[Pictures] FatehSagar OverFlows 2011

Finally the Excitement and wait for FatehSagar Overflow ends when fatehsagar overflowed late night around 9.30p.m. (on 3rd September, 2011) meanwhile the confusion arised about the time of overflow as the water was slowly overflowing in the evening too but who cares πŸ˜› Its Overflowing !! Yippe and Congrats to Udaipur and Udaipur Lovers πŸ™‚Β  πŸ™‚

We provided you Best and Fastest news, pictures of overflow of Lakes and we hope you like our efforts πŸ˜€

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Here are Some Great Clicks of Yesterday πŸ˜€ We will keep adding new pictures of Overflow here πŸ™‚ if you also want to submit your best pictures of overflow you can email us on : info@udaipurblog.com and we will feature them with your name.

Here Are Some Pictures By Yash Sharma, Sanjit Chohan and Gaurav Bhattacharya : Date : 4th September, 2011

Sweet Girl enjoying Fatehsagar
The Sweetheart Enjoying FatehSagar πŸ™‚

Picture by Aayush Devpura , Student , Udaipur
Picture by Aayush Devpura , Student , Udaipur

Pictures and Reporting by Mujtaba Rg













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12 responses to “[Pictures] FatehSagar OverFlows 2011”

  1. kaedjauhar canourvala Avatar
    kaedjauhar canourvala

    great e4ts n justified πŸ™‚

  2. akhtar khan Avatar
    akhtar khan

    gud photo sanjit ……. realy very nice coverg

    1. Sanjit Chohan Avatar
      Sanjit Chohan

      Thanks Akhtar ji πŸ™‚

  3. Felix Padel Avatar
    Felix Padel

    Why’s this so exciting? Is this a new dam or what?

    1. Sanjit Chohan Avatar
      Sanjit Chohan

      It is the Overflow Section of Lake FatehSagar πŸ™‚

  4. Satya Prakash Ameta Avatar
    Satya Prakash Ameta

    i would like to say a line for these pictures…

    “Full to Fattaakkkk !!”

    1. manoj ameta Avatar
      manoj ameta

      fatehsagar is look like *JANNAT*

  5. Yash Sharma Avatar
    Yash Sharma

    Udaipur Rockssssssss

  6. sayed ubed Avatar
    sayed ubed

    good pictures celebrate udaipur mewar for good rain this season

  7. himanshu s.panwar Avatar
    himanshu s.panwar

    i want to be there to enjoy this lonely moments….!missing udaipur…!n fs!!!!!

  8. Bhuvnesh Sharma Avatar
    Bhuvnesh Sharma

    Udaipur renovated in memories. Great pictures.

  9. gajendra singh baghela Avatar
    gajendra singh baghela

    very nice lake fatehsagar pictures…

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