Reasons why you should NOT visit Udaipur or Else you will end up Loving this CITY!

Isn’t Udaipur all about just lakes and nothing else? Why should one even think of visiting this small city of Rajasthan when you can totally go to some other place. While everyone is busy praising the so-called ‘City of lakes’ Udaipur, we’ve jotted down a list of reasons why you shouldn’t visit Udaipur.

Amazing traditional clothing, jewelry, and handicrafts will burn a hole in your pocket

Reasons why you shouldn’t visit Udaipur
picture by: travel triangle
Reasons why you shouldn’t visit Udaipur
Picture by: meamtarn

If you are a shopaholic then visiting Udaipur is a big threat to you. Beautiful traditional clothes with pretty work and decorations, silver, gold and black metal jewelry for both men and women, mind-blowing handicrafts on clothing, décor pieces, and other items will burn a hole in your pockets. So, in Udaipur, you might spend your entire month’s salary and since we don’t want you to regret your shopaholic instinct, it is advisable to not visit Udaipur.

Delicious Dal Bati and regional cuisine will increase your calories

Reasons why you shouldn’t visit Udaipur
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The famous Rajasthani food Dal Bati and all other regional cuisines are so delicious that you cannot stop at just tasting. So you have to prepare your stomach to get entirely filled and then your mind to satisfy itself with just that. Since we don’t want you to spend an extra hour at gym burning the calories gained from the heavenly delicious Dal Bati, you shouldn’t visit Udaipur.

The culture and festivals of Udaipur will leave you spellbound

Reasons why you shouldn’t visit Udaipur

Udaipur has a brimful of cultures and to celebrate the vastness of these cultures, there are different festivals taking place at every time of the year. From dance, music performance,  and regional activities in Shilpgram to festivities and joy on everyone’s faces in Hariyali Amavasya fair, the variety of culture showcase will leave you spellbound. The moment when you are present at such occasions you will feel like you belong here.

Now, who would want to enjoy the colorful and joyful atmosphere of these festivals from their busy and hectic schedule right?

The utterly romantic destinations will make you fall in love

Reasons why you shouldn’t visit Udaipur
picture by: high paradisee

If you are already in love with someone, these utterly romantic destinations in Udaipur will just act as a catalyst to your love. You will feel like celebrating each and every moment of love with your loved ones. From waking up at sunrise in forts and palaces to boating in Lake Pichola at sunset, you will feel nothing less than a king or a queen. It would feel like even nature is a part of this celebration and it would witness every blissful moment you are having.

And if you’re not in love with someone, then better do not enter this magical environment or you’ll fall in love.

Royal palaces and forts will make you look back to history

Reasons why you shouldn’t visit Udaipur
picture by: Shivam photofactory

Most of us literally hated history when they were just some pages in the textbooks of our school but when it comes to the history of Udaipur it will not just teach you some really interesting things but will take you to the time of past. By looking at the walls and structure of these amazing forts and palaces you will actually live the time period that was lived by the kings and queens back then. The royalty of Udaipur is nothing less than the other assets of it, so if you do not want to experience the royalty of the city, you shouldn’t visit Udaipur.


Once you visit Udaipur, it will invite you repeatedly

Reasons why you shouldn’t visit Udaipur
Picture by: Vineet_19850

Udaipur is such a place that you can never get enough of. Apart from the fact that the number of places that Udaipur has, cannot be enjoyed on a single visit, there’s just something in its walls, its sculptures, its people, its street and basically everything that will invite you again and again to the city. So you just can’t quit coming and staying in Udaipur at just once, you will have to keep coming for a number of times to satisfy your soul. And if you are just not ready for that, you better not visit it.

The beauty of lakes and landscapes will hypnotize you

Reasons why you shouldn’t visit Udaipur
picture by: Gajendra Kumawat

Udaipur which is also known as ‘city of lakes’ is a place full of natural and artificial lakes. Along with the lakes comes its blissful surroundings and eye-pleasing landscapes. Lakes like Badi, Fatehsagar, Pichola will give you a sight that you wouldn’t be able to forget for your entire life. It will make you forget all the worries of your life and you will feel like this is the only place where you truly want to be. When you sit at the edge of a lake, you will be so hypnotized by the beauty around it that you won’t be able to leave the place.

But not everyone wants to get hypnotized by nature, isn’t it?

Fatehsagar – the heart of the city

Reasons why you shouldn’t visit Udaipur
Picture by: Anusha Bhardwaj

It is literally the heart of the city. If you look for Fatehsagar in google maps, you’ll see that the lake is heart shaped. It is not just a place, it’s a feeling for every Udaipurite. It’s a feeling of peace and calm. It’s a feeling of relaxation when after a long day you sit on the pal of the lake and the winds just take away all your tiredness. It’s a feeling when school and college kids hang out with their friends every evening giving the place its youthfulness. It a feeling of togetherness when you find people of different color, caste, city, country, and age that no matter what there’s this place that binds everyone together.

So in case you’re not ready to feel all of that, Fatehsagar or even Udaipur is not the place to have a visit to.

Above all these reasons, Udaipur is a city of love and compassion. It’s a city which makes everyone fall in love with itself. You will often hear people saying that ‘there’s no other city such as Udaipur’ and that is quite true, I tell you. Love it or hate it but you just won’t be able to forget the city.

What do you think of Udaipur? Tell us your story in the comment section.

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