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Do you know about the Maharana Pratap Vijay Smarak in Dewair?

A battle between the armies of Maharana Pratap and Mughals took place on Vijaya Dashami at Dewair valley. Both the Generals of the Mughal army Sultan Khan and Bahlol Khan got killed in the battle and as a result, the hill was captured by Maharana Pratap, which is now known as “Meva Ka Mathara”. This place is situated around 1 km north-west of the village of Dewair.Maharana Pratap Vijay Smarak in Dewair

In remembrance of this historic victory of Maharana Pratap, the State Government had constructed a huge National Victory Monument at Meva ka Mathara under Mewar Complex Plan. This monument was inaugurated by first female President of India her Excellency President Madam Pratibha Devi Singh Patil on 10th January 2012. Dedicated to the historic victory achieved, this monument is a humble tribute from the Nation to Maharana Pratap.Maharana Pratap Vijay Smarak in Dewair

History of Dewair

In the olden days, Dewair was ruled by various people, from Mair Caste to Deveda Rajputs. Dewair’s geographical location is very important from the strategic perspective as various ways to Marwar, Mewar, Gujarat, and Malva pass from Dewair.

The Battlefield “Dewair ki Naal” (Dewair Valley) is situated around 2 K.M. South West to the village Dewair. The famous battle of Dewair had started here on Vijaya Dashmi, 1582.

After Haldighati battle Mughal King Akbar established various Mughal posts in Mewar through Dewair Route. During his establishments, he continued to invade Mewar through his representatives Maan Singh, Bhagwan Das, Todar Mal and Shaah Baaz Khan etc. But Maharana Pratap continued to diffuse his invasions by using Guerrilla warfare. Maharana Pratap in this duration started re-uniting and strengthening his army and collecting weapons with the help of his allies from Sirohi, Ieder, Jalore etc.Maharana Pratap Vijay Smarak in Dewair

He spread a rumor that he had left Mewar and surrendered all his operations. By this diplomatic step, he deceived the Mughal emperor and attacked the strongest Mughal post situated at Dewair.

In this Epic Battle Maharana Pratap and his Son, Kunwar Amar Singh displayed extreme valor and courage. Maharana Pratap chopped Mughal Commander Bahalol Khan into two pieces including his horse in one strike of his sword. Whereas, his son Kunwar Amar Singh had killed Sultan Khan in one strike of his Spear.

Battlefield of Dewair Valley and Meva Ka Mathara are the evidence of the historic win of Maharana Pratap in Dewair.  Due to this historic win, Mughal forces had automatically left 36 posts in Mewar Region. Through this battle, Maharana Pratap took the revenge of Haldighati and undoubtedly, this war is the brightest milestone achieved by him during his lifetime.

Chapli Nature Trail at Dewair

To encourage the tourism in Dewair area both Tourism Department and Forest Department have together built this Nature Trail which is 6 km long. This Nature Trail is built from Maharana Pratap Vijay Smarak to Shiv Mandir, Chapli. It passes from a Game Sanctuary which renders a wonderful opportunity to the tourists to see the nature and wildlife in its purest form.Maharana Pratap Vijay Smarak in Dewair

Surrounded by the wildlife and forest, it also renders an opportunity for Horse and Camel safari. People who like adventure motorbike will find this place suitable for their ride.

Location of DewairMaharana Pratap Vijay Smarak in Dewair

It is situated on the northern front of the Aravali range between Madaria and Kumbhalgarh. It is situated on National Highway No. 8, consequently, 118 km and 50 km North of Udaipur and District Headquarter Rajasmand and 300 km south of the Capital Jaipur.

Article By: Puneet Upadhyay