Spine Care Chair 2109: An Innovative Product Launched by A Udaipur-based Company That Is Gaining Popularity Across The Country

Udaipur is known for many things, where royalty and grandeur top the list, but now we can proudly say that the feathers of innovation and technological advancements have also been added to our hat. There is particularly one product launched by a Udaipur-based company that has caught our eye. This company is making sure that Udaipur’s claim to prominence expands beyond culture and heritage.

Italica Furniture

Behold the innovative – Spine Care Chair 2109 that has become quite a rage across the country. It is a plastic chair that many furniture designers worldwide are beginning to acknowledge as the cutting edge of modern plastic chair design. PIL Italica Lifestyle Ltd., an NSE/BSE listed plastic furniture and material handling products manufacturing company, based in Udaipur, designed this excellent injection-moulded plastic chair in association with a team of Italian designers and engineers.

italica chair

Why is Spine Care Chair 2109 so Unique?

You must be wondering why this chair is so unique?  Well, it takes care of your back in all its glory.
So, let’s take a closer look at how the Spine Care Chair 2109 is the best pick for you to reduce any back pain issues you face due to the work-from-home scenario lately.

A One-of-its-kind Monobloc Plastic Chair offering flexible backrest in India:

Plastic furniture is manufactured using injection-molding technology. It is a moulding technique formerly limited to making solely rigid objects with no mechanical components. However, with the Spine Care chair, Italica’s designers and engineers have raised the bar by moulding a chair with flexible back support that moves with your spine for the first time in the world. Even if you move your body back and forth while sitting on this chair, the back support will remain attached to your spine. This chair’s flexible spine to upper back support makes it particularly pleasant to sit in for lengthy periods. The doctors tested and recommended the spine care chair, making it an even more reliable option for back pain relief.

Italica chair

Curved Design for Back Support:

It is indeed a one-of-a-kind plastic chair with a dramatically curved backrest. It combines executive office chair comfort with a wonderfully streamlined design. This colourful chair may be used as a focal point in any location, including the home, office, café, or restaurant.

Intricate yet Unbending Design:

It appears to be an elegantly crafted plastic chair at first glance. When you watch closely, though, you can see how a combination of complex design and material-technical work together to achieve extraordinary aesthetics and strength.

Spine chair

Benefits of the Spine Care Chair

All the spine care chairs have been tested to withstand a weight of 150 kg. It also has a UV coating all around the body that keeps the colour from fading.
This incredible product has re-established Udaipur as a place that is more than just a tourist destination. It’s no longer only the City of Lakes. The city is proud to present the Spine Care Chair, the most advanced plastic chair our nation has ever seen.

In the current scenario where people are engrossed with the Work from Home routine, the Spine Care Chair has proven to be a lifesaver. It is a trending piece of furniture, especially gaining popularity among the millennials. The content creators on various Social Media platforms are referring to the Spine Care Chair with the hashtag #itsamillennialthing.

The Spine Care Chair is the epitome of style, practical use, as well as comfort. Its raised design has proven to correct your posture while sitting for long hours during work from home or in the office. The chair is made up of high virgin plastic with a toughened matte finish for a stylish look.

The chair was launched in December 2019 and has gained a lot of exposure since its inception. Within a year after its launch, the Spine Care Chair took over the furniture industry in India, and the sales took a hike to 25,000 units per month. It is a hot-selling product on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Pepperfry, and Flipkart. If you want to bring the Spine Care chair home, go to Italica’s website to receive the best pricing and free home delivery anywhere in India.

You can also find all of Italica’s other premium plastic chair series at

Spine chair


Personalize your Home Furniture in a go with Saraf Furniture

We live a life where we personalize our belongings as much as possible, isn’t it? And that’s not completely wrong, we humans love to own as much as possible in this small world.

According to the study, people personalize or customize their experiences with 2 major key factors they are; Information overloaded and own to control. People wish to be different from the status quo all the time, and he/she opts for tailoring, thereby creating a space of own to control or own to rule. The information-overloaded is, they provide the information that they want to showcase it to the people. Human psychology speaks volumes when comes to customization.

We survived a Dark Age era where personalization was next to impossible. During that time the opportunity for personalization cost us a hefty amount and in the current scenario opposite is the case. We have personalized songs, banners, t-shirts, goodies & merchandise, mobile cover, and so on. Even the furniture industry is adapting the shift of personalization and provides customized products to their customer.

Saraf Furniture, top Sheesham wood furniture manufacturing concern customizes the furniture for its customers at an affordable price.

Furniture Manufacturers in Udaipur

Raghunandan Saraf, CEO & Founder of Saraf Furniture says,

“Furniture is the language of every home, and altering them makes it unique for the customer and its family, therefore we started tailoring the furniture.”

To add further CEO said,

“We are a vertically integrated offline & online furniture store delivering all modern and luxurious home furniture. We also design in-house, make furniture at our manufacturing facility, & sell online through our e-commerce website”

How does this customization work?
On Website:

The Primary set of customization can be done on the website itself. Choose the desired furniture from the online catalogue and then to proceed further, one can opt for the desired finish, varying from the honey finish, stone finish, and ivory finish. Later if required you can change the seating facility for dining table and sofa set along with the different upholstery fabric.

Experts’ advice:

You can gain furniture experts’ advice on the catalogue furniture available on their website. By these experts’ advice, you based on information provided by you regarding your home & home interior. They also arrange a video call, to make you experience the furniture even before it is delivered to your home.

We carve your imagination!

Yes, you learned it right, you imagine, and Saraf’s carve that for you, meaning, If you have seen any furniture and want to replicate that for yourself, your work is done. You can also share your idea; the expert will design the furniture and will wait for your approval and affirmation. The team will then manufacture the product with all the required customization. Throughout the process, the team will be in touch with the customer and gives a timely update of their product in all the stages of production.


Quality is what we all expect when we buy any product. Can sacrifice few pennies but cannot compromise on the quality in whatsoever way. Saraf banks on the quality, their product goes through many quality checks, and the product gets to the next stage only if all the check has a green signal.

While the product reaches to packaging state it is sanitized thoroughly, and then it is packed with all the safety sets, so that customer gets the undamaged products. Finally, the product is processed further for dispatch. At the delivery stage, the furniture is again sanitized and it is delivered to the customer. Saraf furniture not only maintains the quality for the customer but also chooses to make it safe for the customer. As the intension behind is to develop happy customers.

It is one of the leading online furniture sites/stores, with 45 years of experience believe in making your space a home for living. They provide you with the best of chic, elegant, and trendy home decor designs to maximize your space and bestow the impeccable quality Sheesham wood furniture to decorate your home without blowing your entire budget. They render lifetime termite resistant warranty on all our products and easy EMI options to serve you better. Check out the latest home furniture at