Udaipur Speaks

Happy Birthday Udaipur!! Celebrating Heritage and Rising

“ Aravali Ki Wadiyon Mein Janma, Sabhyata Ke Rango Mein Saja,

Itihaas Ke Panno Mein Lipta, Maharajao Ke Panth Mein Bandhaa,

Mewar Ki Rajdhani, Sundarta Se Sanjoya.

Sheher Kuch Anokha Sa, Pyaar Se Hai Piroya.”

udaipur is not a desert
Photo by: Tim Makins

Our beautiful Wonderland, Udaipur has turned 463 Years old. And, no wonder it’s the time of happiness and celebration for every native as our city has not only been through a lot of phases in all these years but it has also gained a lot of popularity in many sense.

When it comes to culture, heritage, traditions, and modernization, Udaipur has always shown its significance amongst everyone. Justifying its name meaning ‘Rise’, our city has always been open for all type of revolution.

And, on this special occasion, we would like to share a glimpse of information that probably everyone should know when it’s about Lake City:

History Pick-up

Founded in 1559, by Maharana Udai Singh II, Udaipur was established as the new capital of the Mewar Kingdom. And, behind the settlement of Udaipur, it was a sudden meet of Maharana Udai Singh with a hermit while hunting in the foothills of the Aravali Range. Their hermit blessed him and guided him to build a palace on the spot, assuring him it would be protected. Then, Udai Singh II consequently acknowledged a residence on the site. In 1567, Mughal emperor Akbar laid siege to the venerated fort of Chittor. At that time, to protect Udaipur from external attacks, Maharana Udai Singh built a six-kilometer long city wall, with seven gates, namely Surajpole, Udiapole, Chandpole, Hathipole, and so on. In today’s time, the area within these walls is known as the old city or walled city. And, being in the mountainous region, Udaipur always remained safe from Mughal influence despite extreme pressure.

Regarding other historical aspects, many other changes were seen before independence as well. As when it’s a catch of tourism, many foreign traders and personalities like Edward, Prince of Wales (1921), Lord Minto, Viceroy of India (1909), and several others visited Udaipur.

Udaipur’s Famous Catches

Known for its scenic locations, Udaipur is amongst the popular travel destinations to witness growing tourism each and every day. Astounding people through its cityscapes, Udaipur houses many beautiful places to look for like Lakes (Fateh Sagar, Udai Sagar, Swaroop Sagar, etc.), Palaces (City Palace, Monsoon Palace, etc.), Temples (Jagdish Mandir, Sahastra Bahu Temple, Eklingji, etc.), and much more.

In part of an economy, our city has a diversified base that includes Handicrafts Markets, Tourism, Metal & mineral industries, Agriculture and Retail sources.

In the scene of culture, our city has kept a balance between preserving the rituals and traditions of the past while influencing modern lifestyle and advancements. Dance forms like Kalbelia, Ghoomar, Kachchhi Godi, Bhavai, etc. are still performed in tribal communities.

And, when it comes to art, miniature paintings are amongst the most famous developed here. To display the forms of Rajasthani tradition, some local festivals like Gangaur, Hariyali Amavasya, Jagannath Rath Yatra, etc. are celebrated enthusiastically.

And, when it’s a part of entertainment and events, Udaipur is a city that is often recognised by many Indian and Foreign nationals for Royal Destination Weddings, Movie Shoots, Lake Festival, World Music Festival, etc.

Apart from all, it also justifies education by serving IIMU (Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur), CTAE (College of Technology and Engineering), and several other colleges and private universities.

Lastly, we can say, our Udaipur is a diamond, and we are proud of our city that has been an incredible land in its own.

Cheers to our mains!! Cheers to all of us…. WE LOVE UDAIPUR 🙂