‘Helping Hands’ Organized Blood Donation Camp

Be a blood donor and serve humanity !! Believe me all it costs is a little love

Feels great when our kindness saves someone’s life. “Helping hands” – A group aiming for social welfare took the responsibility to initiate the social welfare activities which some or the other way inspire young minds to have a feeling of humanity and contributing towards the mankind.
When it comes to mankind and saving lives, nothing can be better than donating blood . With the vision of collecting maximum units of blood , Helping hands society has organized a blood donation camp on July 14, 2011 at Devendra Dham. Approximately 140 people from all over Udaipur participated and felt proud by donating blood.

We the UB team aims to spread this word of humanity amongst all the people in Udaipur by exploring and studying the needs of common man and contribute in this courageous act by increasing the number of participants in every camp. We experience very few taking this act seriously but the number of donators have definitely inspired the youth. Pacific institute of technology is a name frequently heard in the social events sponsored this great event and set an example for the youth of Udaipur , heaven on earth . People were seen contributing in as many ways like organizing , managing , advertising , assisting the crowd.

Pictures below portrays the efforts made by ‘Helping Hands’ Team in serving the cause .

Lets work in teams and come up with solutions, spread the word, inspire people !! Let us not limit it to a particular section or gender but being a human lets wake up the young minds and be strength of each other. Its easy to make money but really hard to make the difference , find the need and fulfill it. 🙂

A Post by Chani Soni and Photos By Gaurav Bhattacharya


Blood Donation Camp on 21 September

I see Many People Thinking this Subject of Blood Donation as Useless and think that Blood Donation is just for the people who are into social activities and all but its more than that .. Its For US.

Let me tell you Some Facts About How Donating Blood Is Advantageous for Us:

  • When We Donate Blood Our Bone Marrows is Stimulated to Produce New red Blood Cells. This Will Lead Our Heart to Function More Effectively and Actively.
  • The New Blood Formed in our body will be quite Robust and Strong.
  • Blood Donation also Burns our Extra Calories and reduces our cholesterol level.
  • We our Informed about our Blood Type or Any Disease in the Blood in Screening Test.
  • We Feel Good that We Have Done Something Noble and Our Blood Might help To save Someone’s Life. 🙂
  • We get a Blood Donor card that is valid for 6 Months and It can be used to Get Blood in Case We or Our Relatives are in need of Blood.

So Are You All Set to – DONATE BLOOD

Invited to donate

In recent you have seen many blood donation camps being organized and in those troops of Young Social Enthusiasts here comes a Name You All Know..

“The Crew” – a Well Renowned Event Management Group of Student from Udaipur Now organises a Blood Donation Camp inviting all the Individuals of Udaipur By Various Mediums for This Noble Cause. UdaipurBlog Always Supports these kind of Noble Causes and Events and Asks you to Donate Blood Because Your Blood can ‘SAVE LIFE

Tuesday, September 21 · 11:00am – 2:00pm

Location Blood Bank, M.B. Hospital, Udaipur

– For More Details You can Contact –

Abhimanyu : +91 9828962704
Siddharth : +91 9680082104
Bhupen : +91 9784094820
Prashant : +91 9460726436

Donate Blood Udaipur