3 Day Cycling Tour ‘Pedal to Jungle’ Will be Organized in Udaipur

For all the adrenaline junkies and cyclists out there, the second edition of ‘Pedal to Jungle’ will be organized on November 29, 2018. The event is organized by Rajasthan Forest Department – Wildlife circle Udaipur in collaboration with Le Tour De India. This three-day cycling tour event will provide all the cyclist with a thrilling jungle experience.

With more than 35 participants from all across the country, the event will begin from Baghdara Natural Park, passing through Jaisamand, Dhariyawad, Sitamata Sanctuary, and Dam Dama forest. Treks to Ruthi Rani Palace, Jagat temples and similar places will also be organized along with campfires in evenings. The total trip of the cycling would be around 220 km. Out of this distance, 150 km will be the off-road treks and 35 km will be the jungle with no specified trail.

The entire path of the event has been finalized keeping several factors in mind from untraced paths, area-specific flora, and fauna, hardship levels, adventure, accommodation, Knowledge sharing, places of historical and archaeological importance, tourist attractions, etc. The event is organized with a view to promoting Wildlife-Eco-Responsible tourism in the city.

It is also said that the participants need to be fit to be a part of the event and the forest department will do a health check of participants before allowing them. The fees for participating in the event is Rs. 9000/-

For more information, visit Le Tour De India

For registrations, contact – 9829078463