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Udaipur celebrated Jal-Jhulni Ekadashi with great Enthusiasm

According to the Hindu calendar, Gyaras, or Ekadashi is basically, the 11th day of each waxing (Shukla Paksha ) and waning moon (Krishna Paksha).  Ekadashi is the Hindi word which stands for “eleventh. “Ekadashi Upvaas, Vrata or Fasting is considered very important & beneficial for all Hindus, specially women. “Upvaas” means Up – Vaas i.e., to stay close to God. The purpose of fasting is to experience peace & bliss. Eating less enables the mind & body to function more effectively. Hindus observe 24 11th-day fasts during the course of the Hindu year, although some are more important than others. One of them is Jal Julni Ekadashi. Each Ekadashi is held in honor of a different Hindu legend and has specific religious duties associated with it.


This ekadashi, known as Jal-Jhulni Gyaras, or Jal-Jhulni Ekadashi, like all other festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm on the land of Maharanas i.e. Mewar. In Udaipur, different processions start from the various parts of the city and end at one point i.e. Gangaur Ghat where people use to swing the deities of Lord Krishna in child form(Baal Gopal) in the lake pichola. These procession are called Ram Revdies.

Here are a few clicks by Mujtaba showing this year’s celebration of Jal Jhulni Gyaras in Udaipur








Edited By: Prasun Bannerjee