10 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

Here we are with the second edition of Instagrammers from Udaipur we must follow! With the previous list, we got to know 11 people from Udaipur that are doing great on Instagram and making our city’s name proud. Not only this, their feed is really interactive and I feel more people must come in contact with their content. We try to feature people from mixed genres doing impeccable work.

This edition features 10 Instagrammers from Udaipur that every other Udaipurite must follow to get in touch with these talents. Being an Udaipurite, I feel I should know the talent of the city! And what about you?

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Lakshyaraj Singh Ji Mewar of Udaipur

10 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

Lakshyaraj Singh Ji Mewar of Udaipur is the son of the Shreeji Arvind Singh Mewar- the 76th custodian of the Mewar Dynasty. A free-spirited traveler, a scientific sadhu, a rational philosopher and the prince of Udaipur, Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar is a youth icon to look up to on Instagram. His love for Udaipur can be seen on his Instagram account where he encourages Udaipurites to make a difference in the city.

One of his campaigns ‘Vastradaan Week’, which is a mega cloth donation drive happens every year during the month of January. This year the drive is scheduled to be from 21st Jan-27th Jan.

Find him on Instagram: @lakshyarajsinghmewar

Sakshi Jain

Cute little Sakshi is a student of design and communication and runs an online gift store under the name ‘Friends and Future’. She says that it was just a vague idea but became a turning point in her and her friend Riddhi’s life since her school days. Talking to us about the online store she adds, “Choosing the right gift for your loved one can be difficult, particularly when you’re shopping for somebody who seems to have everything already! The last thing you’d probably want to do is spend money on a gift that’s going to sit on a shelf, unused. But with us, you can get them something special, unique and one of a kind, for every occasion.”

You can find her work at:

Instagram: @friends_and_future

Vaibhav Jain

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

Vaibhav, born and brought up in the city of lakes, did his schooling from MMPS and then MBA from Ahmedabad. Since childhood, he had a hobby to mark places on the map and read about them. This hobby became his passion and gradually became his profession too. He now owns his own Travel Company, De Toque y Torque, which takes backpack & explorative trips throughout the world giving unconventional local experiences, be it commuting, eating or crossing borders on foot.
Having clientele in Europe & South America, he is now set to take trips from India as well to give Indians the same experience.

He says “I always love to travel the nonconventional way taking in more and more local experience of the place and knowing the culture of places I visit.” He loves collecting souvenirs and currencies from different parts of the world and his collection has been featured in media. Also, he was recognized by South American Media for giving people a new way of traveling (the non-conventional way).

You can find his work at:

Instagram: @mapmyescape

Guru Datt Vyas

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

Guru Datt Vyas is a 21 years old self-taught Pianist /YouTuber from Udaipur.  He completed his schooling from St.Gregorios School followed by acquiring a bachelor degree in engineering from Pacific college. He started learning piano in 2013 and commenced a YouTube channel in 2016. Simply, within no time he crossed almost 220k views on Piano covers. He regularly posts videos on Instagram and also fulfills his follower’s song requests. He has worked with many artists and has done over 150+ live shows.

He says that his major achievements were when the famous DJ duo ‘The Chainsmokers’ liked his video on Instagram and when Arko Pravo Mukherjee appreciated him for his ‘Tere Sang Yaara Piano cover’. Currently, Guru Datt works as an Assistant Music Director at Baselard Studios and also as a freelance Pianist.

You can find his work at:

YouTube: gurudattvyas

Instagram: @gurudattvyas

Rishabh Lunawat

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

Studied at the St. Paul’s, Rishabh is currently pursuing CA and He is a part-time teacher as well! His Instagram feed houses micro-tales in Hindi and English and pictures. One special thing about his pictures is that all of them are phone clicks! Randomly starting an account made him find out that he can actually make it more like a blog! He clicks with OnePlus devices and the photographs are something causing utter amazement. OnePlus India featured his photographs multiple times. He adds, “My blog is a blend of Udaipur’s beauty, the undiscovered Udaipur, abstract fictional writing and pictures clicked on my Phone.”

