Mistakes a Tourist Makes while Visiting Udaipur

Udaipur certainly remains one gorgeous city in the country. The beauty, the landscapes, the culture and everything about the city is unbeatable. It is filled with a massive amount of history and culture and has some interesting stories behind every renowned site. This is how a local see the city but tourists come up with different perceptions and expectations and sometimes, he misses out on the most interesting parts while exploring the city, or in case he doesn’t, due to some common mistakes, he stays deprived of a remarkable travel experience.

Just so you could get the most out of your trip with your loved ones, we have prepared a list of common mistakes that a tourist does that make their experience bitter.


Covering every tourist spot in a single day

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
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Udaipur is a stunning city where every corner of it is filled with fascinating stories and mind-blowing landscapes but the most common mistake a tourist does is trying to cover all the locations and all the spots while you are in the city for a single day. If you explore like this, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy a single place completely. So if you are here for less time, list maximum 3-4 places that you would want to soak in for the entire day.


Buying every item on a price told by the shopkeeper

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
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You wouldn’t be able to resist yourself from buying those traditional clothes and handicrafts and you definitely should but before you do make sure that you do not give excessive money on these products. While you are shopping on the streets of the Old City or any popular market, keep in mind that there is a high scope of bargaining at every shop. You can save a high amount of bucks everywhere if you put your bargaining skills into action.


Wearing shorts while visiting temples

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
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It is reasonable that you are on your vacation and would want to wear the most comfortable clothes in your wardrobe but unless you want to be stared at by the religious devotees in the temple, you better don’t wear shorts or revealing dresses at temples. In Udaipur or let’s say in India, they are still less acceptable at such places. So define your day’s wardrobe according to the destinations you wish to visit.


Traveling with heavy suitcases

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
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Not just in Udaipur but any other place, traveling with heavy luggage and suitcases turns out to be quite difficult everywhere you go. Carrying them all around is tough but the main problem remains that it might get stolen. Although, Udaipur is safe as far as theft is concerned, but when your bad luck takes its stroll, you never know what might happen. So, it’s better to carry less luggage with you so that you could roam around worriless.


Relying completely on GPS

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
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GPS might help you with some basic places but relying completely on GPS while exploring is not fair. Sometimes, two places have the same names and it might land you to an unwanted destination and you wouldn’t want to waste your valuable time when you are already short on time, right? So it would be good if you take some prior information about the destination or if possible even ask a few locals whether the direction is correct or not.


Missing out the outskirts of the city

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
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Everyone is too much fascinated with the old city and there’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t but you shouldn’t just stick to that part of the city. If time allows you, you should explore other parts of the city as well and the outskirts. Look for how people actually live in the city. Most of these sights are unexplored and will give you an experience different from the rest of the tourists.


Traveling conveyance

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
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If you are traveling with a limited budget, it would be better if you travel by public transport like bus, train or auto rickshaws. In a very minimal amount of money, you would be able to travel to places. However, if you are limited with your time, then it is advisable that you travel via cabs. Cabs are convenient, would be available almost everywhere in the city and you would be able to book them in advance so it could save you time, big time.


Eating at the familiar restaurant chains

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
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While you are in the city, relish the authentic taste of Rajasthan rather than going to the same food joints that you could find anywhere. The traditional food of any region contains fresh ingredients and would give you the most of its flavor. This would not only give you a true Rajasthani experience but would also introduce you to the culture of the locality. And after all, the true essence of traveling is knowing the city as it is.


Spending an excessive amount of money on Hotels

Mistakes a tourist makes while visiting Udaipur
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This could prove a great tip to people who are traveling with a specified budget. If you are not looking for a great lake view from your room, instead of choosing for expensive hotels in the Old City, you could opt for average hotels in the city center or much better if you are comfortable with hostels or dormitories. They could save you some large amount of bucks while traveling and you could utilize the money for other things.

And the last suggestion for the list would be, go where your heart leads to. If you are willing to stay at a place for a little long just because it soothes your soul, stay there. If you feel like talking to a complete stranger, do it. At the end of your trip, it is just these crazy experiences and memorable moments that are going to count, not the money you spend, not the places you see.

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