Rishabh Jain from Udaipur Completes the G2G 2018 Delhi-Mumbai on Cycle

What is G2G 2018

Proathlix G2G 2018 Delhi-Mumbai by Cycle powered by Nagarro and Garmin is a cycle ride from Delhi to Mumbai. The distance of the same is 1460 km which is to be finished in 5 nights and 6 days. The event is a hardcore endurance ride for an individual and takes severe hard work and passion to complete. The riders who participated had to ride more than 250 km every day through 5 states with pit stops at Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and culminating the ride at hallmark Gateway of India, Mumbai. It began on 15th December and came to an end by 20th December 2018.

What was the cause of the event?

The message of the through the cycle ride was harmonious co-existence of four-wheelers and 2 wheelers on Indian Highways, use of signs and indicator by 2 wheeler users and Reducing carbon footprints by cycling to workplaces. The participants said that if they can cycle all the way to Delhi-Mumbai then why we can’t cycle our way to workplaces.


The reason why Rishabh undertook the challenge 

After becoming the first Ironman of Udaipur in the year 2018, this is the second consequent accomplishment of him. He says ‘I don’t want cyclists to get neglected in the society; rather I want them to get highlighted. Cycling is such a great sport and being a part of the youth of India, I want each person to be fit and stay away from the toxic substances in society. I personally admire the ‘Nasha Mukt’ policy and advise people also to follow the same.

Journey of Rishabh 

Day 1 – Traveled Delhi to Jaipur (273 km) and faced 4 flat Tyers resulting to reach the hotel after sunset.

Day -2 – Rode from Jaipur to Bhilwara (233 km) with the same flat tyre issues and Before 65 km of reaching the hotel, his chain link broke. He then took the spare cycle from the organizer and move forward to his destination.

Day -3 – Jaipur to Kherwara (260 km) – He was a bit late and had a fear that he won’t be able to reach the destination on time. But with God’s grace, he reached Kherwara by 10 pm.

Day -4 – Kherwara to Vadodara (244 km) – Reached at 9 pm

Day – 5 – Vadodara to Talasari (260 km)

Day -6 – Talasari to Gateway of India (Mumbai)

Rishabh has set an example to all the people in Udaipur with his Hard work and Passion. We wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

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