Udaipur Speaks


In the recently concluded National Seminar of Chartered Accountants in Udaipur  the ICAI President Mr Amarjit Chopra suggested that CPT exam willl be modeled on IIT-JEE pattern. This has brought in limelight the issue of rapidly expanding coaching industry in Udaipur. The coaching institutes are making CRORES by encashing the students’ innocence (or ignorance?) regarding the CPT exam which is the 1st step to the evergreen glamorous proffesion of Chartered Accountancy.
Several experts sincerely believe that CPT is a “Basic Level” Test and not a brain boiling,soul-scorching wrangler like IIT-JEE or AIIMS examinations.
It has 4 parts

  1. Accounting ,60 marks
  2. Economics 50 marks
  3. Mercantile Law 40 marks
  4. Quantitative Techniques( Maths+Stats) 50 marks

All these are thoroughly covered in the syllabus of  Class XI and XII. A non-maths background student can easily prepare the Quantitative Techniques part with the ICAI study material as it contains a plenty of illustrations cutting across all difficulty levels.
One has to score only 100/200 marks in order to pass the test and continue the journey to becoming a CA.
There are  200 questions which test the basic primary grasp of an aspirant. Any average commerce student who has passed Class XII in one go can easily prepare for the test only by referring to the ICAI study material. There is no need even to look in the direction of any coaching institute.


Biggest Drawback of these institutes is that they suck off the stamina and energy of the students rendering them unfit for preparing well at home.The tiring schedules of coaching institutes make the CPT aspirant’s life hectic and leave them with too little time for recreation and revision.   Several seasoned Examiners and faculty members believe that many students fail to pass the CPT only because they attend coaching classes!


The coaching institutes are completely useless so far as CPT is concerned. A thorough study of ICAI study material is more than enough to score good marks. Just keep confidence , have full faith in the ICAI study material and dont throw away your precious 15000 bucks to the coaching classes.

May you have the Best of Luck and now what are you waiting for ? Take out the books and  GET,SET…GO !!!