of our voices on the bus on the way to Haldighati. And for the first time when we came to know so much about the warrior Maharana Pratap. Since then the place is admired by everyone especially the people of Mewar.

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Thoor ki Pal

Ideal places in and around Udaipur that can be your next picnic destination
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Udaipur is blessed with a lot of rivers flowing through, lakes, ponds, dams etc. and thus when such glorious places around them capture the eyes of the people, it becomes the ideal spot for them to spend their leisure time at. One such place is Thoor ki Pal. It is a dam situated at a distance of 11 km from the city and is the favorite getaway for Udaipurites during monsoons.


Ubeshwar Ji

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During monsoons, it seems like Ubeshwar Ji is the second home of people and when you actually go there in this season, you wouldn’t be surprised by the fact at all. A large number of people with their friends and family all with their happy faces enjoying there would bring a feeling of joy inside you too. There is a temple of Ubeshwar Ji Mahadev which is the center of attraction there.


Nandeshwar Ji

Rarely visited places in Udaipur that you need to visit right now
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The place is rich in lush green vegetation all around. And in monsoons, it seems it is being cleaned by the water of the rain and the view becomes so splendid that you would not want to get up from there and go back to your home. There is a river flowing through Nandeshwar Ji which is widely enjoyed by the people visiting it. It has a temple of Lord Shiva also called Nandeshwar Ji which is why the place is named so.


Bagheri ka Naka

Ideal places in and around Udaipur that can be your next picnic destination

Bagheri ka Naka is a dam situated at a distance of 50 km from Udaipur. According to me, Dams are the best place to go to when you are thinking about picnics. You will get a perfect natural treat there that combines stretches of water, lush green trees, fresh air and a perfect mood to start your picnic. During monsoons, water flowing at the great speed from the height is one marvelous sight to look at.

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Tidi Dam

Ideal places in and around Udaipur that can be your next picnic destination
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Udaipur is rained with beauty all around and one example to justify the fact is this place, Tidi Dam. This is one of the great options to go for if you are looking for a beauteous place to spend time with your family and friends. It is at a distance of 34 km from the city and is widely visited by locals and tourists.


Chandni Village

Ideal places in and around Udaipur that can be your next picnic destination
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The place has captured the attention of locals recently a few years back. And now it has become quite popular among the citizens of Udaipur. As soon as rain showers on the city, Chandani Village shows its true beautiful color where nature is at its best, water flowing from the river and greenery all around is one thing that no one should miss this season.



I bet you didn’t know these things about Udaipur
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The city of Lakes is surrounded by some breathtaking sites and amongst them, one is Jaisamand Lake. Also known as Dhebar Lake, it is the second largest artificial lake in Asia. Looking at the wide stretches of the Lake, sitting under one of the Chattris on the Pal and munching on our favorite snack, isn’t it everything we would want to do on our picnic day?

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Ideal places in and around Udaipur that can be your next picnic destination
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If you have a curious mind and a keen eye for the culture of Rajasthan, then it is the ideal place for you to visit. Shilpgram is a complex of rural arts and crafts that depicts the culture and lifestyles of the folk and tribal people of the west zone. It contains various paintings, clothes, instruments and written records of those people which can be explored on a perfect day by you and your loved ones.

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Udai Sagar lake

Evenings at the pal of Udai Sagar Lake is so pleasant and soothing for your eyes that it will take away all the worries from your life. The place will offer you magnificent amount of solace that will be cherished by you and your family for the rest of your lives.

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Now that you have the list of all the places, get ready to welcome monsoon in the city. It is time to set up the mood with the earthy smell after the rains, wet hairs, and with a handful of hot snacks.

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