What Is Alzheimer’s | How is Forum Group spreading awareness for this disease

When we think of the most deadly diseases prevailing in the world, our minds directly think about fast-spreading, and the incurable ones that grab the headlines from time to time. But according to researches, many of such diseases don’t even rank in the top 10 reasons for worldwide deaths. The majority of people all around the world passed away due to diseases that progress slowly.

And one of the major causes that account for deaths which also made the top 10 list is: ‘Alzheimer’s’.

Forum Group is always concerned about the well-being and health of the people associated with the group. For this, the group always comes up with various marathons and events in order to keep citizens fit and healthy. One such initiative is,

Forum Purple Run’19:

We Udaipurites shop and always have a tremendous time at the Forum Celebration Mall. Now, it’s our turn to make our mark present in Udaipur’s history as well, history to create awareness about this common yet unknown disease: Alzheimer’s. It’s time to make it real BIG by participating in Forum Purple Run’19. Everyone can be part of such a noble cause.

It is India’s first-ever run organized by renowned Forum Group, for creating awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. The main aim is to create awareness, sensitivity, and dignity towards this disease.

Now let us understand what Alzheimer’s is:

It is a syndrome which is associated with the decline of brain functioning specifically amongst the people aged 50 or above. It majorly affects the memory storing capacity, thinking, logical skills and other mental abilities.

The exact cause of this disease is not yet known, still, several factors are thought to increase your risk of developing this disease.

These include:

  • Growing old,
  • Hereditary conditions,
  • Depressions, and many more.

Various Stages of Alzheimer’s disease:

•Stage 1: Normal Outward Behavior

When your loved one is in this early phase, he won’t have any symptoms that’ll show that they have got Alzheimer’s. But as they move into the further stages, you will see major changes in their thinking and reasoning.

•Stage 2: Very Mild Changes

You still might not notice major changes, but they might be picking up on small differences. This could include forgetting a word or misplacing objects.

•Stage 3: Mild Decline

At this point that you may start to notice changes in the patient’s thinking.

•Stage 4: Moderate Decline

During this time, the problems in their thinking and reasoning that you noticed in the stage get more obvious. They might forget important details about themselves.

Though Alzheimer’s has no cure as such, treatments for symptoms are still available and research to find a cure continues. Current Alzheimer’s treatments cannot stop this disease from progressing, but they can temporarily slow the worsening of the symptoms and improve quality of life. Today, there is a worldwide effort under experiment to find better ways to treat the disease, delay the disease’s onset, and prevent it from developing further.

How to Register:

You can register online at

Offline registration: Information desk, Ground floor, Forum Celebration Mall

Come join us in our mission to create a world without Alzheimer’s.

Run to Remember, Run to END Alzheimer’s






940 Runners Participated in Udaipur’s biggest running event ‘Purple Run’

Purple run initiated by Forum Celebration Mall was organized on 30th September 2018. This running event became an instant hit amongst all the fitness freaks of the city making it Udaipur’s biggest running event. As a matter of fact, there were around 1200 registrations from in and around the city. More than 940 runners aged from 6 years to 82 years ran for a single cause which was ‘Alzheimer’s’.

Alzheimer’s is a brain disorder which slowly weakens the memory and thinking skills of an individual. In the later stages, the disease deteriorates in such a way that it disturbs the ability to carry out even the simplest tasks of the day. Experts say that more than 44 million people may have this irreversible disease in the world.

The main event ‘Purple Run’ was preceded by two pre-events. One was the fitness challenge which took place on 25th August where people were challenged with several physical activities such as squat challenge, pushup challenge, battle rope challenge, tire flip challenge, cone stacking challenge, etc. And the other pre-event was the running training session by coach Rahul which was conducted on September 12th.

The chief guest of the ‘Purple Run’ was Udaipur’s additional S.P Swati Sharma who flagged off the race. Moreover, the race was divided into 4 categories which were 3kms, 5kms, 10kms, and 21kms. At the end of the race, Udaipur’s collector Mr. Vishnu Charan Malik gave away the trophies and awards to the winners and race ambassadors.

Along with Forum Celebration Mall, the event was simultaneously conducted in 7 malls of 6 cities in which more than 12,000 runners contributed to the cause.

Udaipur Speaks

Tilak Holi

UdaipurBlog - Tilak Holi

The Days Have went away when we used to fill the overhead tanks with colors and enjoyed seeing colors flowing from through Taps at Their Home.

The Days Have Passed when we used to throw Water Balloons at Anyone Going Outside our Home.

The Days Have Passed Today we Are facing a Lot of Water Shortage In Our So called City Of Lakes – Udaipur. The Lakes Have dried up ‘We are Running Short of Water’.

Can we imagine now to waste gallons of Water to Play Holi? Wont we be called Criminals.

Traditions Changes , Culture Changes, Friends Changes – Cant We Change This Time?? Why cant we all stand together , and put a firm foot forward and oppose Wet HOLI CELEBRATIONS. In Times When Our Lakes Have dried Up and Have converted to Muddy Pits. The time When We are Facing Water Shortage. Why cant We celebrate this Holi in a Whole new Way as we Never Did Before.

But getting ready to Play ‘Dry Holi’ is not confining ourself to Play with ‘Gulal’ Throwing it on others.   It is to leave all those Practices and move to a bit more practical Means – That is Adopting the Measure to Play ‘Dry Holi’.

No doubt we can save a lot of water playing dry Holi; but what about the clothes we would spoil with colors;  wont we waste so much water trying to rinse them? It was like, doing all the hard work to get to the top, and then jumping off the very last step!

This time the things are even worse we cant even Manage to Play ‘Dry Holi’. Let us this time celebrate – ‘Tilak Holi’ – Let us greet all our friends, families with colored ‘Tilak’ . Let Us all Be a responsible Citizens and Show the World – ‘WE CARE’

Let Us all Join the Tilak Holi Campaign By a Marathon Walk  Planned By Dainik Bhaskar

In Support of Rotary Club of Udaipur and Corporate  & Dynamic Group of Security Services  – In Association with Dainik Bhaskar and Various Other Sponsors from Our City.

Majority of Schools , Colleges, Institutions, Citizens, Police Administration and Army are Participating. What are you waiting for…?

Expected 10,000(10k) People to Join the FRAY.

Prizes through a Lucky draw of registered Participants (Read the Newspaper for More details).

Date – 26 Feburary 2010

Timing – 7.00 a.m. sharp

Place – Town Hall

Tilak Holi - UdaipurBlog.comTilak Holi -

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