You can find his work at:

Instagram: @lunawat_rishabh

Akshayraj Singh

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018Akshayraj Singh Shaktawat has an interesting Instagram Feed- full of colors and royalty.  Did his schooling from Mayo College (Ajmer), he held the positions of Academics Captain, College Monitor and Editor-in-chief of the School Magazine. He graduated from Hindu College, New Delhi, where he studied Philosophy. After returning back to Udaipur he started working in their brand – Jagat Collection (@jagatcollection) which already had hotels and luxury boats under it.

After gaining some experience in the hospitality line, he started his own brand – Jagat Nikhar, which is a lifestyle brand, under Jagat Collection.

The Jagat Nikhar Store is coming up at Jagat Niwas Palace and is scheduled to open soon.

You can find his work at:


Instagram: @aki1477

Misbah Sabunwala

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

Born and brought up in the city of lakes, Misbah wants to be a journalist. She is a student in 11th class at St. Paul’s School. She aspires to take mass media or communication for her bachelors. Meanwhile, going through rigorous studies and a tight schedule she manages to put her feelings and notions into words. She calls herself as a ‘Writer in Progress’. Apart from writing, she also has a desire to travel the world and has an extreme wanderlust. She has traveled to Iraq, Jerusalem, Jordan, Dubai, Yemen, and Egypt and is still counting.

You can find her work at:

Instagram: @misbaaahhhh

Ambika Upadhyay

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

Ambika is a certified cosmetologist and travels across the globe for bridal makeup, fashion makeup assignments. She is trained in skin and makeup from New Zealand – SRA academy and in hair from London-Vidal Sassoon Academy.

She has a luxurious boutique hair and beauty studio in Udaipur by the name Ambika’s Hair and Beauty Studio. It’s little away from the city so that people can relax and enjoy the services from the day to day stressed lifestyles these days. She specializes in giving people customized services and look, whether it’s a haircut,  hair treatments,  skin treatments, spa,  makeup, styling.

She believes that ‘knowledge destroys fear’ and adds, “education is most important when you are working on people’s hair and skin. If you have a good cosmetologist, you don’t need to go to a dermatologist (exceptional cases).”

Upon stating her achievements she says, “Whenever a client goes happily from my studio, it’s an achievement for me.”

She has worked with different celebrities like Mr. India 2015, supranational 2016 Jitesh Thakur and with brands like “Angrish”. Her work has been featured by Mr. India official organization on Facebook by “Angrish”.  She will be starting soon with cover shoots and films.

You can find her work at:

Instagram: @amby_upadhyay1510

Vishnu Nair

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

The idea was to create a page on Instagram where we can regram the beautiful frames of Udaipur which were clicked by the localites and travelers and showcase it to the world. Vishnu Nair, the founder of Instaudaipur, studied at the Kendriya Vidyalaya and completed his college from UCCMS, Udaipur.  Currently, heading Indian Operations for “Indiapictures”, he left his 3 years old job in Banglore and moved to Delhi to attain his passion.

He says that even though he is a Malayali, born and bought up in Udaipur, he always wanted to do something for his city. He adds, “Udaipur is one place where I can pay to die for. I mean this is a place where I can explore a new spot every day. I can never get bored of this place.” He gives special thanks to his team Jai, Mithun, Ronak, Aman, Jaideep, Kashish, Nukul, Hardik, Shehdil, Varsha, Manisha, Riya, and the cofounders Jai Soni and Mithun Vyas who help him in some of the other ways.

For him, the biggest achievement he had was when he met one of the greatest travel photographers of the country in Pushkar and was amazed to see him acclaim instaudaipur in the middle of their conversation.

You can find his work at:

Instagram: @instaudaipur

Krishnraj Soni

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

KrishnRaj completed his schooling at St. Paul’s school. A young YouTuber and a pianist, he aims to do something in music only. Just like any other social media platforms he started his account and saw people posting their works and talents. “I thought of giving it a try on my YouTube channel”, he says. And with his try, he has now accomplished around 26 million views on his videos and 21k subscribers. “Keep doing what you think you’re good at and have faith and patience in what you do, it takes time and dedication but the outcome is cherishing”, he added.

He makes covers of famous songs and also composes new music with his friends under the band name “Jack of All”.

You can find his work at:

YouTube: Jack of All

Instagram: @krishnraj.soni


These people are a real talent of the city. If you happen to know more people around you that exhibit and impart unimaginable talents, do mention their Instagram Handles (username) in the comments below or you can simply DM at @fouziamirza on Instagram 🙂

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