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The hour demands immediate concern towards water conservation. If we do not take appropriate steps than soon the ‘Lake City’ won’t be anything else than ‘Sand City’

Water Harvesting system is nothing new to Indian agriculture. Specially in Rajasthan, a chronic drought prone area, practice of roof-top rain water harvesting techniques and water collection methods for drinking purpose is centuries old.

What is Rain Water Harvesting?

It simply means collection and storage of rainwater by some mechanism to make water available for future use. A large amount of precipitation, which is generally lost as surface flow can be harvested and stored for useful purposes.

There are several rain water harvesting techniques, but the technique of roof top rain water harvesting can be easily adopted. We exploit the underground water throughout the year than why can’t we donate a part of it to the ground again. All we need is 4 months .

Rain Water Harvest Plant:
The water reaching the Roof through precipitation is allowed to flow down by an exhaust pipe which can be connected to a filter which further empties itself into the tube wells.

As a result of this small method we can recharge the groundwater and prevent the underground water table from further deterioration.

Estimation :
According to a calculation

If 1cm of rainfall occurs over a roof of 1000 sq feet then about 1000 litre of water may be collected, i.e. if rainfall is of 40 inches ( approx 100 cm)  than a million litre of pure water will be collected.


The purification of groundwater will continue to be beneficial to health.

Electricity costs will decrease and the amount of ground water will increase.

This Will improve the quality of groundwater .

Excess water wouldn’t flow on the streets.

Please do support and comment.. After all ‘Each Drop Counts’

Support us to keep our city  The City Of Lakes Rather Than City of Sands

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