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First International Conference on Road Safety Concluded

The Mohanlal Sukhadia University Auditorium yet again welcomed the guests and the delegates of the
First International Conference on Road Safety for the concluding day. The morning session started with
the presentation on ‘Road Safety Audit as National Road Safety Strategy ‘. According to the dates there
are 90million plus vehicles running on the Indian Road. Road Accidents are nothing but the man made
crises. Effective tool for road to cope up with the road safety is also suggested by Mr. P.K. Sikandar, ITC
Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi in his presentation. Following the presentation a guest speaks about how video
games can be used to learn traffic control. The schools should also be used as licence authority he
added. Talking about the complex heterogeneous composition of India Roads Dr. Gururaj says that
approx. 450 dies all over India due to Road Accidents.

Mr. Ashutosh Atray, a Consultant in Road Safety discussed the vigorous attitude of the drivers and ‘Me-
first’ Syndrome. Enhancing the Road Safety with Infrastructure Solutions is also discussed by Mr. Anil
Chhikara, MLO Transport Deptt., Govt. Of India, New Delhi.

The conference concluded by presenting the souvenirs to the guests and the speakers. The key role
players who made this conference a success were also awarded.

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Event Covered By- Prasun Bannerjee and Mujtaba R.G.